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(COVID-19): Autumn health tips

AlorAir Team | September 14, 2020

How does the virus spread? The spread of this virus is mainly through the respiratory droplets (produced by coughing, sneezing, and speaking) of the infected person entering the mouth, nose, or eyes of nearby people. After touching the surface of an object contaminated by the virus, and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes, people …

How to help children safely return to school during COVID-19

AlorAir Team | September 7, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lives of parents and children are struggling. Going back to school is an important and exciting thing, but you and your child may have many questions. Here is how to support your child’s coping styles. When and how does the school resume classes? The number of children returning to school …

How Does A Dehumidifier Work?

AlorAir Team | September 1, 2020

Are you suspecting that your house is becoming damp? It is normal. The day to day house chores such as cleaning and cooking, laundry and activities such as showering contribute to a significant increase in indoor moisture. While it is perfectly normal and explainable as to why your home is damp, the unpleasant environment created …

Finishing Construction Projects Require Low Humidity Levels

AlorAir Team | August 24, 2020

For large construction projects, many variables have to be considered to ensure that the workmanship is of the required standard, and is delivered on time within the specified budget. However, there are several challenges which the site supervisor or the contractor faces while working towards the timely completion of the project, and most notably is …

Data Center Cooling, Dehumidification and Maintaining Safe Humidity Levels

AlorAir Team | August 17, 2020

Regulating humidity levels is imperative for the proper functioning of equipment in data centers. However, the challenge comes in ensuring that a regular computer room air does not hinder the normal operations in the room. A standard computer room usually has a relative humidity ranging between 45% and 85%. On the other hand, literature from …

Expert Tips for Mold Prevention

AlorAir Team | August 10, 2020

The thought or sheer mention of the word mold is enough to make a homeowner quiver, especially if it is their first house.  Yes, it has its benefits in making anti-biotic, decomposition of organic matter, and whatnot. However, its presence in a home should be a reason to worry, more so if their growth goes …

Water Damage VS Flood Damage: What you need to know

AlorAir Team | August 3, 2020

It is not a surprise that only a handful of people can distinguish between water accrued damages and that of flooding. Contrary to a number of opinions, flood damage is not a type of water damage, we all just assume that are the same. Natural elements with the H2O, similar consistency, perilous in effect, but …

Water Damage Restoration, Why the Technique is Important

AlorAir Team | July 27, 2020

When disaster strikes, which can be in various forms especially to the homeowner, such as water damage, fire damages, earthquakes. It is pertinent that these are well managed so that even if they then to cause an initial disrupt in the life of an individual, they do not alter the quality of life of the …

Water Damage Restoration in Spring Valley California

AlorAir Team | July 20, 2020

Ever had the need to dispose of your personal effects because of water damage? Then you would agree that water damage can be bothersome. It not only reduces the beauty of your home but it causes structural damages that may prompt discarding of the property. More often than not, depending on the extent of water …

Things to Know about Mold in The Home

AlorAir Team | July 13, 2020

Indoor mold is always a problem that needs fixing until proven otherwise. Why are they so intolerable you might ask? Apart from making your property look repulsive, they cause an array of structural damage and health issues to both occupants of the building and the building itself. So if these fungi are found in your …

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