Spotting the Difference: Old vs. New AlorAir Apps

AlorAir Team | October 25, 2023

With the launch of the AlorAir-Lite APP, we can sense the wave of excitement and curiosity that has rippled through our user community.  However, for many, this new iteration of the app raises questions: How does it work, and more importantly, how do you distinguish between the old and new versions to ensure a seamless …

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8 Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers of 2023:  Comprehensive Reviews and Buying Guide

AlorAir Team | September 8, 2023

Excess humidity and humid air in crawl spaces can lead to a range of issues, from mold growth to structural damage. To combat these problems, investing in a high-quality crawl space dehumidifier is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best crawlspace dehumidifiers and space dehumidifiers of 2023 to help …

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How to Save a Water-Damaged Wood Floor?

AlorAir Team | July 22, 2023

Wood floor water damage is a frustrating sight for any homeowner. Whether it’s a plumbing problem, a natural disaster or an accidental leak, soaked hardwood flooring needs to be addressed immediately to prevent further damage and ensure a safe environment. In this post, we’ll go over the steps you should take when confronted with water-damaged …

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Where Should the Dehumidifier be Placed in the Garage?

AlorAir Team | July 15, 2023

Garages are versatile spaces that serve many purposes, from parking vehicles to storing items and even serving as workshops. However, garages are also prone to high humidity levels, which can lead to a range of problems such as condensation, mold growth, rust and unpleasant musty odors. To solve these problems, using a dehumidifier is a …

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How to Reduce the Carbon Emission of Dehumidifier

AlorAir Team | July 6, 2023

As our electricity prices continue to rise, many contractors, operators and business owners face the prospect of significantly increased operating costs. In addition to immediate and long-term economic benefits, sustainability is another motivation behind improving energy efficiency. Not only does it reduce the carbon footprint, but adopting greener drying methods also allows companies to benefit …

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Dust Collection System for Small Shop

AlorAir Team | July 5, 2023

For woodworkers, dust removal is a key aspect of keeping a workspace clean and safe. For small workshops, choosing the right dust collector is critical to effectively capturing and containing airborne dust particles. With countless options on the market, finding the perfect dust collector for your needs can be overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll walk …

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The Benefis of Using Air Movers

AlorAir Team | July 4, 2023

An air mover, also known as an air blower or carpet dryer, is a portable air-moving equipment. It consists of a motor-driven blower housed in an enclosure with an air inlet and an air outlet. Air movers are specifically designed to produce large amounts of airflow at relatively low speeds. Air movers are commonly used …

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Air Purifier vs. Air Scrubber: Which Is Right for You?

AlorAir Team | July 3, 2023

As air pollution is a rising problem in today’s society, it is essential for our health and wellbeing that the air we breathe be of a high standard. Air purifier and air scrubber are two common devices used to improve indoor air quality. Although both of them have the fundamental purpose of cleaning the air, …

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What Size Dehumidifier For A Crawl Space?

AlorAir Team | July 2, 2023

Crawl spaces are a common feature in most homes, and while they serve a variety of purposes, they often share a common problem: excess moisture. Moisture in crawl spaces can lead to serious problems such as mold, musty smell, insect growth and wood rot. However, this can be easily alleviated by using a dehumidifier. But …

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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Commercial Dehumidifier? Energy Consuming Factors

AlorAir Team | April 17, 2023

Commercial dehumidifiers do more than reduce humidity. They also eradicate strong odors in basements, offices, and warehouses, while reducing the spread of microbes like mold. However, the ability of commercial dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels throughout the home in milder climates has led many homeowners to avoid using them. Why? It adds extra costs to …

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