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1.Big Promotion in USA
2.From Manufactuer directly,shipping at Today from our East or West coast company
Alorair as a manufacturer proudly sell directly to our Customers at the best of providing value, industry leading features and performance along with outstanding customer support. In USA,Shipping at Today from our East or West coast company!
Alorair has set up subsidiaries in a couple of countries with overseas warehouses, which helps to arrange goods delivery very convenient. Countries and areas not included never need to worry about that as Alorair would adopt International express to fix this with all costs borne by Alorair. 
For those prices, all the ocean freight and land carriage charge to your address, as well as customs clearance fee are taken by Alorair company, no need for  distributors and dealers to pay extra charges, only the products cost they purchased.
If you would like to become a reseller, distributor or authorised service centre, anywhere in the world, Please contact us for more information on how to become a distributor of Alorair products and even better price you can get.
3. 5 Years Warranty and New Unit Re-dispatch
    We believe in quality and after-sales-service,All our high quality ALORAIR equipments are made for your full utilization. It is sure to last long and still keep it's shape look. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with 5 Years Warranty and great after-sales-service team countrywide.
If the unit fails,and If it can no longer be fixed , we will arrange the pickup of the unit and ship the customer a new unit within the same year warranty from the date of replacement!
4. Vedio Center show how to use, how to maintain
      Apart from the high quality Alorair water damage restoration equipment offered, the Alorair also mainly offer their expertise in the use of these equipments. You are most assured that the Alorair are not only after bringing quality and excellent products. They are also after the reliable and prompt technical support that is most needed by people. They could best rely on the company for their quality products and services
5. Area Protection,Great support on Marketing nextworks,Leads all Inquiries to distributors even B2C Sales!
    Alorair Solutions Company has set up very professional and systematic Internet platform to promote its products and expand it sales channels. Becoming our distributor , you can share those Internet resources to expand the market quickly. Those online Marketing next works are official website, B2C online shops, Google AdWords,SNS ,Youtube,and other all.
Distributors which reaches sales target within the first year can have the exclusive right with agreement signed , Inquiries will be lead to Alorair’s local distributor directly,for on-line-sales Orders, will have unit delivery from local distributor’s warehouse to customers who placed the order from Alorair’s B2C platforms. Considerable profit is shared with distributors in those specific area without doubt by arranging goods delivery and after sales service.
6.Private Lable & Customization For Brand-New Units
    Private Lable allows customers to build a machine under their needs based our present product line,Private Brand,different color,even different outlooking! If you plan to manufacture a dehumidifier,Air mover,Air Scrubber from the ground up, AlorAir Solution can offer you customization service As well!  
    If you would like to have Private Lable or Customization For Brand-New Units,
anywhere in the world, Please contact us for further information.    
►Durable as a tank
►Alorair SLGR technology
  Alorair SLGR microchannel technology has improved the performance and efficiency, uses a special air-to-air heat exchanger system to help bring the air closer to dew point temperature before it passes over the super-cooled evaporator coils,besides with the combination of Microchannel Alu Condenser,Maximize the Capacity and efficiency,increased by 30~50%. This leads to more condensation that forms on the coils inside the machine, and fastest for interchange of heat,which in turn leads to more moisture pumped out and less moisture in the air that is returned to the room. This extra efficiency makes ALORAIR SLGR dehumidifier perfectly suited for Low grain Refrigeration conditions.
►Water proof circuit board
As a major design point, most of Alorair units gets waterproof PCB cover for circuit board. You can sink the unit in the water as the rubber strip makes the circuit board 100% sealed. It is a great feature when flood coming, especially excellent for cleaning and restoration water removal job, and other usage which get water resources.Please watch the video for more introduction.
►Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System, HGV- a quick and efficient Defrosting process,truly make dehumidifier ableto work at Low temperature(36 degrees Fahrenheit), makes unit work continuoually and efficiently without periodic stopping during the defrosting process,not only saving the energy,but also making unit last longer
► High COP designed for energy saving
The coils on AlorAir dehumidifiers are larger than the coils of a conventional dehumidifier. Additionally, the coil and fin design includes unique features that cannot be found on cheaper, mass produced dehumidifiers. The oversized coil and heat exchanger can remove 2-3 times as much moisture per kilowatt as a conventional dehumidifier. AlorAir’s highly efficient dehumidifier saves up to $250 per year in energy costs and will typically last 10+ years with a five year limited warranty.
As the unique design compared with others, Alorair have the humidity sensor in bypass air design which make the short-cycling go away,In well sealed dehumidification applications,such as Crawlspace and basement,when the humidity set point get satisfied and dehumidifier stoped,most of dehumidifier in the market always get the worng signal to restart right after it turned off,Actually the ambient condition does not needed, because the humidity senser get effected by the heat and wet resources from the internal parts,such as compressor and evaporator,make dehumidifier turn on and turn off repeatedly until it die after year,or even quicker.
►Epoxy Powder Coating on Coils
To avoid Freon leakage, a fatal flaw for a dehumidifier, AlorAir has introduced epoxy coated coils. This innovative feature extends the life of the coils by providing protection against corrosive environments and maintaining the coil’s heat transferability. Furthermore, the high efficiency rotary compressor ensures maximum effectiveness at the lowest possible cost.
►Heavy Duty Condensate Pumps
Pumps often have serious issues such as overheating, detection failure, and rusting. Luckily, our engineers have developed a pump that is much more reliable. With a 20’ lifting distance, the condensate pump gives you the freedom to drain anywhere.
All cables on AlorAir’s condensate pump have quick connect plugs. This makes installation and maintenance fast and easy. 
►Quick Access to Internal Components
All AlorAir dehumidifiers provide easy access to internal components. The Storm Series has a clamshell cover while the Sentinel Series is equipped with access panels. In addition, the pump has quick connect cables, so it can be easily removed without accessing the control board.
►Unbeatable Main Board Performance
The main board can dramatically affect the performance of your dehumidifier. Because of this, all AlorAir circuit boards are coated for protection. The board is tamper proof and resistant to magnetization. The parts and performance of each board are 100% tested.
Please feel free to get further information from us!
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If you would like to become a reseller, distributor or authorised service centre, anywhere in the world, Please contact us for more information on how to become a distributor of Alorair products.


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