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Air Mover for Dust Management During Carpet Cleaning


Air Mover for Dust Management During Carpet Cleaning

 Recommended: Zeus Extreme

►Proficient innovation for non-damaging drying

Carpet are vitally import in special occasions! Particularly in a mosque the petition carpets are more than simply ornamental ground surface. For the concentrated use amid the process of payer, the carpets must be as spotless as possible.

So the procedures of cleaning and drying ought to be adjusted to the individual fibres and material qualities of the carpet. Incorrect drying temperature may lead harm to the material.

Need you attention: The whole cleaning process including drying need to take as little time as possible. The worse the atmosphere conditions are for drying, e.g. because of high moistness values in warm locales, the more prominent will the importance be to the assistant drying appliances. The advanced drying innovation from AlorAir can be a genuine product for you.

The cleaning procedure which is satisfactory must be limited within a very short time. The time period for pre-drying in the rotator can be decreased just with confinements or at awesome financial cost. AlorAir’s innovative technology is definitive for the required drying time. What's more, you utilize flawlessly well-matched AlorAir products sold in sets, you won't waste any of your treasured time, but help to reduce your high working expenses.

► Zeus Extreme Air Mover

The most solid and most simple solution is the utilization of Zeus Extreme air mover with high velocity airflow to effectively blow away the moisture on the carpet. The superior air mover from AlorAir guarantee the strength of the powers and the insurance of their gear. This model is especially suited for such situations.


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