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For After-Flood Drying With Cleaning and Restoration Dehumidifier

For After-Flood Drying With Cleaning and Restoration Dehumidifier
Recommended: Storm LGR Extreme
This machine has rugged metal housing with simple industrial color outside, that attracts customers a lot. A few places you would use this dehumidifier might be: 
• A damp basement. 
• Any room after a water loss. 
• Split water over floors. 
• Doing construction.
• Dry wall.
• Compound in between layers.
• Dry compound.
• Water treatment plants.
• Indoor swimming pools, gyms,warehouses.
Restoration Series Dehumidifier Performance
When your basement or office is vulnerable to flooding, it is especially important to restore the damaged areas in no time as microorganisms, mold and bacteria might affect your health and result in further damage. Whether it is flash flood, hurricane, heavy rain or water main break, this Cleaning & Restoration Series is capable of handing the most severe environments problems and assisting with proper restoration.
This series dehumidifier features rugged metal housing or rotational mould housing for severe corrosion or collision circumstances. This series items have wide choices of filters. Here you can choose from HEPA, G3 or Carbon filters, those are all washable air filters that traps allergens and particles and protects the unit's inner components from damage caused by debris.
AlorAir with professional engineers and technicians will offer you most right solutions to handle emergent after-flood restoration drying tasks. Handling moisture problems will enhance and preserve your:
Comfort: Not too much moisture and flood water left, dry air and suitable ventilation.  
Health: Good ventilation and comfort improve human’s immunity and keep away from skin/respiratory diseases related with .
Home: Have relative balanced room temperature and pleasant humidity level.
Energy Savings: Less fuel consumption and more energy is saved due to state-of-the-art technology and authorization.
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