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IICRC Announces New Technician Certification

Date: February 20,2021

Booth: AlorAir Team

The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) announced the availability of the new Content Processing Technician (CPT) certification. The CPT certification details the best practices for content processing based on available technologies and resources. Topics include recovery of various contaminated contents and inspection, inventory, packaging, packaging, deodorization, storage, and other principles. For more information about CPT certification, please visit IICRC's website. About IICRC IICRC is an ANSI-certified standard-setting organization for floor inspection, floor covering, and professional fabric cleaning and disaster recovery industries. IICRC was established in 1972 and currently represents more than 5,700 certified companies and 54,000 certified technicians in 22 countries.

ISSA and Informa Markets Strengthen Their Partnership in China

Date: February 03,2021

Booth: AlorAir Team

ISSA and Informa Markets have consolidated their strategic partnership to serve China's global cleaning industry by launching the ISSA Pavilion at Informa China Cleaning Expo. From March 30 to April 2, 2021, more than 35,000 industry leaders and more than 600 companies from all over the world gathered at the China Clean Expo (CCE) and held a four-day event at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) Activities, China. The CCE exhibition was launched when China's cleaning industry began to develop. In the past 21 years, it has developed into a leading cleaning activity in China, serving the community of facility managers and cleaning service providers. Today, CCE has become a part of Hotel&Shop Plus, which is a large-scale event that gathers real estate developers, hotels, and shopping centers, bringing more potential buyers and business opportunities in the commercial cleaning field to the cleaning industry.

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Water Damage

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Fire Damage

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Mold Remediation

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Storm Damage

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Air Purification

Carpet Drying

Carpet Drying

7 Tips for Drying Wet Carpets

February 20,2021

Whether you are dealing with the consequences of flooding or leaks, dealing with soaked carpets is not an easy task. Wet carpet not only damages the floor, but it can also damage your house, which is an incredible proble...

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How to Remove Dust When Cleaning the House and Prevent Dust

February 03,2021

All the less great things in the air like dust. Depending on your family, dust is a problem with multiple causes: dirt, pollen, and dander particles cover the surfaces of furniture and walls (making things look dull), an...

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How to Dry Carpet After Soaking or Cleaning

January 28,2021

Is there a major leak in your house? Will the carpet be a bit damp? Either way, fast drying is essential. Moistening the carpet can cause mildew and mildew, putting the health of you and your family at risk. How to su...

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Why Do We Need to Purify the Air When Keeping Pets at Home?

January 21,2021

We all love our pets. They may need a lot of care, but they are intimate partners who will never leave us. In many American families, pets are the core. From dogs and cats to gerbils and rabbits, you can see furry friend...

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Heavy Rain Makes the Basement Wet? Solution is Here

January 14,2021

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or owner of a house, damage to water from a damp basement is always a problem. Not only is the wet basement unusable, but the submerged foundation will be severely weakened. Toxic molds p...

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The Basement often Gets Moldy? The Reason is Here

January 06,2021

As humans, we are smart enough to find solutions to problems. We first identify the problem and then collect data to help us make a decision and propose a solution. Many types of organisms can cause diseases, and the ...

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Why is a Dehumidifier Needed After Storm Damage? The Truth is Here

December 30,2020

Nature can release powerful weather patterns that can cause huge storm damage to your home or business. Storm damage caused by strong hurricanes can cause severe property damage and flooding. Wind and water are just thin...

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How to Prevent Mold From Growing on the Christmas Tree?

December 24,2020

Christmas is the official season, and if you are like countless other homeowners across the country, you may already have a decoration on the tree. But even though Christmas trees are a source of joy and an essential tra...

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How to Eliminate The Smoke Damage Caused by Kitchen Fires

December 17,2020

The kitchen is an indispensable part of daily life for every family, but because it is a working place where fire and electricity are concentrated, the kitchen is often a high incidence of domestic fires. Because of t...

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How Much Do You Know About The 3 Indoor Moldy Areas

December 09,2020

If you have chronic lung diseases such as allergies or asthma, you may well understand the health effects of mold. However, even if your immune system is healthy and there is no allergic reaction, mold can cause various ...

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How to Make a Wet Basement More Comfortable

December 03,2020

The homeowner who owns the basement hopes to be able to use it without being humid and cold. The homeowner may want to use the basement as a second recreation room, or even a small studio apartment, instead of keeping it...

