Why need Dehumidifiers for Waterworks?

Why need dehumidifiers for waterworks?

Well, humidity is one of the biggest challenges for waterworks systems.

That’s why A dehumidifier is essential, as waterworks facilities need to continuously deal with heavy humidity to maintain a healthy and uninterrupted water supply.

Maintaining a safe water supply consistently isn’t an easy job. From constant risks of damaged, corroded pipes to the growth of damaging elements like fungus and mold, professionals working on waterworks systems have to deal with all these issues safely and securely.


Possible Consequences for Increased Humidity in Waterworks

What happens if you don’t use dehumidifiers in the waterworks? Well, these are the possible consequences of not being able to put a leash on the rising humidity levels in your waterworks facility:

  • Corroding metal surfaces like pipes and other equipment.
  • Regular malfunctions and disruptions in electronic components.
  • Lack of workplace standards and reduced energy level of the workers.
  • Coating wearing off from equipment.
  • Growth of harmful organisms like algae, mold, and fungus.
  • Rusting on pipes and other equipment.
  • Forming of a puddle.
  • Wet surface due to humidity is a risk to the workers.


Do I Need Dehumidifiers to Remove Moisture in Waterworks?

You must have dehumidifiers to control the extremely humid conditions present in the waterworks systems.

Here are some of the reasons why you need dehumidifiers for waterworks.


Reducing Corrosion Damage and Repair Expenditure

One of the biggest issues with humidity in the waterworks systems is the formation of condensation on the metal surfaces of the pipes and other elements. This condensation would make the paints wear off, and corrosion would develop on the waterworks infrastructure.

As a result, the maintenance cost will go up and minimize the lifespan of the waterworks equipment.

As quality commercial grade dehumidifiers would control the moisture levels in the air, you won’t experience any of the issues such as condensation, corrosion, equipment damage, and subsequent repair costs in the first place.

Moreover, they will also extend the lifespan of the equipment in operation.


Solves Health and Hygiene Issues

Water hygiene is another factor that will be highly affected by increased moisture in the air. The development of mold and fungus is common for waterworks that don’t have dehumidification capabilities.

Moreover, mosquitos are another threat as they flourish in wet weather conditions. Mosquitos can hatch eggs in humid and open reservoirs putting many at risk.

A dehumidifier will reduce additional humidity and keep the areas cleaner, making it difficult for mold or mosquitoes to survive.


Maintains Working Standards and Boosts Working Spirit

Dehumidifiers clean out the air, reduces contaminants, and reduce bacterial development. As a result, the air quality and the standard of working conditions develop significantly. The workers would feel a lot more inspired and energetic working in cleaner environments as well.


What is the Correct Dehumidification Level for a Waterworks Facility?

Maintaining the correct humidity level is crucial for your waterwork facility to work without issues. You should restrict the humidity levels from a minimum of 55% to 65% at max for the best performance.


How ALORAIR Storm Ultra Dehumidifier Can Solve the Problem

If you’re sincerely considering a high-powered dehumidifier device that can help you with waterwork humidity control, it’d be better for you to go with the  Storm Ultra Dehumidifier.


Prevents Corrosion and Extends the Lifespan of Equipment

Waterworks systems usually have metal equipment, and humidity is their arch enemy. Metal components suffer the worst damage from humidity. And that’s where the high-powered Storm Ultracomes in.

Moreover, the heavy moisture present in the waterworks facilities would make it difficult for low-powered devices to operate.

Our Storm Ultra is equipped with stainless side plates, durable coils, and rare earth alloy tubing to prevent corrosion. As a result, it can adapt to various humidity environments.

With outstanding 190-pint (Saturation 90°F – 90%) capabilities and highly effective MERV-8 filtration technology, this beast will certainly match the high requirements of waterworks facilities.

It will keep corrosion in check and expand the lifespan of the equipment.


Maintaining the Workplace Standards with Hygiene and Health Improvements

Humidity is one of the biggest health issues for people working in waterworks facilities. However, because of the robust performance of the Storm Ultra, the air quality can be maintained during the working process. It will offer protection for the workers and make the place a lot safer for them.


Low-Temperature Operation

During the winter times, the temperature can go well below the freezing level. And getting your dehumidifier working in the waterworks facilities in such scenarios may seem like a lost battler.

However, this one is completely the opposite. Equipped with automated defrosting technology, this device can work in temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit.


Integrated Humidity Sensor

This technologically advanced machine comes equipped with a humidity sensor that will provide real-time data about the moisture levels at your waterwork facilities. It will minimize overuse, saving energy and expenditure.


Produces Less Heat

Running a dehumidifier in enclosed spaces like waterworks facilities can dangerously heat the atmosphere. The good thing about this device is that it comes with a rotary compressor, which will minimize heat generation keeping the atmosphere workable for employees.


Reduction of Energy Consumption and Operating Expenditure

Because of features such as an integrated humidity sensor and rotary compressor, the device consumes a lot less energy, despite its high-powered dehumidification capabilities.


Added Portability

Last but not least, the device comes with a highly portable design. Integrated wheels and handles will help you easily move it from one place to the next. So, you’d be able to focus on different areas of your waterwork facility using it.


Why dehumidifiers are Essential for Waterworks?

Supply water is one of the most essential works in modern society. Supplying water is a constant function because it’s the lifeline of human society. The basics of commercial water supply depend on the regular water supply of cost-efficiency.

In addition, various climate elements also bring difficulties during the processing of the water supply, and the humidity in the air is one of the challenges. The moisture in the air can create practical problems for owners and operators of the waterworks.

All kinds of equipment, accessories, pipes, and structures are prone to condensation and corrosion due to the high humidity. And the high moisture environment creates a condition for microbial and bacterial development.

In addition, it also can interrupt water supply because of the various issues during the operation of the equipment. Moreover, it causes a high expenditure on operation and maintenance costs, and the energy consumption is also high.

Moreover, it’s hard to reach hygiene standards with the high humidity condition. Also, it’s hard to guarantee the safety and health of the working staff at the workplace.

High condensation can cause many unnecessary problems and expenses, which is considered a significant practical challenge in waterworks. It is typical for high humidity around the water body because of the continuous water supply caused by water exist.

The water vapor drops when the warm air containing water vapor comes into the cold surface, including the wall, ceiling, and metal equipment. The water drop accumulates and drips on various surfaces to cause corrosion in pipework, metal surfaces, etc.

Alorair dehumidifiers can remove the water to keep the waterworks facility’s hygiene standard and make working staff feel completely safe, more to the point, and it can enhance the performance of the staff. In addition, our dehumidifier can deal with the cross-contamination problem and work in all temperatures.


Final Thoughts

From preventing corrosion and extending the lifespan of the equipment to insane portability and energy-efficient operational capabilities, the Storm Ultra would be an ideal option for waterworks facilities.

It’s an exceptionally versatile device that will fulfill all your requirement if you’re looking for relatable dehumidification capabilities for your waterwork facility.

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