Privacy Policy

This privacy information is subject to change without prior notice. (Last updated-2022)

Here at AlorAir, we value our customers'privacy. That is why we have implemented some measures to explain how we protect the confidentiality of their information.

If you have inquiries regarding our policy, you may contact us via call, email, or online live chat, Monday- Friday, 7 AM-4 PM:

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Before proceeding, kindly take note of the following references:

AlorAir Solutions, Inc. – us, we, our
Customer – you, your

This policy entails the following information:

1. Personal Information
          a. How we collect
          b. Why do we collect
          c. Purpose of collecting/Change of purpose
          d. Who to share your information with
                   i. Third-Party Involvement
                  ii. Use of Cookies
2. Data Security
3. Data Retention
4. Legal Rights

Personal Information

Here are the instances where we are obliged to collect your personal information:

I. Site Interaction

In interacting with our site and registering to us, it is necessary for us to collect your:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Postal/Delivery Address
  • Phone Number and Other Essential Contact Information
  • Password

Above stated are what we use to identify you. You will have the option of subscribing to our newsletters and any promotional materials via email.

II. Payment Transaction

In doing transactions with us for purchasing a unit, it is necessary for us to collect your:

  • Credit/Debit Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • CVV Number

These are necessary so we could proceed with transacting your purchase need.

Having collected this personal information, we firmly hold to our responsibility of protecting them and only using them in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to data protection and privacy.

a. How We Collect Your Information

There are two ways on how we are able to obtain your personal information:

  • Directly

                 · When you order a product
                 · When you register/activate your product warranty
                 · When you subscribe to our newsletter

                 · Indirectly

                 · When you browse through our website

  • By doing this, we are able to collect information on the device you are using including its manufacturer, operating system, model, IP address, and browser engine. We are also able to identify your browser behavior and history on our website, as well as your location.

Collection of these is necessary for us to connect with you and provide you necessary details you opt to receive. Please bear in mind that it is on your part to provide only authentic personal information. If you are putting another person’s information, make sure to have their full permission on using their personal data on their behalf and in any transactions that may take place.

b. Why Do We Collect Your Information?

1. Contract of Sale – It is necessary for us to collect your data to proceed with your desired purchase of any of our products. You may browse through our website without actually providing your personal information. However, placing an order would require you to do so, as well as have your payment information verified.
2. Site Performance – We place importance on helping you decide on what you might need for your own space. Having collected your browsing information lets us determine your preferences. This will, in turn, let us provide you with selections that are more preferable to your needs.
3. Legal/Regulatory Obligation – Processing your personal data is required to comply with standard legal and regulatory policies.

If you wish to not share any information and just browse through our website for any purpose you might have, you may opt to do so and not subscribe to our newsletters. But if you have already done so, you may always unsubscribe by clicking the link provided in any of our newsletters. You may also opt to reach out to any of our representatives regarding this matter.

c.What is The Purpose of Collecting Your Personal Information?

It is compulsory to collect your personal information for us to do the following functions and services:

· To proceed in transacting a purchase once an order is placed
· To promptly deliver your purchased items (necessary information will be shared with the courier)
· To verify your warranty registration
· To send you marketing materials and promotional/discount offers that are only given to registered members
For purposes other than these, we shall need to ask your full permission before proceeding to do so. Important Note:
Your personal information may be used without consent as long as it is in compliance with the rules and
regulations in this privacy policy, as well as in our terms and conditions.

d.Who Do We Share Your Personal Information With?

We only share your information with our external third parties to aid us in completing transactions with you:

External Third-Parties
· Outsourced Warehouse – They provide us assistance in preparing and completing shipment processes.
· PayPal – Necessary information will also be shared with PayPal if you opt to use their platform in making your payment.

Additional Information:

There are also some instances where you will encounter external interactions from our website. In these cases, you will have full control over whether or not to click on their links or enable their functions.

i. Third-party Links – These are links that pertain to related websites, plug-ins, and applications on our website. Upon clicking their links, you are automatically bound to their own privacy policies.
ii. Cookies – These allow us to provide you a better browsing experience. By accepting our cookies, we are able to determine your preferences and provide you with contents that are of your own relevance. Not accepting them is an option, but doing so will limit your browsing experience as other parts may not function properly.

2. Data Security

Here at AlorAir, we only use the most reliable encryption-based internet security protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This prevents your personal information from being tampered with, altered, used, or accessed by unauthorized people.

You are secured that what you have provided us will only be used according to what is stated in this privacy policy, and access to them will only be granted to eligible employees, agents, and authorized third parties. They are also equipped with the responsibility and obligation of protecting any information given to them and utilizing such in necessary transactions only.

3. Data Retention

We only retain your personal information for as long as necessary. They will remain with us until such purpose of collecting it is fulfilled. They may pertain to any accounting or legal concerns that include subjectivity to a legal claim or any future litigation.

4. Legal Rights

Under the standard data protection law, you have the following rights on your personal information:

a.Right to request a copy of the personal data we have on you
b.Right to have your personal data changed or modified for purposes of updating and keeping accuracy
c.Right to request for deletion of any information that is no longer necessary to be retained
d.Right to withdraw your consent of having your personal data processed or used

AlorAir Solutions Inc. reserves the right to change this privacy policy as deemed needed without prior notice. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our policy from time to time to be informed of any changes or updates.