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Why is a Dehumidifier Needed After Fire Damage? The Truth is Here

November 26,2020

The fire is one of the greatest disasters in the United States. However, although some fires are completely lost, not all fires are the same. Sometimes, the scale of the fire is small, which will cause some structural da...

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Common Causes of Mold Growth

November 19,2020

Molds thrive well in damp areas; this is why you will get them in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Besides, you will find them near the pipes, the cabinet areas, and ducting areas. When human beings are exposed to th...

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5 Reasons for House Water Damage

November 12,2020

Finding that your house is destroyed by a leak or flood can be devastating, and repairing water-damaged walls and floors is usually very expensive. In more than 90% of cases, water damage can be prevented. Looking for pl...

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How to React to Damaged Houses and Make Them Dry After Storm Damage

November 05,2020

What you need to do is to quickly assess the leakage risk of the house. If you find the source of real or potential leakage, please deal with it. The following will help you determine whether the building is prone to lea...

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Celebrate Halloween, These Activities Cannot be Missed

October 30,2020

Halloween is one of the children’s favorite holidays because, on that day, children will wear fancy costumes and funny Halloween costumes and participate in various Halloween activities. For example, go to various ...

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Effects of Mold

October 28,2020

Molds are harmful when you allow them to thrive in your backyard. They can cause a range of health problems and render your family susceptible to ailments, like asthma and respiratory issues. It can also compromise your ...

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The Best Air Purifier and Where to Buy

October 21,2020

Due to wildfires, pandemics, and seasonal allergies, many people are looking for the best air purifiers to help them get rid of irritants at home. An air purifier or air scrubber is a machine used to filter pollutants...

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Fire Damage Repair in Houston Texas

October 15,2020

It is estimated that a fire breaks out every 90 Seconds in the USA. Even if a fire is combated successfully, the remaining property can be damaged by the chemicals and water used by the firefighters. Moreover, soot and s...

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Fire Damage &Home Restoration

October 07,2020

It can be overwhelming seeing your home being gutted down by a fire. Even when not everything burns to the ground, a small fire can still cause untold damage to your home because of the heat, soot, water, and smoke that ...

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How to Help Children Return to School Safely During COVID-19

September 29,2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lives of parents and children are struggling. Going back to school is an important and exciting thing, but you and your child may have many questions. Here is how to support your child&r...

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Prepare for Storm Damage During the COVID-19 Outbreak

September 22,2020

It is unfortunate that storm damage occurred during the COVID-19 epidemic. If you are in an area prone to flooding, plan, and practice flood evacuation routes with your family. If your family is separated during the floo...

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COVID-19: Autumn Prevention Guide

September 14,2020

According to recent data from the World Health Organization, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crowns worldwide has exceeded 20 million, and the cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 730,000. Among them,...

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Q&A: Health and Safety Tips During the COVID-19

September 07,2020

Where does COVID-19 spread? COVID-19 is mainly spread through respiratory droplets or contact with contaminated surfaces. Exposure may occur in the workplace, on the way to work, during travel, and on the way to and f...

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Fire and Smoke Remediation

September 01,2020

Fires can have devastating effects, especially on your home or business. Even after the fire has been put out, your property is likely to have suffered from smoke. For effective cleanup and restoration of the buildin...

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Who is Responsible for Your House Fire Damage?

August 24,2020

Sometimes it is not easy to determine who is responsible for given fire damage at your home. A fire may start at your neighbor’s house and spread to your compound. It may seem obvious that your neighbor is responsi...

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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about Fire Damage

August 17,2020

It is always a good idea to call in a fire restoration and remediation company if your property suffers from fire damage. Smoke and soot are some of the most stubborn fire products. You need an expert hand to handle...

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Fire Damage Restoration Including Smoke and Soot Cleanup

August 10,2020

Seeing your business or home being consumed by fire is enough to make you feel like giving up on the property. Unfortunately, even if the fire is successfully extinguished, you still have a long way to recovery—tha...

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What Are the Types of Fires?

August 03,2020

Understand Fire, to Prevent Fire Damage The power of fire can never be underestimated. Fire is what runs some of the most powerful engines in the world. It is also what causes some of the worst life and water damage a...

