ALORAIR Air Scrubber with 3 Stage Filtration, Stackable Negative Air Machine for Industrial and Commercial Use, Heavy Duty Air Cleaner with MERV-10 Filter, HEPA/Activated carbon Filter

Model : Cleanshield HEPA 550

4.9 Average

$497.00 List Price: $779.00


The CleanShield HEPA 550 is the undisputed star of the Alorair family. Compared to other similar products on the air purifier market, you can buy the same satisfying product for the least amount of money. The unit features a corrosion-resistant and durable rotationally molded polyethylene housing that can withstand any harsh operating environment. Plus, it can be stacked horizontally or vertically to save storage space, which has made it a longtime favorite among professionals. 

Highlights: Three-stage filtration / 10-year warranty / daisy-chain GFCI duplex technology / filter replacement indicator / variable speed control

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Product Overview

Product Overview

This, along with all other AlorAir Air scrubbers, is a reliable and effective equipment in eliminating harmful airborne and surface microorganisms. This is done by pulling in the contaminated air and filtering out all unnecessary particles before dispensing it back as guaranteed clean and safe. This does not only clean the surrounding air, but also affects contaminated surfaces, especially those that are inhabited by harmful microorganisms such as molds. This makes it a very dependable tool in both residential and commercial restoration projects.

With its ability to effectively filter out airborne and surface irritants, this particular unit is proven to surpass its other counterparts in the market.


· Has a compact design
· Has an automatic indicator for filter change
· Equipped with Merv 10 pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filter that enables advanced filtration
· Stackable and can be daisy-chained
· Includes a maintenance-free bearing motor
· ETL certified
· Has a roto-molded polyethylene housing
· GFCI protection
· Has a power indicator light
· Comes with 23 feet power cord 

1. Promotes Healthy Indoor Air Quality – Whether inside your office or your own home, it is very important to breathe in a safe and high-quality air. The use of an air scrubber is suitable to make this happen. It filters out harmful particles from the use of cigarettes, pet dander, pollens, dust, and other airborne irritants, leaving you and your family only the safest air to breathe into.
2. Optimal Restoration Assistance – Because of its superb features and specifications, users are assured to obtain maximum performance to ease their restoration job. It is portable, durable, and very reliable.
3. Maintaining Cleanliness of Properties – By the ability of an air scrubber to filter out dust, you need not worry about frequently having to clean your properties, especially those that are stagnant or in storage. This both saves you time and prolongs the life of your properties.
4. Conducive Work Place for Higher Productivity – It is a proven fact that a workplace is positively affected by its favorable breathing atmosphere. By providing a clean and safe air, employees are certain to provide optimal productivity and benefit from each other’s motivated work ethic.
5. Protection from Diseases – By the ability of an air scrubber to filter out harmful particles, you and your family are certain to be safe from health risks brought by airborne irritants. These risks include allergies, skin irritations, respiratory illness, and immune-related diseases.

More so, this and all of our air scrubbers are supported by a dependable warranty coverage which you can check out in this website as well. For more inquiries, do not hesitate to contact any of our customer service representatives. We are more than happy to help you make a decision for your restoration and prevention needs.

Power 2.8 amps, 115V, 60 Hz
Duct sizes intake Intake: 16 in.
Duct sizes Outlet Intake: 8 in.
Cord 23 ft Power Cord
Outlet 15A UL Rated GFCI Duplex Receptacle
Static pressure 2.8 in. (H2O)
Air flow 270~550CFM
Sound Pressure Leve <65 dBA
Filters MERV-10 Filter
Filters HEPA 550 Filter
Filters Activated Carbon Filter
Weight 39.6 Ibs(18kg)
Dim(WxHxD) 20.87 x 24.8 x 14.96 in
Shipping Dim (L×W×H) 25.9 x 22.8 x 15.75in
Loading quantity 20': 185 Sets;  40': 320 Sets;

With its durability, portability, and proven high performance, the AlorAir CleanShield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber has been one of the top choices for various applications such as:
Filtering air in:Garages/Warehouses/Basements/Crawl Spaces/Shops/Restaurants/Bars/Museums/Sports Hall/Computer Rooms/Offices/Laboratories/Hospitals/Living and personal rooms/Clinics/Church and mosques/Salons /Print shops/And other enclosed spaces

Proper Use and Maintenance
Every air scrubber needs proper usage and maintenance to support its long-lasting capability. Here are some safety tips in using and maintaining it:
· Make sure you have the right power supply to avoid electrical issues
· It must be connected to a grounded electric source to avoid accidents and damage
· The surface in which it is set to operate must be levelled and steady
· Always check the pre-filter for any debris before using the unit
· Adjust the air filtration level using the user-friendly control panel
· Keep the unit away from combustion appliances to avoid backdrafting
· Never tamper on the internal components while the unit is running
· Never leave it plugged when not in use
· Before cleaning, make sure to properly unplug the unit
· Clean the unit using a reliable vacuum and gentle wiping using a damp cloth
· Make sure to properly dry it before storing
· Observe proper handling when stacking up several units
· Regularly check your filters for changing needs
· For critical remediation projects, it is advisable to change all filters when sufficiently used to avoid cross-contamination of harmful particles
· Seek for professional help for other complex issues
· Never use the unit as a support or stepping stool when reaching high items
Make sure to read the manual and all other guides before using your air scrubber, or any product for that matter. It is always better to be equipped with all essential information beforehand to reduce the risk of accidents and mishaps.

