AlorAir 180 PPD Smart Wi-Fi Commercial Dehumidifier, Storm LGR 850X Large Dehumidifier with Pump, 28 Gallons Industrial Water Damage Restoration for Basements, Garages, and Job Sites, 5 Years Warranty

Model : Storm LGR 850X

4.9 Average

$1,277.00 List Price: $1,500.00


As a flood remediation specialist, you need a device you can use day in and day out.
The unit removes 180 PPD of moisture at saturation and covers up to 2,300 Sq.Ft, making it suitable for moisture control in many media to large spaces. With its compact body, metal telescoping handle, and easy-to-carry casters, there's no doubt it's a practical and convenient dehumidifier. 

Highlights: App Control/LCD Display/ Built-in Heavy Duty Pump/ 5 Years Warranty

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Product Overview

AlorAir Storm LGR 850X Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier

This large capacity dehumidifier can remove 180 PPD at Saturation and 85 PPD at AHAM, suitable for 2,300 Sq. Ft. When faced with particularly challenging water damage restoration jobs where higher amounts of water are involved, the AlorAir LGR dehumidifier is your best bet for achieving maximum results.

Smart App Control

Wi-Fi Connect

Remote control of APP and the device can be done via Wi-Fi. But before that you need to know some tricks for pairing:
1) Before you connect, you need to be close enough so that the signal won't break on the wall or insulation of the house
2) Buy an extra Wi-Fi mesh or repeater to increase the signal strength to make the pairing of the devices more successful
3) The app currently supports only 2.4 GHz network. Please turn off the 5 GHz network on the router to make the connection work more smoothly.

Direct Connect

When you connect your device via the direct connection mode of APP, you only have an effective distance of 40m. Therefore, it's fast and easy in a network-free environment.

Please note

Download your app here, but APP is currently not working for iOS versions higher than 15.0



· Ultra-compact design with super performance
· Microchannel condenser technology to increase efficiency 
· App control to monitor the recovery process anytime, anywhere
· Heavy-duty built-in condensate pump to automatically drain water to any designated location
· Retractable handle and wheels for easy transport
· MERV-8 filter to protect internal components from damage from dust and other particles
· Auto defrost technology to allow operation at low temperatures (36 degrees Fahrenheit)
· Rotary compressor to generate less heat for energy-saving
· Rugged rotomolded housing to endure severe collision and corrosion 
· Storage of power cord and drain hose to save storage space
· Humidity sensor to read the ambient temperature and relative humidity in the room
· Auto restart to remember the settings in case of power failure
· Automatic diagnosis system to get troubleshooting tips through error codes
· LCD control panel to easily read and operate



Easy Cord and Hose Storage
For added convenience, the power cord and condensate hose stored on the top of the unit help maximize your storage capacity.

Heavy-duty condensate pump
With a 19.6' lifting distance, the condensate pump gives you the freedom to drain anywhere.

Drain Height: 19.6 ft.

Drain Pipe:19.6 ft.

Easy Filter Access
The high-dense MERV-8 Filter protects internal components from damage due to dust and other particles, ensuring efficient operation and long-term use. Please wash the filter once per 2-3 months.

Retractable Handle and wheels for transport
Rotomolded housing, practically Indestructible. 2 Wheels and Retractable Handle, Easy to transport anywhere high-efficiency dehumidification is needed.

Capacity 180 PPD @ Saturation (90℉, 90% )
Dim(L x W x H) 21 x 11.6 x 17.3 in
Capacity 85 PPD @ AHAM ( 80℉, 60% )
Operation Mode Standard
Floor Area 2300 Sq. Ft
Air Flow Capacity 210 CFM
Power (115V) 5.9 Amps
Refrigerant R410A
Operating Range 33.8 - 110℉
Air Flow 210 CFM, 350 CMH
COP 2.5 L/Kwh
Sound Pressure Level < 58 dBA
Weight 63 lbs
Loading Quantity 20': 200 Sets; 40': 436 Sets; 40'HQ: 545 Sets

Alorair Storm LGR 850X Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier

Storm LGR 850X New generation surface scratch resistance polyethylene shell 25% more than the previous generation. With the new design and layout of the machine, the volume of the whole machine is 40% smaller than others on the market. The all-new rotating shell design is easy to maintain and allows for easy access to all components. Telescopic handles and rubber tires allow for units to be stacked together for both storage and easy transportation. Simplified user controls include a large LCD display and APP control. The App can control the dehumidifier remotely anytime and anywhere, thus trips to the site to check up can be eliminated.


Storm LGR 850X has an extremely driving water removal capacity which makes the machine the authorized one for restoration needs. It features great COP at 2.5 L/Kwh, with a huge capacity of 85 PPD at AHAM RH. while the current draw is 5.9 amps Installation flexibility makes the unit ideal for almost any application. No conventional dehumidifier can perform as efficiently and effectively for water damage restoration as Storm LGR 850X. Its wide range of applications includes the Hire Industry, Building Industry, Plasterers, Flood & Restoration, Carpet Cleaning, Tradesmen,etc. Or anywhere you need to extract moisture at a professional level.

