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Why is it Necessary to Have a Dehumidifier?

Excess moisture is known to bring adverse effects in residential and commercial spaces. Without being noticeable, it causes many structural damages that cost irrelevant expenses to homeowners. They shorten the lifespan of many furniture and belongings, and may even cause health problems because they create a suitable living environment for pests and insects.

Having a dehumidifier serves as your quiet rescue for your place of work, home, and family. Investing in at least one will let you save much more in the future as you are able to protect what you own, especially your loved ones.

Why is There Extra Moisture?

Depending on the prevailing temperature in your space, it is possible for air to hold water in a vaporous state. However, as the air cools, it loses its capability of holding the water. Thus, that water becomes extra moisture that is then released on surfaces or belongings. So as the air condenses, it creates the dampness that we ought to avoid.

Why Do You Need A Dehumidifier?

1.To reduce structural damage

When wooden structures are exposed to excess moisture, molds start to grow which would eventually cause rotting. This is a very common problem especially in bathrooms or in many enclosed spaces without proper ventilation. You will notice how wooden cabinets start to rot in a few years because excess moisture was not properly dehumidified. Aside from this, they also cause uneven door frames and warped floors. They attack unnoticeably and can cost as much as 15% of your repair expense at home or in your work area. As per recent statistics, molds destroy about 20 billion feet of wood and timber all over the world. This is even huger than fire damage. More so, when exterior walls absorb moisture, it causes the surface temperature to drop. This causes multiple surface damages. Having a dehumidifier around would help prevent all these unwanted damages and keep you safe from further harm.

2. To Protect Stored Goods

As excess moisture can permeate in surfaces, they can also seep into your stored belongings. May they be electrical components, clothes, books, or medicines; they are not safe from the harm that excess moisture can cause. For example, electrical gears may either no longer work or even cause electrical damages when exposed to too much moisture. Books on the other hand might start growing molds, clothes will start to have funky odors, and medicines might no longer be safe to take even before reaching their expiration date. This is true to any similar goods you might have in storage. So, having a dehumidifier will come in handy as you continue to store and protect your belongings.

3. To Prevent Pest Infestations

When you let your environment remain damp, you risk of attracting pests, including but not limited to ants, cockroaches, and termites. As they permeate your house for longer periods, they can cause extensive damage to your furniture and belongings, as well as cause health risks to your loved ones. Fortunately, this is another issue that a dehumidifier can prevent. By maintaining the safe level of humidity at home or even in your work place, these pests would not have a habitable place to dwell and spread adversity. This will then keep your space safe, especially when you have children around.

4. To Avoid the Occurrence of Diseases and Health Risks

When the humidity level in an area is higher than 60%, it becomes conducive to harmful organisms such as fungi and molds. They are very tricky to avoid because of their considerably small size. They may enter your home through vents, open windows, and doorways. And when mold spores find a spot where excessive moisture is present, they will definitely grow. Examples of these surfaces are those that are very common in a household such as roofs, walls, plant pots, tiles, woods, paper, cardboard, drywall, carpet, etc. When these surfaces are contaminated, it is very easy for the household members to develop health problems. Some of the risks include asthma, allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and even immune-related diseases. Every household should be able to avoid this possibility, and a dehumidifier is a proven solution to do that. As it controls the level of humidity, molds and other harmful organisms would not have the chance to thrive in your home, making it safe for anyone to live and be in.

We Lead in Innovation!

Here in AlorAir, you will get a series of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) dehumidifying solutions that include air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Our company has always acknowledged technology as a top priority so we could lead the industry providing the latest and most effective ways of providing clean and safe atmosphere in residential and commercial spaces, as well as in restoration projects. Our pool of loyal customers would attest to what they have already experienced, and we are more than proud to continue our mission of honing innovation and revolution in this industry.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Brands in the Market?

High COP (Coefficient of Performance) Using Advanced Coils

Our dehumidifiers are equipped with heavy-duty components that testify to their long-lasting performance. They also have reliable heat exchangers, large coils, and fins that aid in removing moisture 2-3 times more per kilowatt than others available in the market. You are guaranteed of the best value for money as you continue to save energy consumption the more you use our dehumidifiers, which are also set to serve you for 10 years, and are supported by our 5-year warranty.

Rare earth alloy Tube Evaporator

Our innovative evaporator is meticulously made to withstand the harm brought by corrosive environments and fight the fatal flaw of most dehumidifiers which is Freon leakage. More so, it is made to maintain efficient heat transferability and maximum effectiveness at the lowest possible cost.

Heavy Duty Condensate Pumps

Our dehumidifiers are equipped with a robust condensate pump that eliminates common issues of other devices available in the market. With our ergonomic design, installation and maintenance has never been easier. They also have a solid condensate pump with a capability of around 14.7ft. lifting distance that allows the unit to drain more efficiently, thus making it highly reliable and competitive in the market.

Easy Access to Internal Components

Our dehumidifiers are specifically designed to provide easy access on their internal components. For instance, our Storm series uses a clamshell cover while our Sentinel series uses access panels. Our pumps also come with quick connect cables that allow removal without having to access the control board.

Bypass Air Design

Our products have a humidity sensor that helps eliminate short-cycling. As technologically designed, the durability of our sensor is set to serve its purpose of turning off the device once the humidity is lower than the set point, and automatically turn it back on once the humidity becomes higher than the set point. This accuracy protects the lifespan of the product’s internal components, hindering harmful effects of a defective system.

Excellent Main Board Performance

The performance of any dehumidifier relies heavily on its motherboard. That is why in AlorAir, we take extra precaution in making sure that our circuit boards are absolutely protected and coated. This ensures that they are safe from tampering and magnetization. They have also undergone a thorough quality assurance and testing before being available for purchase.

Duct-able Units

We have a selection of units that are duct-able for any purpose you might have. May it be having to duct it to an HVAC or to a separate room, you will have a suitable choice of dehumidifier from our company. These are accompanied by reliable remote controlling system that will provide ease in controlling your unit.

AlorAir's Bundled Devices

The products that we carry will help you achieve one to many things. Investing in our dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and air movers will help you:

1. Maintain a conducive indoor atmosphere

2. Restore destructed spaces due to disasters

3. Prevent harmful substances from affecting your belongings and loved ones

4. Keep a peaceful mind knowing that you are prepared and protected


At AlorAir, we always consider what is best for our customers. May it be an equipment for a restoration project brought by unforeseen disasters or a reliable partner in maintaining a safe and healthy home/workspace. Investing in our dehumidifiers and other products will have you spending initially, but saving an enormous amount of money and worry in the long run. As we firmly believe, it is always better to be prepared than to be regretful because of unwillingly investing in something that would eventually save you from future burdens.