Purisystems Air Scrubber with 5-stage Filtration system, Negative Machine Air Scrubber, Built-in Ionizer and UV-C Light, Professional Water Damage Restoration for Air Cleaner | up to 600 CFM

Model : HEPA 600 UVIG

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HEPA 600 UVIG is an aluminum profile hospital-grade indoor negative pressure air scrubber with High-level 5-Stage disinfection, including the built-in UV-C light technology, built-in ionizer, Merv 10, and HEPA filter. It can effectively complete your water stain repair tasks, mold repair works, fire repair, dust control, odor control, and sewage repair. 

Highlights: ETL certification/ 3 stage filter system/ UVC ultraviolet lamp/ Negative-ion generator

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【IMPORTANT】 Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements; cannot be shipped to California.

Product Overview

Purisystem Hepa 600 UVIG Air filtration system
The HEPA 600 UVIG is one of the most advanced portable air scrubbers for hospitals on the market. The HEPA 600 UVIG is one of the most advanced portable air scrubbers for hospitals on the market and has been rigorously tested and certified. The HEPA 600 UVIG is one of the most advanced portable air scrubbers for hospitals on the market. It's been rigorously tested and certified and consumes only 2.6 amps compared to conventional air scrubbers. At its peak, it can generate an airflow of 600 CFM, which can absorb almost all harmful particles in the air.

HEPA 600 UVIG has a built-in ion generator, which produces negative ions that can absorb airborne particles and allow floating particles to settle down. Combined with G4, it has an H13 HEPA filter and a high-intensity ULTRAVIOLET lamp. Can destroy 99.97% of 0.3-micron airborne pathogens from the source structure, so that the virus is inactive and kill microorganisms to remove particulates in the air, eliminate microorganisms, including virus, bacteria, and mold spores, and at the same time can also solve indoor due to decorating or for other reasons, the underground space, the problem of air pollution inside volatile organic compounds, It can help people eliminate germs while effectively improving the quality of indoor air and bring a healthy and safe living environment

In addition, the body is designed to be lightweight, with a sturdy aluminum frame and optional metal locking casters, making it easy to move around in any scenario. It has a simple operating panel that allows a Daisy chain GFCI socket. They can be stacked if needed. This machine is ideal for abatement and sewage remediation, water and fire remediation, construction sites, decoration works, dust and odor control sites.

· ETL certification
· Corrosion-resistant aluminum profile housing
· The internal structure design is compact
· Maintenance-free bearing motor
· 3-stage filter system: Merv 10 pre-filter activated carbon filter and true HEPA filter
· Equipped with UVC ultraviolet lamp
· Equipped with negative-ion generator
· The side can be wired in
· Stacked for easy transportation and storage
· Circuit breaker protection, automatic trip when current exceeds 12AMP
· GFCI socket can be a Daisy chain connection
· Stepless speed control knob
· Power indicator
· Filter replacement, differential pressure indicator light
· 23 ft power cord comes with it
· Optional castor
· Standard air outlet tube holder
· Optional air intake tube seat


Prevention of coronavirus: The air scrubber has triple filtration functions: filter screen adsorption, UV lamp disinfection, and anion disinfection. In addition to effectively removing any harmful pollutants from the air you inhale, the filtration feature also reduces the airborne concentration of the COVID-19 virus, thereby reducing the risk of airborne transmission

Protect your respiratory system health: The real HEPA can reach 99.97% for 0.3um particles. It can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell, decoration pollution such as formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens, etc.). It is important to breathe safe and good air, whether in your office or in a bad job site. Using an air scrubber allows you and your loved ones to breathe the safest air possible.

Best recovery helper: The HEPA 600 UVIG uses an infinitely variable speed design to meet variable airflow control from 270 to 600 CFM. The operation panel is also equipped with a GFCI socket for the Daisy chain. It is portable, durable, and reliable, providing low noise while maintaining high performance. Due to its excellent functions and specifications, users can be assured to obtain the maximum product performance to ease their recovery work and bring great convenience to people's production and life.

Valuable investment/Save your money: If you happen to own a business frequented by the public, such as a restaurant, hotel and retail establishment, killing germs from all sources is definitely your top priority. Enterprise health is not only attractive to the public, but also your responsible attitude towards the enterprise and employees. Puricare 600 UVIG Air Scrubbers provide clean and safe air that not only optimizes the experience for your customers but also extends the life of your in-store property and protects the health of your employees.

Buy with confidence: Puricare 600 UVIG Air Scrubbers are backed by reliable warranty coverage, more details can be found on this website. For further inquiries, you may also feel free to contact any of our customer service representatives. We are more than happy to help you with your recovery and purchase requirements for advice and consultation.

Power 2.6 Amps  (115 V/60 Hz)
Weight 40.85 lbs
Airflow  270-600 CFM
Size up 5500 Cu.Ft
Filter MERV- 10 Pre-Filter, HEPA/ Activated Carbon Filters
Dimensions (L x W x H)  17.8 x 13.8 x 16.3 in
Power Cord 23 ft
Static Pressure 2.8 in (H2O)
Noise Level <58 dBA
Pre Filter (L x W x H) 14.88 x13.34 x 0.78 in
HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter (L x W x H) 14.88 x13.34 x1.97 in
Loading Quantity 20': 224 Sets; 40': 492 Sets; 40'HQ: 615 Sets

HEPA UVIG 600 air purifier/negative pressure air purifier has a wide range of applications in medical Settings as an antibacterial and antiviral disinfection method. In addition, can also effectively complete your water damage repair tasks, mold repair engineering, fire damage repair, dust control, odor control, and sewage repair water damage. Such as: Blasting operations, construction engineering, and renovation, water damage repair, fire damage repair, mold repair, asbestos abatement, and clean room applications, can be used in hospitals, banks, schools, manufacturing operations, military installations, construction sites, recreation places, etc., also suitable for medical facilities, factories, commercial buildings, Workplace, and other confined Spaces to remove mold asbestos or lead-containing substances.

