SLGR Dehumidifiers

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AlorAir® Storm SLGR 850X

A compact yet high performing dehumidifier that optimally extracts moisture with a significantly low electricity consumption.

$1,599.00 $2,280.00
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AlorAir® Storm SLGR 1250X

Equipped with a smart control app, SLGR Microchannel technology, and its overall outstanding caliber, this unit is one of the most reliable choices in the cleaning and restoration industry.

$1,999.00 $2,300.00
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AlorAir® Sentinel SLGR 1400X

With its advanced SLGR Microchannel Technology, high COP, and heavy-duty condensate pump, you are sure to get the most efficient and effective dehumidification for your restoration projects.

$2,288.00 $2,988.00
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AlorAir® Storm SLGR 1600X

With its rugged roto-molded housing and SLGR Microchannel technology, this particular unit is popular for large-scale restoration jobs.

$2,288.00 $2,688.00
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