Gone are the days where homeowners used to spend a whole lot of time restoring water damages. We are now in a whole new era where technology has grasped the need of providing ease to every human being for whatever activity they might need it for. This includes the cleaning and restoration industry where our company has already plotted a significant mark when it comes to providing the best and most reliable equipment; more specifically, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and air movers.

Here are the usual activities done for cleaning and restoration:

Water Extraction

Nowadays, there are water extracting equipment in the market that are very reliable to yield effective results as opposed to the traditional use of rugs and buckets. The most common equipment are sump pumps and dry/wet vacuums. So, whether you are extracting water from your carpet, flooring, or under your basement or crawl space, they are the proven go-to equipment.

Drying and Dehumidification

Whether you just finished extracting water from a damaged area of your home or just simply want to keep a healthy atmosphere, it is always necessary to do drying and dehumidification. It is not enough to let a space dry on its own as certain water damages take longer time to dry. The longer you let moist sit on your surfaces, the bigger the chance of letting harmful organisms to thrive. The most common of them is molds. These microorganisms might not look so tough, but their repercussions can possibly bring the worst to anyone’s health. These health issues can range from simple allergies and sneezing to irritations, respiratory, and immune-related diseases.

More so, they can provide structural damage that can result to weakened wood, drywall, and other parts of your home. Preventing mold growth and its harmful effects is a lot easier and wiser for your savings rather than ignoring their gradual ramifications and be stunned by bigger structural problems that might take a huge expenditure issue.

To properly prevent the harm brought by excess moisture, here are some effective equipment and ways that can surely help you:

1. Dehumidifier – In the market, you will find an array of dehumidifiers that are applicable in varied space specifications. Using this is very recommendable, especially if you are living in a very humid place where the abundance of excess moisture is present. Having this in your home is like having a silent partner in combating harmful microorganisms and other unwanted entities at home that are invisible to the naked eye.
2. Desiccant – This is another type of drying tool that prevents moisture by either adsorption or chemical reaction. It is commonly pre-packaged and used in sealed containers that encloses valuable items that are not to be kept moist.
3. Intra-wall Drying – This is a very wise way of keeping the inside of your walls dry without actually removing the drywall itself. This is done by professionals where they first remove the baseboards before drilling small holes to the base of the drywall to let air be pushed into the cavity behind the wall. This method is proven to hasten the drying time by almost half of the usual pace. Moreover, by doing this, you are surely prolonging the life of your walls, avoiding issues of having to actually replace the entire structure which would cost you a lot more.
These and some other equipment and ways of cleaning and restoring are now being widely used as they have proven positive results. Not only do they keep your home sturdy, but also safe for your family to live in.

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Depending on the scale of restoration, you can either choose to handle it on your own or hire an expert to the job. A mild damage can be easily remedied, but in deep restoration cases, it is best to seek professional help as they are fully knowledgeable on the different methods of restoring and what best ways to use in certain projects. Moreover, they have all the proper equipment to use that can ease their job.

In either case, always remember to have a steady prevention of excess moisture using a dehumidifier, be prepared with restoration equipment such as air movers and dry/wet vacuums, in case of unforeseen damages due to calamities, and always be updated on the latest trends and news on cleaning and restoration.