Whether the pellets need to be dried?

AlorAir Team | September 16, 2021

Pellets are hygroscopic, so wet conditions can damage their quality. Pellets are fragile in the production and storage stage. Therefore, setting up a high-performance desiccant dehumidifier can effectively protect these pellets from being damaged. Neglecting proper air conditioning production and storage can be counterproductive. Biofuels are damaged by humidity because they are like untreated raw wood …

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How to prevent water corrosion of seashore wind turbines

AlorAir Team | August 30, 2021

Around the seashore, the level of humidity is high. Because of the massive bodies of water, sometimes the humidity level will reach 100%. The surface and internal part of the turbine will have condensation when the temperature plummets at night. And it can be potential damage to the system of the wind turbine. The main …

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The bathroom renovation

AlorAir Team | July 1, 2021

Houses built today (and renovated) are more airtight and insulated than in the past. Because of the concept of “compact construction and efficient insulation”, nowadays houses achieve a higher level of internal comfort (especially in extreme temperatures). In addition, the implementation of the concept has achieved energy savings, fuel reduction, and lower carbon emissions. However, …

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How to Dehumidify the Winery

AlorAir Team | December 24, 2020

In the brewing workshop of the winery, due to the large amount of water used in the brewing process and the many cooking or cooling processes, the heat and moisture load of the entire brewing workshop is very large, and condensed water is often formed on the ceiling or roof. The presence of condensed water …

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Finishing Construction Projects Require Low Humidity Levels

AlorAir Team | August 24, 2020

For large construction projects, many variables have to be considered to ensure that the workmanship is of the required standard, and is delivered on time within the specified budget. However, there are several challenges which the site supervisor or the contractor faces while working towards the timely completion of the project, and most notably is …

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Data Center Cooling, Dehumidification and Maintaining Safe Humidity Levels

AlorAir Team | August 17, 2020

Regulating humidity levels is imperative for the proper functioning of equipment in data centers. However, the challenge comes in ensuring that a regular computer room air does not hinder the normal operations in the room. A standard computer room usually has a relative humidity ranging between 45% and 85%. On the other hand, literature from …

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7 Potential Health Risks of a Humid Environment

AlorAir Team | October 12, 2019

A humid environment refers to an atmosphere with relatively high levels of water vapor. Most people only understand the effects of high humidity on your health, this is mainly because in a high humidity environment one will experience immediate personal discomfort like sweating. However, a very low humidity environment also poses serious health risks. Potential …

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7 Potential Health Effects of Humid Environment

AlorAir Team | October 5, 2019

With the change of seasons comes the change of relative humidity in the atmosphere. Both high and low humidity can cause damage to the body which in turn will affect your health. It might not seem like a big deal at first but these effects come over time and may cause serious damage to the …

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