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Fire Damage Service Master Restore

July 27,2020

The aftermath of a fire is the hardest part to handle when fire visits your place. If the restoration is not done immediately after the fire, dealing with the situation can be overwhelming. Moreover, the effects of soot ...

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Fire Damage Restoration

July 20,2020

Although it is not possible to prepare for fire devastation, it is possible to plan for how you can recover fast and return to normalcy. It is also possible to minimize the loss caused by fire through adequate emergency ...

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Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup

July 13,2020

Fire damage restoration is one of the hardest parts of dealing with fire damage. It is hard to figure out what remains of your home after the fire fighting trucks and personnel leave your premises in the aftermath of a f...

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Fire Damage Repair Q&A

July 06,2020

Fire damage is an unfortunate incident but life must go on. Once the fire dies down, and the smoke clears, victims are commonly left with questions they find hard to answer. Alorair has wide experience in dealing with fi...

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Fire Damage and Insurance

June 29,2020

Look at this, the National Fire Association data reports that there are over 358 000 fires rummaging houses every year in the US alone. Given the statistics, it is prudent to find out the insurance options available in c...

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Effects of Fire Damage

June 23,2020

For a fire to ignite, there are three requisites, i.e. heat, fuel, and oxygen. Understanding the nature and workings of fire can help you prevent fire damage to a large extent. It only takes a little search online to fin...

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Fire Damage – Common Causes

June 16,2020

There are many causes of fire outbreaks. Many of these causes are human error slips that you could avoid if you carefully read this posting. At home, it is easy for the house to catch fire as a result of misusing applian...

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Preventive Measures on Heavy Rainfall Water Damage

April 23,2020

The rainfall season is here again and here at Alorair, we always advise your customers to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. The changing weather conditions have made rainfall fall more and more unpredictable. ...

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Classifications of Water Damage

April 22,2020

To understand the appropriate water damage restoration measures you need to implement after a flood you must first understand the severity of the water damage. The severity is dictated by the category of the flood and cl...

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Gradual Water Damage

April 18,2020

Gradual water damage refers to water damage that occurs slowly over a period of time. Mainly caused by slow leaking pipe joint in-wall, continuous increase in the humidity that causes gradual damage. The perfect exam...

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D.I.Y. Water Damage Cleaning

April 18,2020

Most homeowners will rarely get to suffer massive floods or burst pipes unless they cut corners while building their homes. The most common causes of water damage will be: Leaking roofs. Overflown sinks or bathtu...

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Help prevent water damage to your property

April 13,2020

Water damage is one of the costliest disasters any homeowner can encounter - Depending on the extent of water damage incurred. This is why it is important to ensure your home insurance covers water damage. While most hom...

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Health Issues, Safe Removal Water Damage

April 10,2020

Water damage is one of the most expensive challenges any homeowner can encounter. It is important for any homeowner the amount of money required to repair after water damage increases depending on how long it takes to in...

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Mold From Water Damage

April 08,2020

There is a common misconception among most homeowners that mold will only occur after a major flood. However, mold can thrive in any moisture surface. No matter how small the extent of water damage experienced is, it is ...

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Basement Flood Cleanup

April 03,2020

A flooded basement is homeowners' worst nightmare! The level of damage a flooded basement can cause your home can be catastrophic. After any water damage incident quick and decisive action minimize the damage incurre...

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Residential Water Damage

April 02,2020

Water damage is one of the most destructive problems any homeowner can encounter. Water damage can either be gradual or sudden. Floods in your home cause : Damage to your home’s structural Integrity damaging ...

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Water Damage Repair Q&A

March 30,2020

1.What should I do immediately after a water leak or flood?   Even a small accident like an overflown sink or bathtub possesses the potential to cause as much damage as a heavy flood. Here is a list of what yo...

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Water Damage - Common Causes

March 24,2020

Water damage occurs when excess humidity or water accumulates indoors in spaces it should not. The level of water damage varies depending on the cause of excess water. While some causes like floods can cause catastrophic...

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Water Damage and Insurance

March 16,2020

Water damage remains the most common cause of home insurance claims. It is for this reason that most homeowners have to inquiry if and what extent of water da3r2mage is covered under their home insurance policy. Most ...

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Effects of Water Damage

October 25,2019

Water damage is one of the most dreadful and expensive problems any homeowner can encounter. It does not matter the size of the flood; even minor flooding is not dried out immediately has the potential to cause thousands...

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