Proper use and Maintenance

Safety Instructions

· Don't adjust or alter the unit in any way.
· The use of unauthorized parts will void your warranty. Contact your approved distributor for assistance.
· Always unplug the unit prior to removing the cover.
· Inspect the power cord prior to use and do not use it if it is damaged.
· The unit should only be used with a 115V/60Hz circuit protected by a GFCI outlet.

Dehumidifier Storage

If the unit will be stored for an extended period of time, complete the following steps:
· Turn off the unit and allow it to dry.
· Clean out the pump reservoir.
· Wrap and secure the power cord.
· Cover filter mesh.
· Store in a clean, dry space

Reviews & Questions

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High dehumidification efficiency

From the Amazon

By 'Alan', Reviewed on June 29, 2023
High dehumidification efficiency, it would be better if the connection network can be improved.
Easy to move around, lightweight, great dehu!

From the Amazon

By 'Serpil B', Reviewed on May 16, 2023
Great product that is lightweight, easy to operate and extremely user friendly when you need to off load it or move it around a house. Comes with a handle and wheels! All AlorAir products have been great for our company!
This is an Awesome dehumidifier!

From the Amazon

By 'Joseph Hallak Jr', Reviewed on February 15, 2023
I recently purchased and have had the opportunity to use my new AlorAir dehumidifier. I am very impressed with the way the unit is working. It certainly is also one of the coolest looking units I have ever seen. Seems very solid and well made. I love the Wi-Fi access. That is one of the main reason I bought this one. I would recommend this unit.
Even better than expected!!

From the Amazon

By 'pinnerman08', Reviewed on February 04, 2023
Anyone who has had a basement flood knows what a nightmare it can be. It takes forever to clear up the water & even longer to get rid of the dampness and musty smell. Do not get me wrong, using a shop-vac helps speed up the drying out process but they never seem to get 100% of the moisture out. Well when our basement flooded again recently, I discovered the solution to that age old problem....a dehumidifier. Once the majority of the flood water was removed, I placed this powerful dehumidifer in the center of the basement and set it to the desired temperature. Due to the size of our basement we needed something with commercial grade power, but most units with the power we were looking for were so much bigger/bulkier/heavier. So when we saw the compact size of this dehumidifier, I was skeptical about whether it would be powerful enough. I am very happy to say that it has exceeded all expectations! The size and weight make it so easy to move from one location to another. The built-in pump makes it convenient to use, you do not have to constantly check on the unit to see if it needs emptied. I love the is easy to set-up, very user-friendly, and a huge bonus feature. It is surprising how removing moisture from the air can warm a room up! Overall a high quality product, I would recommend to anyone!!!!
Keeps coding out E4 very difficult to connect to Wi-Fi

From the Amazon

By 'mike', Reviewed on November 08, 2022
Still have not been able to link my phone to control an Internet. It shut itself off and Displaysto code E4
Great little dehumidifier

From the Amazon

By 'Brian', Reviewed on August 26, 2022
I work in a water damage restoration company. This dehumidifier is great but requires 2 modifications. 1. Put a clip on the male end of the drain hose so the hose does not fall back into the machine. 2. Extend the drain hose to 40 feet. We added more tubing and it works well. Heat Level: excellent Screen: easy to use Maintenance: not known yet Build quality: similar to Phoenix but requires some modification. Ducting ability: has the duct ring so you can add layflat to it easily. Great feature. Maneuverability: easy Form factor: great Stacking: I only have 1 but I think it will do well. Durability: decent. Exactly what is needed in water damage restoration.
A good machine for the money
By 'Alexander', Reviewed on January 29, 2022
This beautiful machine has taken so much moisture out of my basement. I am so happy with it. It's so quiet as well. I am thrilled to buy this machine, a good machine for the money.
Works great!
By 'Lauren', Reviewed on January 28, 2022
Our basement was so damp, and we needed a dehumidifier. This dehumidifier was the right size, and we liked and trusted the brand name, so we decided to give it a try. It is just what we were looking for, and it works so well in removing the dampness from the basement. We are glad we chose this one. We are very satisfied.
By 'Prudence', Reviewed on January 27, 2022
Dehumidifiers are a game-changer. Because of the cold weather and heating inside our home, we have had excessive moisture build-up, leading to condensation and mold build-up. Thanks to Alorair, we were kindly gifted this dehumidifier to help reduce this problem, and I can not believe how well it works! There is zero to little condensation in the room and dramatically less mold build-up! I can’t believe the fantastic results!
Works as advertised
By 'Bill', Reviewed on January 26, 2022
I purchased this dehumidifier in my workshop to help keep the moisture levels down. I got this plugged in, and it started to work right away. It's so quiet you don't even know it's running! I can feel the air is drier and not as sticky.


Can this unit operate long-term in a crawl space? Or is it for short-term fixes?

Alorair on September 07, 2023

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Yes, it can be used as a residential dehumidifier that will maintain the humidity level.
How long can it be used for?

Alorair on June 19, 2023

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Mine starts and stops automatically depending on the humidity in my house, I’m sure you can use it until it just doesn’t work anymore my biggest concern is the pump inside
How much water can this dehumidifier remove in a day?

Hedy on January 28, 2022

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
This dehumidifier can remove 180 PPD at Saturation and 85 pints at AHAM.
Is the machine easy to operate?

Valentina on January 25, 2022

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
This dehumidifier can plug and play and has a large LCD and APP control for simplified user control, easy to read and operate.