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About Us

As a company, AlorAir was established based on the philosophy of providing the industry with leading features, performance, value and outstanding customer support. To be able to do all this, we have established a state-of-art facility with excellent manufacturing capability. We also have a committed team of associates that supports our esteemed customers during and after-sale.

In the United States, we have established distribution hubs on the west and east coast and we have a growing network of distributors and dealers across the country. We are also present in Australia, Europe, and Asia where we have our branches.


Our product line serves two markets- flood/restoration and crawlspace/basement. Our line of dehumidifiers caters to the flood/restoration market. The equipment has both vertical and horizontal orientations. They combine world-class features and come in various capacities. They are easy to use and maintain and you will like them. We also have HEPA scrubbers and blowers that complement the dehumidifiers and assist in the remediation and drying efforts. We also have basement and crawlspace units with top features including digital control, plug n- play components, easy access, and an integrated condensate pump on the crawlspace unit. Also, our pieces of equipment are a lightweight design, are remotely controlled and have various filtration options. Installing the units is easy and you will certainly enjoy them.

AlorAir products have CE, SAA, ETL, SGS, TUV, Energy Star certification. The products are designed and tested to guarantee the highest level of service to our esteemed customers. Our engineers and experts continue to work hard to make our equipment have the features that please customers and achieve a new performance level that meets the ever-increasing challenges.