Customization and Private Labels

At AlorAir, we provide private label services for companies who opt to have mass manufacturing with their company name labelled on the products. This is applicable for our air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Interested companies will have the freedom to choose their own color, specifications, and overall look of the product.

Customization Procedure:

1.Provide us with your desired specifications. This will be the basis to make our initial construction design.

2.Basing on the initial construction design, our engineers will start designing an assembly line and a system for testing and optimization.

3.Next, a 3D drawing of the unit shall be developed.

4.Then comes the tooling and molding process basing on the approved 3D drawing.

5.After such, a production plan shall be made that will forecast the expected timeline for the entire production.

6.Once approved by the customer, production will commence. This is supported by real-time updates from our production team to keep the customer in loop of every stage being optimized in the production; from beginning to quality assurance.

7.Upon completion of production, units will then be shipped to North Carolina to be safely warehoused.

8.At this stage, the customer or company will have the option to either collect their entire line in one pick up or have their units stored in our warehouse and only collect partial quantities when needed.