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Storm SLGR 1350X Dehumidifier

Storm SLGR 1250X dehumidifier
Distinct Features:
1. SLGR Microchannel Technology                   
2. Convenient storage for cable and drain tube 
3. Condensate pump                                     
4. Epoxy powder coating for corrosion protection
5. Quick access to internal service             
6. Quick connector for Drain Tube and Cable
7. More capacity, less power consumption


Convenient water pipe and power line storage: You can store the water pipe and power line in the side box.
Storm SLGR 1250X with rugged rotational molding housing operates well in severely damp environment after flood damage.
Two Main Damage of Flooding:With SLGR Microchannel technology, it remoent.                         
Flood is an expensive natural disaster that do damage to multiple areas of human life, community and industry. It includes damage to property, loss of human life, destruction of plants and crops, etc.. But to the restoration market, dehumidifier mainly focuses on the follow two fields restoration work.
Structural damage
After flood sweeping house and farm, wooden structure house is susceptible to mold and rot. Wooden damage will lead to uneven floor and deformed door frame, which exist high risks for living. For exterior walls, it can easily absorb the moisture condensed on its cool surface. As the temperature of wall continuously lowers, the wall absorbs more water. This is a terrible cycle as in the end the wall material will be absolutely damaged.
For high maintenance fee, 15% of the wooden parts request repair caused by rot and mold, which leads to about 20 billion board feet destruction of timber. Those destruction is much more than what is destroyed by fire!
Health Condition Related To Waterborne Diseases
Excess dampness and moisture are the result of flooding. When relative humidity levels reaches 60% or higher in the space, it become the incubator for mold, mildew and fungi. Those microorganisms thrive on the surface of damp wood, dirt, cardboard and any kind of paper material. 
Medical research has provided strong evidence that respiratory infections, asthma, arthritis, neuralgia, chronic bronchitis, cough, skin diseases like urticaria are all closely related to damp living environment people lives in. dampness-related factors are long, unconsciously and chronic damage to people’s inner health. 
The Solution:
Storm SLGR 1250X dehumidifier, as a professional dehumidifier for restoration marketing, has an amazing dehumidifying effect and restoration effect. It beats down conventional dehumidifiers absolutely with SLGR Technology adopted.Besides satisfactory restoration effect in normal humidity and temperature environment, Storm SLGR 1250X is a master-hand of the restoration field especially to dehumidify in hot dry environment and cold humid environment.                                            
Proven Performance:
Storm SLGR 1250X with great COP 3.1L/Kwh at 80F/60% and huge capacity 125PPD at AHAM condition makes it Energy Star qualified, CE, ETL certified in first class. Moreover, the unit has a tension rod on its top for convenient transport.
As for the tough environment that flood disasters might have, rotational molding housing is rugged enough to endure severe collision and corrosion found in water damage restoration and construction. It handles severe environment after flooding and takes much more moisture from damp housing.
Main Features:
1. During the dis-assembly of unit, the front board can be take away directly without the interference of any power lines.
2. Disassemble a side plate, you can bring out circuit board from the unit without disassembling the whole unit.
Working principle of LGR Microchannel technology:
The core of SLGR Microchannel technology is based on its cooling the humid air in advance by chilly condensate water from evaporator to reduce the total dehumidifying time.Chilly condensate water as the main refrigerating medium lowers the air temperature beforehand and air becomes cold and humid air, which reduces the compressor power, saves energy and increases humidity removal. Eventually, air passes through condenser, which can form dry air discharging to the environment.
Evaporator lowers the air temperature. It means humid air condenses to water when it touches a cold surface. Cold energy storage which is located between evaporator and water tank, is absolutely powerful in collecting amount of chilly condensate water from evaporator. Chilly condensate water converges together and it becomes extremely chilly cold water that cool down the warm air passing through the cold energy storage. Mutually perpendicular vents on each layer of ventilating board enhances the air cooling effect during times of circulation. 
Conventional dehumidifier VS Storm SLGR 1250X
Super Drying Efficiency: Storm SLGR 1250X brings in SLGR Technology that cools down air by chilly condensate water before dehumidifying. It ensures effective,deep and obvious drying effect with much energy saved. Conventional dehumidifier adopts evaporator coil to cool warm air. But this conventional cooling way hinders its high efficiency in drying. 
Less Water Removal Time:Storm SLGR 1250X accelerates dehumidifying and reduces the total working time. Conventional dehumidifier spends pretty much time in cooling down humid and warm air while Horizontal 125PPD never need.
How Does LGR Microchannel Technology Benefits Your Work?
Technology lowers the incoming air temperature by 20% and increase the humidity by 30%, Eventually, air turns into cold and humid air which lowers power consumption of compressor, increased water removal capacity and COP. 
Storm SLGR 1250X dehumidifier functions well in low humidity condition. More energy is used for dehumidifying instead of cooling down the air. 
Storm SLGR 1250X dehumidifier has extraordinarily huge amount of water removal capacity of 125 pints per day, equal to 59L per day, covering up to 7,000 sq.ft. area.  


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