PuriCare 1100 Air Filtration System/ Dust Collector

● Circulates air up to 7.5 times per hour in a 1100-square-foot room.

● Two setting modes: 3-speed speed/PM2.5 setting. Air flow at 650, 850 or 1100 cubic feet per minute.

● A one-micron medium-efficiency bag filter and five-micron prefilter, both of which can be easily cleaned and replaced, and can efficiently handle particulate dust above 0.001mm, including sawdust and pet sawdust, among others.

● A builtin timer makes it easy to thoroughly clean your workshop at the end of a day's woodworking without your presence. In fact, you won’t even have to worry about shutting down the machine after a set number of hours. The machine will automatically shut down when the timer runs out.

● The device comes standard with an RF remote and allows users to turn the unit on and off up to 26 feet away.