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AlorAir Storm DP Smart WiFi Commercial Dehumidifier, 50 PPD AHAM/110 PPD Saturation Dehumidifier with Pump, Water Damage Equipment for Crawl Spaces, Basements, Garages, and Job Sites, Yellow, Blue

Model : Storm DP

5.0 Average

$889.00 List Price: $1,398.00

Breaking Performance Barriers as the Category Leader !!! The Strom DP 50 Pint Commercial Portable LGR Dehumidifier is made up of High COP, humanization design and friendly access to pump and filter service.
Storm DP Dehumidifier removes odor-causing moisture and maintains EPA recommended relative humidity levels of 45% to 50% - ideal conditions for odor-free storage space or comfortable living space for you and your family.

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Storm DP is a revolutionary dehumidifier with stable performance and long-lasting work benefits. Under the condition of unchanged performance, the volume of the whole machine is 40% smaller. Simplified user controls include a large LCD display and APP control. It can control the dehumidifier at home anytime and anywhere, plus the built-in pump to pump water through the dehumidifier more intelligently. This dehumidifier has a high extraction rate and a built-in condensate pump for unattended use making this the perfect choice for many different applications such as new construction areas, plaster drying, flood and water damaged areas, cellars, and storage areas.

Wi-Fi connection or direct connection

Can realize real-time remote start, standby, positioning, drainage, and monitoring of the dehumidifier.


Supply Voltage: 110V
Type: R410 Refrigerant
Water removal (max): 110 Pints / day (90℉/90%RH)
Water removal (AHAM): 50 Pints/day (80℉/60%RH)
Size For: Up to 1300 sq.ft
Air movement: 150 CFM
Amp draw: 4.3 A (110V)
Operating temperature range: 33.8~104℉
Operating humidity range: 25-80%
Dimensions: (L×W× H): 17x 14x 23.1in  
Use weight: 72 lbs
Controls: Big LCD Display Controler APP Control
Hour counter: Yes
Auto defrosting: Yes
Average noise level: 58 dB
Air filter: MERV-8 Filter
Wheels: 8" Semi-pneumatic
Handle: Rigid
Cable & hose storage: Yes
Stackable: Yes
Safety mark: cETL
Product Warranty Description:
5 years on compressor, evaporator, condenser.
3 years on parts & labor on refrigeration circuit.
1 year on parts & labor.

cETL √
Compressor Type Rotary
More Thorough, And More Quick √
Ducting options √
Condensate Pump √
Easy handling √
Water-Full protection √
Automatic humidistat control √
Memory Starting √
Large Diameter Wheels √
Rotational Moulded Body √
Cable / Hose Wrap √
Low Temperature √

Power 110V/60Hz, 4.3A
Size For Up to 1300 sq.ft
Filter MERV - 8 Filter
Airflow 150 CFM
Sound Pressure Level < 58 dBA
Refrigerant R290A
Wheel 2 Wheels
Draining Condensate Pump
Functioning Temperature Range 33.8~104℉
Functioning Humidity Range 25~80%
Water Removal (Max) 110 PPD/Day @90℉,90%RH
Water Removal (AHAM) 50 PPD/Day @80℉, 60%RH
Weight 70Ibs(32 KG)
Dim (L×W H) 15"×14"×23"
Loading quantity 20”:171 Sets;40”: 378 Sets; 40” HQ :540 Sets

