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AlorAir® Storm SLGR 850X

Want a dehumidifier that saves space and keeps up with the latest technology? Then this is the device for you.
It's a compact body and a telescopic metal handle and is equipped with wheels for easy transport. The large display LCD makes it easy for users to read the data. You can control the humidity anytime, anywhere by simply using the remote control app. This is a high-quality device that will help you achieve efficient dehumidification.

Highlights: App Control/ LCD Display/ 5 Years Warranty 

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AlorAir® Storm SLGR 1250X

If you work in humid spaces, A powerful dehumidifier is a must, and the SLGR 1250X gives you top performance. The unit can remove 264 PPD of moisture under saturated conditions and 125 PPD under AHAM conditions, covering up to 3000 Sq.Ft. It's the undisputed leader in residential commercial dehumidification. 

Highlights: LCD Display/Remote control/ Automatic defrosting system/heavy-duty condensate pump/5 Years Warranty

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AlorAir® Sentinel SLGR 1400X

The SLGR 1400X has revolutionized the remediation industry with its revolutionary drying function. It removes 140 pints per day and covers up to 3800 Sq. Ft, making it ideal for water damage emergencies. In addition, the rugged, corrosion-resistant metal housing stands up to any harsh work environment. Equipped with movable casters and a metal handle, it's designed to perform dehumidification work in the most mobile way possible.  

Highlights:  Remote control/ Automatic defrosting system/Heavy-duty condensate pump/Remote humidistat feature

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AlorAir® Storm SLGR 1600X

The SLGR 1600X commercial dehumidifier is designed to provide maximum dehumidification performance at an economical price. The unit reaches 160 PPD (AHAM) at only 11.7 Amps so that you can get the same dehumidification performance for less money. It's also more compact and takes up less space than the SLGR1400X in the same series.

Highlights:  Remote control/ Automatic defrosting system/heavy-duty condensate pump/remote humidistat feature

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