How to Solve Mold, Pest and Damp Problems

If you need efficient ways and methods on how to ensure that your properties are kept safe in a storage facility, you need to make sure that molds, pests, and bedbugs are far from you. Also, in a case whereby you have customer’s valuables in your possession, they would surely not be pleased if they get to find out that their possessions have been affected. Once you can prevent this from happening, you can be sure that your customers would keep coming back for more.

In opposition to conventional beliefs, molds do not have anything to with temperature, they are drawn by humid spaces that have no airflow. The same principle applies to pests too, they are attracted to warm spaces that are also humid.

dust mite

The most efficient way to dispose of molds, dust mites, pests, and bed bugs, is to address the origin of the problem which is humidity-related. This can be achieved by reducing the level of humidity and temperature present in your storage area. This also works well with avoiding storage containers which attract mites, bedbugs, and the likes.

Another efficient way to tackle the presence of these disturbances is to ensure that the relative humidity of the area is kept low. This relative humidity can be said to be the quantity of water vapor present in the air which is relative to the quantity of water which would suffice for the completion of saturation at the exact temperature. So in order to prevent the presence of mildew and molds, it is essential that the relative humidity is kept below 60%.

However, keeping the relative humidity below 60% is quite a herculean task, as some brands and companies still employ the use of HVAC systems and a couple of archaic methods that have been tested to be either dysfunctional or counter-productive.


Molds are existing organisms that grow in humid places both outside and inside the home. They cause damage of all sorts to the home by defacing the home and decaying the wood supports. It also gives the home a musty and humid smell.

Molds cause health-related problems and also activate allergies and asthma as well. Once the moisture in a place is much, molds would find it easier to thrive. Though, it can also be managed which would make the air more comfortable to breathe.

water damage

Surplus moisture in the home has the capacity to draw pests such as bedbugs and the likes. Bedbugs love to live in humid conditions because it enables them to grow and reproduce fast. The surplus quantity of moisture can also prompt fungi to sprout which can cause serious structural damage.

These pests need much water to thrive, and if the water is not enough, they would move on to an appropriate location. There are a couple of insects that can be managed by stepping down the level of humidity or moisture in the home. Common pests can also be attracted by moisture for instance ants and cockroaches.

Solutions to the humidity problems in the home or office

Within the home/office

Repair damaged pipes: There are sometimes when a leak might not be evident, it would be good to check sinks and toilets at periodic intervals to check for damp spots. If one is not careful, a small leak could lead to a bigger problem.

Also, the same applies to showers and bathtubs, it is advisable to regularly inspect them for leakages which allows water to seep through.

Most importantly, the humidity level in the home or office should be kept low, and this can be made effective with the use of Alorair dehumidifiers or disseminating the air with the use of Alorair air movers.

Outside the home/office

Ensure that the gutters are not congested and that the contents flow properly. Congested gutters are good breeding grounds for mosquitoes and also a number of pests.

Bushes and trees should also be kept at a good distance away from the house or office in order to reduce the prevalence of pests, this is due to the fact that these pests utilize them to gain entry into the house. Areas which have standing water should also be eliminated as well, having an effective drainage system would suffice.

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