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By 'Vivian Green ', Reviewed on 2021-07-23 10:10:40
The humidity is an issue but not severe for my house. However, I have a collection of old fine art paintings in my living room. So I want to control humidity but the unit has to be quiet. And you can’t even hear it running. Perfect!! As a matter of fact the most hard-working appliance in my house. It is simple and easy to operate. Highly recommend!!!
Excellent dehumidifier
By 'Hazel Scott ', Reviewed on 2021-07-06 12:02:12
I appreciate the connection function, which includes the Wi-Fi connection and direct connection. Whatever your choice, both of them are very convenient. And it can realize real-time remote start, standby, positioning, drainage, and monitoring of the dehumidifier.
The musty smell of the basement was gone!
By 'Colton Barnes ', Reviewed on 2021-06-16 11:56:04
This dehumidifier looks stylish and works very well! It is very simple to use. The simplest setting is to plug in the power and walk away. It absorbs moisture from the air, and then drains the moisture through a drain hose. Very sturdy. This is a perfect setting for those who want it to run continuously. You can also adjust the required humidity in the air. This is a very quiet and attractive unit. My house can't smell musty when it rains!
Easy to use, very effective.
By 'Nathan Garcia ', Reviewed on 2021-06-12 09:44:30
For many years, my bathroom has been plagued by black mold due to excessive humidity. Whether I am scrubbing or painting the wall, these small dots will appear on the top of the wall soon, and then bloom into larger rosettes within a few weeks. We try to keep the door open to let some moisture out, but this means that privacy will be reduced. We open windows in summer, which helps, but it’s too cold in winter. Then I found this machine by accident, and the solution was clear. I am obsessed with researching this device before buying it. I don't like to spend money on things that turned out to be scrapped, so I read reviews and comparisons, and then went to the store to see a few things. Finally, I bought this machine and it is great. It is effective and easy to use. I don't need to deal with the water tank specially, because it comes with its own water pump. Cleaning the filter every three months were the only thing I needed to do, and then my problem was solved perfectly.
This may be one of the best dehumidifiers I have ever had.
By 'Elijah Baker ', Reviewed on 2021-06-07 15:26:03
The first, I am very picky when it comes to Dehumidifiers. The last one I had lasted for 10 years. This one that I have purchased is amazing. It has a slight hum to it which is very soothing. I love that it comes with a drainage hose and I love the fact that it's pretty lightweight and easy to move. I highly recommend it. We put it in the center of our house because our home for some reason collects lots of moisture. It is very easy to use.
Weird smell was gone!
By 'Olivia Lee ', Reviewed on 2021-05-21 10:14:39
Bought this dehumidifier after realizing that the weird smell in our small bathroom was mildew, and who has time to clean every day? We’ve had it for a week now and it’s been superb. No more mildew smell, and our bathroom feels fresh every time we walk in.
By 'Madison Thompson ', Reviewed on 2021-05-19 15:59:38
We put this in the basement to keep the humidity down. This is great. The water is discharged by the condensate pump through the connecting hose. We use this to get rid of the damp smell in the basement. It is quiet and automatically shuts off when the required humidity is reached.
My favorite!
By 'Logan Harris ', Reviewed on 2021-05-17 18:56:41
I spend a lot of time in the basement. I keep a studio down there, and I also have a guest room down there as well. Nothing is worse though, than a basement that smells like a basement. Except maybe one that feels like a basement. You know the feel. Kind of clammy, kind of sweaty. It ties right in with that moldy fetid smell that people associate with basements. As much time as I spend down there, and with as much expensive equipment that I store down there, I can not afford that. High humidity is murder on sensitive electronics such as my computers, and mixing consoles, guitars, amps and effects processors. The last thing I want is corroded inputs. So I run a dehumidifier. In general, they help with that quite a bit. My old one died after about 2 years of continuous service. I spent close to $300 on that at the home improvement store. I wanted to see what other options I had online, and I was not disappointed. First off, it was easy to set up. Its wheels are easy to move, small in size and not too heavy. When I started it up, I was pleasantly surprised. This thing is much quieter than my last one. Way less noise. It looks a lot nicer too. One of the most important points to me was the automatic control of wet. I need it to run continuously, using a hose for output. I have a drain that I run the hose to, so this is far more convenient to me than dumping the bucket daily. Since it will do up to 1300 square feet, my 960 is not a problem. I open up all the basement doors and leave it running. Everything stays nice and dry, and there is no basement smell. Very useful, and sturdy too. Not that I am setting anything on it, but it is very well built. It has a good weight to it, suggesting quality materials in it's construction. And a final piece of friendly advice please don't put it down.
I made the right choice.
By 'Abigail Edwaeds ', Reviewed on 2021-05-13 18:57:04
Just what I wanted for my home. It is big enough to get the job done but not too big to handle. It does have rollers to move around on.I like it. I use a garden hose attached to the drain for continuous operation. I have used for about three weeks now with no problem. Again I like it.
By 'John Carter ', Reviewed on 2021-05-12 19:08:55
This Storm DP Smart WiFi Commercial dehumidifier works very well. It came with a great instruction manual so I can fully understand all the functions. I was pleasantly surprised how quiet it sounds when it’s on. Nothing like my old dehumidifier. The condensate pump drainage saved me a lot of time. It’s definitely pulling moisture out of the air though!


Questions & Answers
Does the unit is waterproof?

Victor on 2021-07-23 10:12:55

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hi Victor, the unit is waterproof.
Answered by Alorair
Hi Lucas! The guarantee content of the Alorair Storm DP Smart WiFi Commercial Dehumidifier has included three aspects: 5 years on compressor, evaporator, condenser. 3 years on parts & labor on refrigeration circuits. 1 year on parts & labor.

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
We use a condensate pump to drain the water, you just need to connect the equipment with the drain hose and put the other end into the drain.
How many sq. ft does the dehumidifier cover?

Joseph on 2021-05-10 11:27:37

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
This dehumidifier can work in a 1,300 sq. ft area.

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
One is enough, the compact and lightweight design allows it to be used with any space, handles and wheels make it easy to move.

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Temperature Range: 33.8~104℉
What products are included in the packing box?

Leslie on 2021-03-25 14:13:15

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
What is in Box: Storm DP Dhumidifier x 1 Drain Hose x 1 MERV-8 Filter x 1