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AlorAir® 4 Pack MERV-1 filter

Compatible with: Sentinel HD35P

$50.00 $70.00
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AlorAir® 10 Pack MERV-10 Filter for PureAiro HEPA Pro/PureAiro HEPA Max Air Scrubber

Compatible with: PureAiro HEPA Pro/PureAiro HEPA Max Air Scrubber

$122.90 $142.90
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AlorAir®4 Pack MERV-8 Filter for Sentinel HD55/HDi65

Compatible with: Sentinel HD55/HDi65 Dehumidifier

$69.90 $79.91
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Purisystems Remote Controller for Dust Collector

Compatible with: PuriCare 500/500IG/1100/1100IG air filtration system

$29.00 $35.00
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TooVem Remote Controller for Dehumidifiers

Compatible with: Dehumidifier Sentinel series HD 35P, HD55,  HDi65, HD90, HDi90, HDi100, HDi120; Guardian series SN55, SNS65, SN90, SNS90, SNS100, SNS120; AirWerx55, AirWerx65, AirWerx100X, AirWerx120X

$100.00 $147.00
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