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Breaking Performance Barriers as the Category Leader !!! Storm Pro Dehumidifier is made up of High COP, humanization design and friendly access to pump and filter service.
Storm Pro Dehumidifier removes odor-causing moisture and maintains EPA recommended relative humidity levels of 45% to 50% - ideal conditions for an odor free storage space or comfortable living space for you and your family.
Mold, mildew, pests and destruction of organic materials can be prevented or minimized at home through humidity control. Suitable humidity levels can prevent cooler surfaces from becoming damp. Storm Pro Dehumidifier avoids the problems caused by moisture and creates a comfortable, safe and healthy living environment. It removes up to 70 pints of water per day - enough water removal for areas up to 4000 sq. ft.
Storm Ultra
    Carpet Cleaning
    Drying Furnishing
Key Design Features
*  Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System
*  Housing in Back-up-box construction(the unit can be disassembled in 10 seconds when some internal service requested)
*  Coated Coils with Stainless Side Plate
*  High capacity with Supper COP
*  Heavy-duty Condensate Pump
*  Quick connecter to Cable/Hose
*  Quick connector to Pump(the pump can be taken out freely just pull out the quick connector)
*  Multifold Filters(HEPA,Carbon,G3,Prefilter)
*  Ridged handle for easy transport
*  Hours Run Meter providing accurate run time measurements
Features Storm Pro
    Compressor Type Rotary
    More Thorough, And More Quick
    Ducting options
    Condensate Pump
    HGV Defrosting
    Easy handling
    Water Full protection
    Environmental R410A Refrigerant
    Automatic humidistat control
    Memory Starting
    Washable Air Filter
    Large Diameter Wheels
    Rotational Moulded Body
    Cable / Hose Wrap
    Low Temperature
    Quick connection to Cable/Hose


Specifications Storm Pro
    Power     115V/60HZ,220V/50HZ
    Current     4.46A(115v/60Hz),4.1A(220v/50Hz)
    COP     2.85L/Kwh(115v/60Hz),3.0L/Kwh(220v/50Hz)
    Size For     Up to 4,000 Sq.FT
    Filter     Clean Air Filter,HEPA,Merve-8
    Air flow     415CFM,700CMH
    Sound Pressure Level     <50DBA
    Refrigerant     R410A
    Wheel     Portable Wheel
    Draining     Condensate Pump
    Defrosting Control System     HGV Defrosting
    Functioning Temperature Range     1~40ºC
    Functioning Humidity Range     35~95%
    Capacity115V(80ºF-60%)     70Pints(32.8L/D)
    Capacity220V(30º-80%)     70L(149ppd/D)
    Weight     85.0Ibs(38.5KG)
    Dim(W*H*D)     540*800*490mm
    Loading quantity     20”:72Sets/40”:160Sets/40”HQ :240Sets
What Can We Benefit From A High COP Dehumidifier?
AlorAir High COP Dehumidifiers are affordable solutions to your humidity problems. This investment in indoor air quality and inner comfort can be paid back by few years' energy savings. Customers can save up to $250 per year in energy cost with dehumidifiers working for their families! And that doesn't include the savings from using thermostats instead of air conditioning. Once you are able to maintain a consistent relative humidity of 50% or less, you will no longer have to keep the thermostat at low, uncomfortable temperatures once used in an effort to control humidity.
Why Dehumidifier?
1.Can effectively prevent household items, food, medicine and books get mouldy.
2.Can effectively protect household appliances, computers, cameras and other instruments from moisture damage.
3.Can effectively prevent the Prolonged humidity in a crawl space or Basement which will lead to moisture and rot damage in the structural wood in your house.
4.Can effectively let the house stay away from pest infestation
5.Can effectively avoid excessive humidity in a space where is easy for mold, mildew and fungi to thrive.
Proven Performance
Storm Pro dehumidifier removes up to 70 pints(AHAM) of water per day while the power consumption is only 4.46 amps - enough water removal for areas up to 4000 sq.ft.. The unit has features like Duct Connection Choice at outlet, Quick Access for Pump Service, Tem Mark Switch, Water Full Protection, Normal Filter, HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. Compared with competitors, Storm Pro has roto-mould housing in back-up-box construction. The unit can be disassembled in 10 seconds when some internal service requested, like Internal Cleaning, Pump Service. The pump has its Quick Connector, so it can be taken out freely by pulling out the quick connector.
Storm Pro combines innovation, technical expertise and proven durability into a small, portable and durable roto-mold housing. In addition to compact size and superior performance, the unit features high energy efficiency, HGV, Back-up-box construction, duct outlet and multifold filter.
Storm Pro is leading the industry by introducing epoxy coated coils. This new feature will extend the life of the coils by providing protection in corrosive environments and maintaining the coil's heat transfer ability over the life of the coil. Plus the high efficiency Rotary Compressor ensures the maximum extraction at the lowest running cost.



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Storm Pro Dehumidifier
This portable dehumidifier is ideal for restoring and drying spaces with severe water damage. The Storm Pro Dehumidifier is designed to extracting moisture from the air out of enclosed spaces such as homes, shops, storage areas and offices. Using a intelligent water pump and a 5m drainage pipe. It can cover up to 4000 sq meters of space at a time.
In addition to removing water from closed environments, Storm Pro Dehumidifier also helps in drawing deeply embedded moisture from soaked carpets, woods, seats and other indoor items. Its low noise level coupled with high moisture removal capacity causes it to rank among the best dehumidifiers in the market.
Water can cause a lot of damage when it gets into enclosed spaces like homes, offices or storage areas. This damage is not only limited to the walls and floor. Rather, anything that is stored within such spaces including electronics and pieces of furniture gets spoilt.
As such, you need to find a way of removing water from your closed environment as soon as possible because the more it stays in that space, the bigger the damage you’ll have to deal with. The presence of water in any closed environment causes humidity levels to go up. This can cause damage to items that are not in contact of water because humidity creates a good environment for mold and fungi to grow. Storm Pro Dehumidifier is not only designed to help meet your water removal needs, it also helps with moisture removal and lowering of humidity present in the air.
The Storm Pro Dehumidifier comes with an easy to operate humidistat and wheels that make allow for easy movement. Like any other electrical appliance, ensure that you connect the dehumidifier using a grounded electrical connection. Before turning the dehumidifier on, ensure that the unit is placed on a level surface in an upright position, placing it in any other position can cause water to get into contact with the electrical components in the dehumidifier.
If you need to move the dehumidifier, ensure that it is turned off and the pump reservoir is empty. In the event the machine inside gets wet, leave the dehumidifier to dry up completely before connecting it to electricity. For optimal operation, ensure that the inlet and the discharge are placed against a wall and avoid inserting any objects into the inlet and discharge ways. Any work done on the machine must been done when the unit is turn off and unplugged from electric connections. Ensure that your Storm Pro Dehumidifier is serviced and maintained by qualified technicians at all times. Avoid splashing water on the exterior parts of the dehumidifier, instead use a damp cloth to wipe it when unplugged from the power source.
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