How to Prevent Electronic Device Failure with a Dehumidifier

AlorAir Team | October 19, 2021

How do you keep your electronics from failing? That’s easy – you use a dehumidifier! This handy device can prevent corrosion and failure of circuit boards, USB ports, and other sensitive components, resulting in data loss or expensive repair costs. Here’s how to get the most out of your dehumidifier and keep your electronics safe, …

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The Function Of Dehumidifier In Storing Products

AlorAir Team | October 14, 2021

To avoid spoilage of stored food, the humidity of stored food should be kept below 50%. If the humidity reaches 70 %, it is enough to form mold growth. Some industrial products can become corrode or lumpy because of the moisture. There are two ways can solve this problem. One is to use a heating …

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The Role Of The Dehumidifier In Preventing Icing

AlorAir Team |

The food industry has to face various challenges every day, and one of the challenges is to prevent the icing on the food. Ice, frost, and fog are ordinary phenomena in the refrigerant manufacture essential infrastructure. However, it may cause various malfunctions and accidents, and it can result in production losses. Install a dehumidifier of …

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How Dehumidifiers Can Increase The Market Value Of Your Property?

AlorAir Team | October 7, 2021

If you want to get the desired value for your property you must present it in an appropriate manner. Today, the real estate market is a highly competitive area and you must be well-prepared to handle it. There are many factors that can give you a competitive edge and better ROI, and one of those things …

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Health Benefits of a Home Dehumidifier

AlorAir Team | October 6, 2021

We’re all looking for ways to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy. We’re also looking for ways to keep our homes in their best condition, preserving their value and preventing disasters from striking. It might sound too good to be true, but there’s an easy way to accomplish both these goals with one …

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Some basic knowledge about dehumidifiers

AlorAir Team | September 27, 2021

A dehumidifier is a unit that decreases the humidity in a particular space. And people use it when the humid level is high, and it needs to be reduced to a specific level to avoid an uncomfortable life and any damage. Why do we need a dehumidifier? People don’t feel good when the humidity level …

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Can’t Work Efficiently? Blame the Moisture

AlorAir Team | September 22, 2021

We know that it’s not surprising when you walk into a public building, such as your school or local hospital, and feel like the air could be fresher due to the number of people occupying that space over time. But think about something to blame this problem on – what makes these buildings so uncomfortable? …

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Why need Dehumidifiers for Waterworks?

AlorAir Team | September 21, 2021

Why need dehumidifiers for waterworks? Well, humidity is one of the biggest challenges for waterworks systems. That’s why A dehumidifier is essential, as waterworks facilities need to continuously deal with heavy humidity to maintain a healthy and uninterrupted water supply. Maintaining a safe water supply consistently isn’t an easy job. From constant risks of damaged, corroded …

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Application of dehumidifier in meat processing

AlorAir Team | September 15, 2021

Meat is one of the most consumed foods in the world. The demand for meat has continued to grow over the past few decades. So keeping meat hygienic is of great concern. In the meat processing and sausage production industry, sanitary conditions must be the best, which is the basis to ensure the quality of …

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How to cope with sugars’ extreme hygroscopicity in the bakery

AlorAir Team | August 31, 2021

What is Hygroscopicity? Hygroscopicity describes how easily a substance will absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Sugar is hygroscopic because it readily absorbs water, and that is why sugar in the air can cause sugar syrup to solidify and sugar on a surface to crystallize. The main issue with sugar in the bakery is that it …

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