ALORAIR Crawl space Basement Ventilator Fan, VentirPro-S2 with Temperature Humidity Controller (Air-out)

Model : VentirPro-S2

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VentirPro-S2 fans provide efficient air circulation. The unit achieves 240 CFM wind speeds at a shallow noise level of 48 dBA, making it the first choice for spaces such as crawl spaces and basements. At the same time, it's equipped with a multi-function control panel that makes it more convenient and efficient for you to operate, providing you with a drier and more comfortable environment.

Highlights:  LCD Display/GFCI Outlet/Timer/1 Year Warranty


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Product Overview

This high-tech ventilator fan is widely known among homeowners because of its intelligent system that is able to automatically operate once your set temperature and humidity level is set. Moreover, it is made with a refined design that compliments any location you desire to place it. With its features and superior specifications, you are sure to get the best value for money.


· User-friendly LCD Control Panel (timer, alarm, back-up memory, and eco mode) • Has an intelligent system that adjusts the airflow in response to your set temperature and humidity level
· Multiple fan speed options
· Equipped with a thermostat and a humidistat
· Has corded sensor probe plugs 
· Has a galvanized stainless steel mounting frame
· Built with IP-44 rated fans (dust and water resistant) • Uses a dual 120mm PWM-controlled DC Fans for maximized airflow and quiet operation
· Has an 8ft power cord

Power 110V-230V,60/50Hz; 8.5 W
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Power Cord Length 5.5 ft
Noise 0-48 dBA
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Current 0.8 A
Dim(L x W xH) 18 .2x 9x 1.7 in
Shipping Dim(L x W xH) 20 x 11 x 3.7 in
Functioning Humidity Range 20~100%
Functioning Temperature Range  14- 158°F

ALORAIR VentirPro-S2 Crawl Space Fan

Known for its impeccable features and specifications, this particular unit is one of the most in demand ventilator fans in the cleaning and restoration industry. Made with superior quality, you can never go wrong with this choice.


Because of its versatility and high-quality performance, the AlorAir VentirPro-S2 Ventilator Fan is applicable to use in various locations such as:

· Crawl Space
· Basement
· Attic
· Garage

Proper Use and Maintenance:

Every ventilator fan needs proper usage and maintenance to support its long-lasting capability. Here are some safety tips in using and maintaining it:
· Make sure you have the right power supply to avoid electrical issues
· It must be connected to a grounded electric source to avoid accidents and damage
· The surface in which it is set to operate must be levelled and steady
· Adjust your desired temperature and humidity level using the user-friendly control panel
· Never tamper on the internal components while the unit is running
· Before cleaning, make sure to properly unplug the unit
· Clean the unit using a reliable vacuum 
· Seek for professional help for other complex issues
· Never use the unit as a support or stepping stool when reaching high items
Make sure to read the manual and all other guides before using your ventilator fan, or any product for that matter. It is always better to be equipped with all essential information beforehand to reduce the risk of accidents and mishaps.


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Effectively control the humidity level of the garage
By 'Lacy Thornton', Reviewed on 2021-02-07 10:45:56
I finally managed to reduce the humidity in the garage. I live in a very humid place and this fan is very useful for dehumidifying the space. I like the accuracy of these sensors, although I do not expect them to achieve such accuracy, this is a surprising surprise. It is installed on the vent of the garage, so I really don't have any problems, because once the garage door is closed, I can't hear anything. I am satisfied with the overall purchase and would recommend it to anyone.
If it continues... it will be the best item I bought
By 'Ezekiel Dunne', Reviewed on 2021-02-01 11:28:10
I got this fan today, I have connected it to the power supply and took it out of the packed box...this fan left a deep impression on me. This will be a basement exhaust fan, and the programming of this fan is great. I will not take full advantage of it until summer, but I think it will be great. My main problem is humidity, so it should be summer before full use.
Great product
By 'Tulisa Hutton', Reviewed on 2021-01-25 15:18:33
The product works as advertised. Easy to install. My application is a 3.5-foot crawl space under the house, about 600 square feet. When I have vents on 3 sides of the house, my goal is to use this fan system to draw the air out and dry it to reduce/eliminate the musty smell.
Exactly what I need
By 'Sabiha Simon', Reviewed on 2021-01-18 13:55:01
High-tech, high setting, suitable for general basement ventilation. I made custom wooden window panels to install two units in the basement windows. Even when smoking, with these dual fans, all the smoke can be ventilated outdoors without the smell of smoke upstairs! They minimize the impact of cigars on the family and the cigar house itself. Living in Minnesota is not a viable option for smoking outside! Love them!
Elaborate crawl space fan
By 'Ameer Knapp', Reviewed on 2021-01-11 14:14:26
I need a fan for small crawl space under a building that has a hidden air leak for several months. To install the dehumidifier, I will have to crawl about 60 feet in the mud. This product is very suitable for the ventilation holes of standard buildings and has a foam seal to prevent air leakage from around the equipment. It contains a built-in switch that will automatically turn off the fan once the desired humidity level is reached. It is made of sturdy stainless steel and has two sturdy fans.
Humidity insurance
By 'Libbie Lloyd', Reviewed on 2021-01-04 11:51:51
I have a new long and narrow house with crawl space. This kind of foundation has a greater risk of damage from moisture (including mold) than a slab or basement foundation. I installed two of the fans in the crawl vents as a relatively inexpensive form of high humidity protection. The DC motors in these fans have significant design advantages, and the fans are indeed very quiet. Besides, the system reduces the humidity level to prevent the growth of mold while expelling odors and other harmful pollutants from the home.


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