Sector-Specific Commercial Dehumidifier Solutions:

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Indoor Swimming Pool

Grow room & Tent oPTIMIZATION

Pharmaceutical Production

Supermarket & Grocery & Retail

Warehouse & storage

Laboratory & CLEANROOMS


Gyms & fitness center

Guest rooms & HotelS

Managing Air

Basement Dehumidification

Carpet Cleaning

Crawl Space Dehumidification

Fire Damage Restoration

Flood Dehumidification

Mold Removal

Water Damage Restoration

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At AlorAir, Our wide range of drying, restoration and portable solutions are sought after by industry professionals and facility specialists, who always turn to us for help in the most challenging situations.

We supply industry, commercial enterprises and private users with:

Equipment for dehumidification of various commercial and industrial building structures.

Fans for climatic conditions, air handling and ventilation

Odor control equipment, high efficiency air filtration systems

Heating and drying systems for bed bug management

Customizable water damage restoration combo kits.

We don't just offer innovative, top-quality products. Our extensive industry experience, combined with cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities, allows us to introduce new business concepts and provide superior solutions to our customers. With our own R&D team, global production centers and local service centers.

“All of our products are rigorously tested and proven to be effective under extreme conditions.

AlorAir has been used by well-known companies and leading universities.”

- Rob Ambrosetti (Chief Product Officer)


Find out more about AlorAir products and services:

The Storm Elite exceeded my expectations and performed admirably in this high humidity, high sulfur environment. It can always be counted on to maintain a consistent humidity level for my wine storage, whether it is running continuously or intermittently.

Christopher Gardner

Empowering Success for Our

Exceptional Customers.

At AlorAir, we believe in custom solutions for our customers. We understand that standard solutions do not apply to every customer. With our extensive experience, we strive to provide the best, tailor-made solutions for your specific needs, whether it's climate conditioning, air purification, or drying.

Our goal is to achieve the optimum outcome and ensure your satisfaction. That's why we prioritize individual and customer-oriented project management.

With 60 plants on an area of 1100 sq.ft, I have many environmental problems in my grow room. The humidity made the greenhouse stuffy and water would drip directly from the greenhouse. With the Sentinel HD55S dehumidifier, I have witnessed a dramatic reduction in excessive moisture, preventing problems such as mold, mildew and plant disease. This precise control of humidity has allowed my tomatoes to grow with more vigor.

Emily Johnson