How to Correct and Prevent Moisture in walls

AlorAir Team | June 5, 2020

Moisture control is an often neglected important care package in the quest for home sustainability by the average homeowner. Indoor moisture levels between 30 percent to 50 percent are considered optimal and helps make your home your true comfort zone. As with everything else, too much of everything is bad, likewise too little. Indoor moisture …

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How Can You Control Moisture and Reduce Humidity Economically?

AlorAir Team | March 21, 2020

The summer season not only raises the temperature of the atmosphere but also make it humid. Too much moisture can annoy you and make you feel uncomfortable. The high moisture percentage in the air not only affects your mood but also cause potential damage to your home. The high humidity can lead to the following …

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How to Measure Humidity

AlorAir Team | August 24, 2019

Humidity is the amount of water vapor (or moisture) in the air. There are various ways to measure and state the level of humidity. The two common ways to measure humidity are Absolute Humidity and Relative Humidity. In this article, we look at these common ways of measuring humidity, understand the difference between them, and …

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Alternate Ways to Reduce Moisture in Your House

AlorAir Team | March 27, 2019

Although many of us realize that we need to remove excess moisture from our house environments, we are sometimes not able to do so effectively or not afford to buy or run a good dehumidifier. In this post, we look at some ways air moisture may be reduced using alternate ways. One of the easiest …

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What is the Right Level of Moisture in Air

AlorAir Team |

As with most things in this world, an excess of something is as bad as it’s a shortage. Too much rain causes floods. Too less causes droughts. The same is true for moisture levels in the air. In this article, we look at the drawbacks of low and high levels of moisture, concluding with what …

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