Proper Use and Maintenance
1. After receiving the machine, open the outer package of the machine and check whether the appearance of the machine is good and whether the accessories are complete.
2. The new machine will be pre-installed with a pre-filter and compound filter, and the user will check whether the filter is properly installed after receiving it.
3. The power supply of the unit is 110-120V/60Hz. After powering on, turn the machine knob, open the machine (factory default off), and the user according to the actual demand open the UV lamp switch and negative ion switch (factory default off).
4. When the filter indicator lights up, it is necessary to open the side cover of the machine, take out the old filter screen, and replace the new filter.

Safety Instructions
· Every air scrubber needs proper usage and maintenance to support its long-lasting capability. Here are some safety tips for using and maintaining it:
· Make sure you have the right power supply to avoid electrical issues
· It must be connected to a grounded electric source to avoid accidents and damage
· The surface in which it is set to operate must be leveled and steady
· Always check the pre-filter for any debris before using the unit
· Adjust the air filtration level using the user-friendly control panel
· Keep the unit away from combustion appliances to avoid back-drafting
· Never tamper with the internal components while the unit is running
· Never leave it plugged when not in use
· Before cleaning, make sure to properly unplug the unit
· Clean the unit using a reliable vacuum and gentle wiping using a damp cloth
· Make sure to properly dry it before storing
· Observe proper handling when stacking up several units
· Regularly check your filters for changing needs
· For critical remediation projects, it is advisable to change all filters when sufficiently used to avoid cross-contamination of harmful particles
· Seek professional help for other complex issues
· Never use the unit as a support or stepping stool when reaching high items
· Make sure to read the manual and all other guides before using your air scrubber, or any product for that matter. It is always better to be equipped with all essential information beforehand to reduce the risk of accidents and mishaps.

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Excellent product

From the Amazon

By 'Joe Quezada', Reviewed on February 23, 2023
I own a restoration business and this item is superior to any other in the market. Will definitely be buying more and chance I get. Thank you
Awesome air scrubber.

From the Amazon

By 'Colton', Reviewed on February 18, 2023
This thing moves and cleans alot of air. Pretty light and easy to maneuver Would highly recomend
Stopped working

From the Amazon

By 'Natasha Haye', Reviewed on February 08, 2023
Worked great for a week and not it will not turn on, no phone number for customer support only an email. Very frustrating to have spent so much without support.
Great Air Cleaning!
By 'Ivan', Reviewed on September 23, 2022
We got this to use as we do some finishing on some rooms in our new home and to use at our rental property as needed between tenants. It arrives ready to use. And it comes with directions that are clear and easy to understand. It seems to be made well. The unit feels durable the handle is strong, and the frame has a solid feel to it. To test this pout we used it in a rental property that had a very bad odor in it. We set it up and after one 30 mins session the smell was nearly gone and the air smelled fresher. We ran it for two more 30 minutes cycles and it was like new. It uses its UV-C light to kill germs and ion production to kill and eliminate odors so hard to eliminate. I would repurchase this.
This machine is an amazing!

From the Amazon

By 'Amazon Customer', Reviewed on August 05, 2022
I have used a lot of scrubbers in my line of work, this machine is really awesome. It is so powerful and well-made. I have only used it three days but I am already impressed with it. Would highly recommend!
high-performance, industrial air scrubber
By 'Jim', Reviewed on July 09, 2022
The HEPA 600 UVIG is one of the most advanced portable air cleaners and negative air machines available on the market. at 115V,2.6 amperes of current, and the operation panel is equipped with a GFCI socket (for connecting more air washers or other equipment). It's ideally for dealing with concrete dust, fine sanding dust, or gypsum dust.
Excellent commercial unit
By 'Danyaal Burke', Reviewed on July 01, 2022
Perfect for commercial use. We are using this to help clean the air during asbestos abatement. It’s a great tool along with our other hazmat safety items. We’ve run it for weeks at a time with no issues.
Does air scrubber is awesome looks like great quality

From the Amazon

By 'Restoration Contractor', Reviewed on July 29, 2021
This air scrubber is sturdy ! It looks and feels awesome. This should work perfect on my air filtration jobs. Compact compared to others. The air pressure is super strong. The suitcase design will be great in my van.


What 's the air scrubber with-3-stage Filtration system made of? Does it durable?

Alorair on July 27, 2023

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
It is a combination of the following Pre-filter HEPA & Activated carbon filter UV light and Built-in Ionizer
Can this filter radioactive air with the activated carbon filter?

Alorair on July 24, 2023

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Interesting question. I believe it is the HEPA filter that would mitigate the radiation because it would be microscopic particles suspended in the air that would carry the radiation. I believe HEPA technology was developed for exactly that purpose. This is my personal opinion, I am not a nuclear scientist. I would recommend that you some research, but it seems plausible. The air scrubber in question is a very well built unit and moves an enormous amount of air.
Can this Alorair air scrubber remove the tough odor?

Pamela on September 23, 2022

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Yes. It is effective filtering VOCs, smoke, soot, paint, and other gases that may be causing bad odor.