Reviews & Questions

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Excellent dust removal work
By 'Kevin Brady', Reviewed on March 15, 2021
I have conducted extensive research on this type of air scrubber. I bought 2 of them. 1 for the living room/kitchen and 1 for the basement. They are easy to maintain. We have 4 dogs and 1 cat, so dust and pet dander have always been a problem. After using these air scrubbers, these have been significantly improved, and the dust seen is much less.
Great air scrubber-quiet, high quality and stylish
By 'Archer Prosser', Reviewed on March 08, 2021
I tried various brands of air purifiers to help keep the air as clean as possible, especially since I have cats and dogs. This is by far the most powerful. It is equipped with pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. This is a good choice for anyone with pets, allergies or asthma. The most important thing is that it helps to remove any peculiar smell in the air.
I am satisfied with this product
By 'Poppie Sutton', Reviewed on March 01, 2021
This is the second one I purchased. Love these air scrubbers. I still use the first one I bought a few years ago and want to use another one upstairs. The only thing I don’t like is that the replacement filter is a bit expensive. These devices are easy to clean, are not too heavy or cumbersome, do not produce incredible noise even at the highest settings (such as fan operation), and they work very well. Obviously, if you have an unpleasant smell house, this kind of air scrubber can eliminate the smell very well.
I am very satisfied
By 'Albie Wheatley', Reviewed on February 22, 2021
The dust in the air was desperate when the house was remodeled, and someone suggested trying an air scrubber when browsing Reddit at night. I searched some and decided to try this HEPA filter. I have been running this filter non-stop recently, and we can clearly feel that the air quality has improved. The build quality is great, and the 10-year warranty is a plus. I definitely recommend this unit.
Love it, excellent filtering device
By 'Larissa Nicholls', Reviewed on February 07, 2021
Based on reviews from consumer analysis, I bought two of them. I am very happy that I made the right decision. My house is full of paint because of the painted walls, but these installations help a lot. Its activated carbon filter helps eliminate odors. Besides, we also use it to capture dust particles collected in the reconstructed basement. I am glad I bought these air scrubbers.
Good product!
By 'Viola Wilkinson', Reviewed on February 01, 2021
I am very happy that we purchased this air scrubber. It works very well and has great features. It is very easy to clean the different filters. We don't have pets, but a lot of dust accumulated when rebuilding the house. I check the filter every day and am impressed with the dust and hair it collects. So far, I would recommend it to anyone.
After a lot of research, I made a good choice.
By 'Yahya Davison', Reviewed on January 25, 2021
I studied the air scrubber for a long time and then decided to buy it. I do not regret it, it can clean the air, and the filter is easy to clean and replace. It can indeed eliminate odor, dust mites, and dust well. It runs at the lowest speed most of the day. Without turning on the TV, I could hardly hear sound from 12 feet away. It is definitely worth buying.
Very effective air scrubber at a reasonable price
By 'Jerome Whitaker', Reviewed on January 18, 2021
I bought two of the units and placed them in different areas of the house. In the kitchen, it can filter out cooking smells well. When the air quality is poor, it can also effectively filter the air in the home office. The second one is used in the basement. It is very quiet and unobtrusive, and it filters the air well to ensure that there are no unpleasant smells in the basement. It has not been long enough to change the filter, so I cannot comment on maintenance. So far, its performance is fully in line with the stated.
Excellent and reliable American product!
By 'Reegan Wardle', Reviewed on January 11, 2021
I have already bought one. It is very suitable for filtering the air. If you have a lot of pets, this air scrubber is very important to you. It can easily remove mold spores, dust mites, and pet dander, which are allergens that are harmful to your health. We are very satisfied with this purchase, I will purchase more in the future!
Highly recommended
By 'Jamila Payne', Reviewed on January 04, 2021
We have one of these air scrubbers in our office, and the quality has left me so impressed that I bought one for my own house. I have other brands that work well, but they have never been so good. Since buying and using this product at home, my allergies have improved, and it worked well when smoking became a problem in California.


How many devices are included in the wholesale package of this air scrubber?

Tyla on March 16, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the wholesale package of the CleanShield HEPA 550 air scrubber contains 4 devices. Thanks for your question!
What motor is equipped with this air scrubber?

Casey on March 09, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the CleanShield HEPA 550 air scrubber is equipped with a free-bearing motor that ensures the best performance. Thanks for your question!
What is the role of activated carbon filters?

Kobie on March 02, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the activated carbon filter helps to remove any peculiar smell in the air and capture various volatile organic compounds. Thanks for your question!
Can this air scrubber be used to cool the surrounding environment and dry it?

Jonah on February 23, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the Clean shield HEPA 550 air scrubber can be deployed and used as a regular fan because it generates a strong air flow, which increases the evaporation rate and shortens the drying time, which means that it can be used to cool the surrounding environment and dry it. Thanks for your question!
Where can I find the ductwork for this air scrubber?

Chantal on February 08, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, please check this link. Thanks for your question!
Can the device clean the air entering through its channels?

Kaycee on February 02, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the CleanShield HEPA 550 air scrubber has advanced filtration technology and wind flow technology, which can clean the air entering through its channels. Thanks for your question!
What is the purpose of this device?

Fenton on January 26, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the Clean shield HEPA 550 air scrubber has a wide range of uses. It can be used to clean the air, repair floods, and eliminate odors and dust. Also, the equipment can be used for water damage repair, sewage repair, and dust control. It can be used in industrial and warehouse applications. Thanks for your question!
What is the purpose of the black cover of this air scrubber?

Arnas on January 19, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the black cover is used to isolate the G3 filter and the HEPA/activated carbon filter. Thanks for your question!
How much current does this air scrubber consume?

Tarik on January 12, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, when the Cleanshield HEPA 550 air scrubber is in peak operation, it only consumes no more than 3 amperes of current. Thanks for your question!
Does this air scrubber have cETL certification?

Jevan on January 05, 2021

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, this CleanShield HEPA 550 air scrubber has passed cETL certification. Thanks for your question!