ALORAIR Crawl space Basement Heater, MaxFireDry 200 Heater with Thermostat, PTC Thermistor, Timer, LCD Display, with ETL Certified

Model : MaxFireDry 200

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The Alorair MaxFireDry 200 is the ultimate solution for your drying needs. With a seating capacity of up to 20,000 BTU at 250 CFM, this unit is ideal for any location where quick drying is required. It also has multiple outlets that can plug into 120VAC outlets. All of these features ensure that the unit delivers consistent performance day after day.

Highlights :  LCD Display/GFCI Outlet/Timer/1 Year Warranty


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Product Overview


AloAir MaxFireDry 200 Heater

This pest control method uses heat and does not require chemicals to be used, as some of these chemicals are toxic and can be harmful to your health. The FireWaving 200 heater is equipped with a powerful heater and a heavily insulated tent that ensures the set temperature is reached fast. FireWaving heater has a clear display and a friendly user interface and an after-cooler that steadily reduces the temperature once the job is complete, this protects your household items like the furniture.

This heater is very hot when in use. To avoid burns, don't let your exposed skin come into contact with hot surfaces. Please use the handle to move the heater. And keep combustible materials at a distance of at least 36 inches (such as furniture, pillows, bedding, paper, clothes, and curtains).


Proper Use and Mantainence
· For temporary use only, not for heating.
· Be sure to unplug the power supply when not in use.
· Do not operate the machine in any way after the failure of a damaged cord, plug or equipment. Return to authorized service facilities for inspection or maintenance.
· This heater is only for indoor use only. Do not use it outdoors.
· This heater is not suitable for bathrooms, laundries and similar indoor places. Do not put the heater in a place where it may fall into a bathtub or other water container.
· Don't put the wire under the carpet. Do not cover the rope with carpets, blankets or similar coverings. Do not place wires under furniture or appliances. Arrange the wires away from the traffic area and where you won't trip.
· If you want to disconnect the device, turn off the control and pull the plug from the socket.
· The machine can only be connected to the correct socket with grounding.
· Do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust vents, as this may cause electric shock or fire, or damage to the heater.
· In order to prevent a possible fire, do not block the air inlet or exhaust in any way. Do not use on soft surfaces, such as beds, where openings may be blocked.
· There are heating, arc or spark parts inside the equipment. Do not use in places where gasoline, paint or flammable liquids are used or stored.
· Use the equipment only as described in this manual. Any other use not recommended by the manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock or personal injury.

Power 115 V/60 Hz, 1 Phase Heater Circuits (up to 4)
At Maximum Heat 20,000 BTUs
Airflow 250 CFM
Shell Stainless steel
Power Cord 16.4 ft
Heating Wire PTC heating wires (4)
Duct Optional 8" Flex Duct Outlet;Optional 8" Flex Duct inlet kit
Dim(L x W x H) 12.6 x 12.6 x 26.2 in
Shipping Dim(L x W XH) 17 x 17.8 x30.5 in
Weight 34.6 lbs
Filter MERV-8 Filter
Loading Quantity 20': 156 Sets ; 40': 370 Sets ; 40'HQ: 412 Sets
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By 'Sophie Thomas', Reviewed on 2021-07-16 11:40:17
Aloair MaxFireDry 200 Heater is really useful. To eliminate the indoor pest, and consider the baby, instead of using chemical medicine, I choose this unit. Luckily, the unit wasn't let me down. It's easy to operate, and the peat is really gone! Truly recommended!
Generally worth buying
By 'Lucas Campbell', Reviewed on 2021-05-14 16:38:25
I feel very surprised to receive the heating, very convenient, everywhere can take it, are not afraid of cold, can adjust high or low, but also turn, baby bath can also use it.
Work very efficiently!
By 'Ernie Devlin', Reviewed on 2021-04-06 10:03:09
The heater can quickly reach the set temperature and effectively control pests, which is very effective for me and I like it very much


Can the unit use outdoors? And what should we pay attention to when we are setting?

Josiah on 2021-08-20 09:27:57

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hi, Josiah. This heater is only for indoor use. Please do not use it outdoors. This heater is not suitable for bathrooms, laundries, and similar indoor places. Please do not put the heater in a place where it may fall into a bathtub or other water container.
Can this machine be used as a heating machine?

Sienna on 2021-07-16 11:46:14

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Sorry, Sienna, the machine is temporarily used only, not for heating.

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