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For Basement Dehumidifying With Cabinet Dehumidifier

For Basement Dehumidifying With Cabinet Dehumidifier

Recommended: Sentinel HDi90

It's very important to control the moisture in our basement. As 40% to 50% of the air moisture in our living space comes from crawlspace, and we get that from leaks, cracks, imperfections and duct work in our house. Basements and crawlspaces are somewhere much cooler, when air get cold, it is more easily to condensate on basement floor and wall surface.
Bad effects from high humidity level in basement:
※ Musty Odors                                                 ※ Dust mite
※ Skin & respiratory diseases                       ※ Wood Rot
※ Appliances short-circuit                              ※ Moisture go up to living space
※ lousy odors                                                   ※ Termites
※ Insect or rodent pests                                 ※ Warped floors
※ High Maintenance Fee                                ※ Damp and musty walls
Basement Series Dehumidifier Performance
Transform your damp, dirty, moldy crawl space into a clean, dry space with AlorAir's Crawlspace& Basement series. This series includes plenty of self-developed functions, high performance and energy-saving dehumidifiers and sump pumps. They are Sentinel HDi90, Sentinel HD90, Sentinel HD55, Guardian LGR Extreme and the sump pumps.
Dehumidifiers with horizontal configuration and unique dual airflow outlets makes this series a professional dehumidifier for crawlspaces and basements. this series machines are stackable to save the room. Every dehumidifier is ENERGY STAR qualified for super energy efficiency. And they continue to remove water at lower temperature.
AlorAir with professional engineer and technician will offer you most right solutions for a better quality environment from this series devices. Handling moisture problems will enhance and preserve your:
Comfort: Have dry and clean air in the crawlspace and basement without wet floor,wet walls, musty odor. 
Health: Good ventilation and comfort improve human’s immunity and keep away from skin/respiratory diseases.
Home: Have relative balanced room temperature and pleasant humidity level.
Energy Savings: Save on energy costs with automatic solutions.
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