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Buying Guides of Dehumidifiers

Buying Guides of Dehumidifiers
When choosing a dehumidifier to protect your space from moisture harm or dampness, besides product capacity and space square footage, dehumidifiers parts  also affect customers final choice.
1. Water Reservoir
It is usually known as water tank or bucket or water tray equipped inside the machine. It is used for collecting the excess moisture which is picked up by the coils in the unit. 
For water draining, you never need to be worried, it has a big tank inside the machine, in case that the tank is full of water, the unit will give an alarm and at the same time stop working, then you can handle the emergency in time.
2. Gravity Drainage 
Its self contained draining system is easy to operate, just connect the free tube with the water exhaust hole and then let the gravity do the rest. The unit can drain water out automatically. For a better effect of draining, you need to angle the hose downward and let the gravity do the work. Besides, you also have to place the appliance at a greater height than the drain for smooth draining.
3. Internal Condensate Pump 
The unit is equipped with an automatic condensate pump, when water damage occurs, the condensate pump can pump moisture out automatically. This function is very useful if you would prefer to pump moisture vertically to a sink or outside a window. You just need to attach a hose to the pump port, place the hose to a preferred location and this pump will start working. With this function, restoration work can be completely finished by this machine.
4. Automatic Defrosting
A temperature-sensitive, microprocessor-controlled "Hot Gas" valve defrosting system make the machine able to work in much lower ambient temperatures, as low as 35.6 degrees F. The unit self-monitors its coils for frost as ambient temperatures in the treatment space change. If frost is detection, the system quickly melts the frost and minimizes operational downtime. This helps you complete each job faster and more reliably.
5. Remote Control
The Sentinel HD55 and Sentinel HDi90 are equipped with remote control function. It connects to your dehumidifier via a 25' CAT 5 cable. In addition to monitoring surrounding conditions, the remote control contains an integrated sensor which offers multiple options of remote controlling your unit.
►Precise Conclusion
Above are the main and most useful functions of AlorAir dehumidifiers which might be a reference for customers when purchasing an ideal dehumidifier. From Learning Center, you can get professional knowledge of purchasing and make your shopping easy.
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