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Why Choosing a Dehumidifier?

Why Choosing a Dehumidifier? 
Advanced technology development not only pushes forward the society's progress but also raises human's maintenance awareness. That is to say, a high efficiency dehumidifier can assist people with excess moisture removal and overheads reduction at the same time. Such as building material maintenance and component spoilage caused by excess moisture which all produce unacceptable expense.
Excess moisture is commonly incurred by people from work places and living spaces. In the past, people regard this phenomenon as a natural one. Lacking proper measures to be taken, harmful effects are tolerated rather than prevented.
Where does excess moisture come from?
The air can load moisture in a vaporous state and this ability is decided by air temperature. When the air cools, the ability to hold water decreases correspondingly. So the air unloads excess moisture to cold surfaces. And that's dampness and condensation we are familiar with.
Why choose dehumidifiers for excess moisture?
► Structural Damage
For wooden structure, it is susceptible to mould and rot. Wooden damage will lead to uneven floor and deformed door frame, which exist high risks for living.
15% of the wood parts request repair caused by rot and mold, which leads to about 20 billion board feet destruction of timber. Those destruction is much more than what is destroyed by fire!
For exterior walls, it can easily absorb the moisture condensed on its cool surface. With the wall temperature cool down, it can absorb more water. This is a terrible cycle as in the end the wall material will be absolutely damaged.
Dehumidifiers will extract excessive moisture and remain construction material suitable humidity level. It helps reduce maintenance expense. Those mold or rot damage will be surely avoided once use the appliance in time.
► Storage
Corrosion of metal always occurs due to the excessive humidity. Household electrical appliances and electrical components can't operate as they absorb too much moisture from the air. Food, medicine, books and clothes easily become moldy as dampness.
Dehumidifier can provide the one-stop service for all those storage problems. Quick and high efficiency function ensures obvious dehumidifying effect and let all those articles function well.
► Pest Infestations
Damp environment attracts pests a lot. Pests like termites, ants and cockroach can live at a house corners or in carpets completely undetected for a long time eating rotting wood. Those pest infestations bring you a huge healthy problems with furniture or structure damaged.
Dehumidifier will easily let your living or working space stay away from dampness and get dry and comfortable air circulate in the inner space. Therefore, pest infestation will relatively decrease and the air quality improved apparently. You will keep healthy by breathing the cleanest air.
► Disease & Health
Relative humidity levels of 60% or higher in the space makes mold, mildew and fungi thrive on the surface of wood, dirt, cardboard and paper. 
As mold continues to thrive, they will release millions of spores into the air and the space will begin to get moldy, musty and unpleasant odor. Lots of diseases such as asthma and skin disease will be caused.
Dehumidifier can effectively decrease indoor humidity, make human body comfortable and reduce the morbidity of disease like arthritis, neuralgia, chronic bronchitis, asthma, skin disease and so on.
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