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AlorAir® Sentinel SLGR 1400X Commercial Dehumidifier

Model : 1400X

4.9 Average

$1,880.00 List Price: $2,580.00

Sentinel SLGR 1400X with rugged rotational molding housing operates well in the severely damp environment after flood damage.

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The Sentinel SLGR 1400X takes in humid air, then uses advanced SLGR Microchannel technology to remove the moisture, and send dry air into another room via ducting. The 1400X is equipped with a built-in condensate pump and drain tube so it drains automatically without the need to empty a water tank.
The Sentinel SLGR 1400X has powerful, stainless steel, professional look… Large 8″ recessed wheels, hemmed metal edges, and chamfered corners. Its hinged lid swings open for an easy filter change. If you are a restoration professional serious about drying, you need an equally serious professional dehumidifier. 

  • SLGR Microchannel Technology for Ultra Efficiency 
  • Epoxy Powder Coating for Corrosion Protection
  • Quick Access for Easy Maintenance                     
  • High Capacity with Low Power Consumption
  • Digital Control                  
  • Built-In Condensate Pump


Removing 140 PPD at AHAM conditions, the Sentinel SLGR 1400X is our newest Stainless Series SLGR dehumidifier. The 1400X features a low noise level (less than 60dba), great COP 2.74 L/kWh and a huge capacity 140 Pints/Day at 80℉-60% condition). In addition, it is cETL certified. The Sentinel SLGR 1400X dehumidifier is a stand-alone configuration with a super-powerful fan that makes it an ideal solution for commercial. There are no conventional dehumidifiers that can perform as efficiently and effectively in commercial, as the Sentinel SLGR 1400X.

Proven Performance

The Sentinel SLGR 1400X dehumidifier has two stages of filtration for capturing mold spores, debris, dust, pet dander, pollen, allergens, and more. The first stage of filtration is a pre-filter that filters larger size debris and dust particles. Next, there is a MERV-10 filter that handles smaller sized particles. In cold, humid places, it can be tough to remove moisture completely. In these situations, you need a dehumidifier that has a powerful fan to keep dry air circulating at all times. The Sentinel SLGR 1400X can circulate 420 CFM of air. This makes it capable of maintaining areas up to 3,800 sq. ft The Sentinel SLGR 1400X dehumidifier has a large contact surface on the cooling coils, which means it can quickly cool down hot air, in addition to handling a higher air volume. The unit is also equipped with an automatic digital control system for easy setup and accurate operation.

Power 115V/60HZ
SLGR (More effective than LGR) Low Humidity & High Temp
Size For Up to 3,800 Sq.FT
Filter MERV-10, MERV-1
Air flow 420CFM, 714CMH
Sound Pressure Level <60 DBA
Refrigerant R410A
Wheels Large 8" Wheel
Draining Condensate Pump
Functioning Temperature Range 33-110 F
Functioning Humidity Range 35~95%
Capacity (80 F-60%) 140 Pints
COP 2.75 L/kWh
Weight 103 lbs
Dim (L×H×D) 20.1" L×36.6" H×17.3" W
Loading quantity 40" HQ 152 Sets

