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Why Choosing an Air Mover


Why Choosing an Air Mover

Air mover is mainly used to heightens the rate of moisture evaporation by rapidly moving air around in a space.Besides widely used for carpets, mats, sleeping pads and upholstery drying, air mover is also an awesome helper for the hard floor industry to dry floors quickly. Moreover, air mover will upgrade the effect from your carpet cleaning machine.

For professional carpet cleaning companies, an air mover is a valuable investment that will offer you better drying results, more cheerful clients and your booming business.

► Air Mover With Wide Applications:

• Sanatorium

• Carpet cleaning

• Flood cleanup & drying

• Office buildings

• Hotels and Motels

• Educational facilities

►Outstanding Features That Can Benefits:

• Low operation noise with excellent energy efficiency, low current draw

• Quickly dries carpet, hard floors, fresh paint, concrete sealer

• Stackable for storage space saving 

• Multiple drying positions

• Extremely heavy-duty construction

• Lightweight makes for easy transport

• Leading technology and high quality standards

• Stackable & safe, easy operation

• 8-Speed selection to satisfy different airflow needs.

► Conclusion

Owning an air mover is not enough for cleaning and restoration tasks after water damage. You have to match air mover with other drying equipment like dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, flood pumpers for showing a powerful and quick humidity removal capacity after water damage.

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