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28 Ratings
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Amazing performance
By 'Victoria Stephens ', Reviewed on 2020-11-23 13:05:47
This dehumidifier has been used for several months and the effect is very good. Don't waste money on small, powerless units. I made that mistake. This really makes me feel refreshed, I put it in the basement, so the noise level is acceptable, I have got rid of all the excess moisture in the basement!
I really like this dehumidifier!
By 'Grant Kearns ', Reviewed on 2020-11-16 09:33:49
I originally bought one for the previously flooded basement, which reduced the humidity by more than 20 points. After running for about a week, the moldy basement smelled normal and we could breathe downstairs without any problems. The machine works normally. I was surprised by how much water is collected. If anyone is looking for a dehumidifier, I highly recommend this dehumidifier. You should buy a size larger than you think you need.
So far so good
By 'Ryan Whelan ', Reviewed on 2020-11-09 10:09:49
I only have this unit for a few days, but I am very impressed. If my opinion changes, I will make sure to update it. I bought this unit for the basement because the musty smell made it almost impossible for me to stand the time spent there. The device is well packaged and very easy to install-remove the device from the box and plug it in. When I first ran the device, the humidity was about 80%. After two days of continuous operation, the humidity dropped to about 40%. The smell in the basement has almost completely disappeared. This device does emit some heat, but it is not very uncomfortable to spread over an area of about 3,000 square feet. So far, I am very satisfied with this dehumidifier and feel that it is well worth the price I paid.
Great dehumidifier
By 'Hakeem Chambers ', Reviewed on 2020-11-02 09:25:29
I like this dehumidifier. We purchased it to reduce the humidity in the main bathroom. It is quiet and efficient. It will shut down when the set humidity level is reached. I like the automatic drain function, there is no need to empty it every day. Wheels enable it to move in various rooms. I do want the power cord to be longer, but this is my only complaint. But anyway, very efficient! Definitely recommend.
I am glad I bought this product
By 'Denise Carlson ', Reviewed on 2020-10-26 09:35:48
I deal with the humidity in the basement and have tried many brands of dehumidifiers over the years. When I received this message, it looked like another version of the expensive, noisy, energy-consuming unit. But what a surprise! Even in the rainy season, this device eliminates moisture and musty smell, the filter is easy to clean, and its controls are simple.
Love this dehumidifier
By 'Cecily Ryder ', Reviewed on 2020-10-19 09:15:16
The effect is very good, can absorb a lot of moisture from the air. I bought it to reduce the damage after the storm. I can't say too much. The air even smells better. I will use it even after the damage is repaired. highly recommended!
Excellent dehumidifier!
By 'Jimmy Torres ', Reviewed on 2020-10-12 10:29:02
I need a dehumidifier in my basement because it is too humid. I bought this because it has a hose, so I can put it on the drain without worrying about emptying the water tank. This is an excellent device with good quality and ease of use. If you are considering using this machine, I will recommend it!
Well-designed and large capacity  
By 'Cassius Ryder ', Reviewed on 2020-10-05 10:32:15
When I was looking forward to buying this dehumidifier, I was a little worried that it was too bulky, or it might be too complicated for what I need. However, what surprised me is that the product is easy to move. The fan works well, and even with all available options, it is still easy to use. We live in a very humid area, and since the bathroom has no windows, we have been using it. Now, when we finish showering, towels, mirrors, and everything on the floor will dry faster, and the feeling there will be fresher due to the increase in airflow. Definitely recommend.
Move easily, remove water efficiently
By 'Kaitlin Oliver ', Reviewed on 2020-09-28 10:24:22
I chose this product after careful consideration. Overall, the product does a good job of removing moisture from saturated air. I am satisfied with the product and hope it can help my home stay dry. If you are looking for a good dehumidifier, this is it.
High quality and great value purchase
By 'Eleasha Barrett ', Reviewed on 2020-09-21 14:50:34
We live in southeastern Texas, where the humidity is crazy. After a lot of research, I chose the brand based on overall product reviews. At first, I set it up in the room but didn't seem to do much, so I decided to place it in the main bathroom. There, it exerted a great effect. This dehumidifier is also used in our basement, which effectively dried the entire area. So far, I am very satisfied with the product.


Questions & Answers
Answered by Alorair
The dehumidifier comes with a drain hose.
Is the dehumidifier equipped with a filter?

Barney on 2020-11-17 10:40:27

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Does the device have a built-in pump?

Roza on 2020-11-03 13:36:45

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Yes, it has a condensate pump.
What is the refrigerant used in this product?

Zeenat on 2020-10-27 16:12:56

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
R410A refrigerant.

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
2.75 L/kWh.

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Operating temperature range: 33-110℉.

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
In the saturated state, the water removal capacity is as high as 275 pints (34.37 gallons) per day, and 140 pints (17.5 gallons) per day in AHAM.
Answered by Alorair
Answered by Alorair

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