The Health Risks of Excess Moisture and Mold

Surplus moisture gives the ideal conditions for microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses so that they can exist, grow, and do well. Moisture however is a common factor in the home which cannot be completely eliminated as it is produced during normal household activities such as cooking, washing, bathing, breathing, and the likes. Due to some reasons, the level of humidity may increase beyond normal, and this occurs likely during damp seasons when there is no appropriate ventilation in the house and the moisture seeps through the walls, basements, and other spaces.


It becomes increasingly dangerous for humidity to increase in a home, and people to continually live with it. Apart from the damage of properties which is caused by excess moisture in the long run, it can also conceive numerous health issues. Continuous exposure to excess dampness indoors could affect the proper workings of the lungs, and hence, chronic health problems can be induced.

A verified study showed that a good proportion of children with asthma were as a result of their exposure to excess indoor moisture and molds, and microorganisms find it easy to thrive in damp and polluted climates.


Health risks of molds 


In the home or office, prolonged exposure to harmful agents adversely affects our health, since we could spend a longer amount of hours at these places.

It is a common sight for you to find molds almost everywhere, they can be spotted indoors and outdoors, either growing or in their dormant state. If someone is continually unprotected against mold and mold spores, it could have different causes such as eyes, skin, and nose irritation. It could also cause coughing and tightness of the chest. Also, asthma could occur as well. Those who have asthma already would experience regular irritation which can get worse under some conditions.


How to control excess moisture

hd90 dehumidifier

Controlling the excess moisture in your home or workplace presents no difficult matter if a dehumidifier is used. The dehumidifier draws the excess moisture in the air, ensure that it condenses, and then removes it. Dehumidifiers are quite inexpensive, and they can be easily structured for your own use, as they exist in different sizes, power make-ups, and exterior designs. Alorair Sentinel HD90 Dehumidifier has multiple functions to maintain optimal humidity in the home or workplace.

Regulating the relative humidity of the distressed area, you can hinder the growth of mold. Reducing the moisture level makes the climatic conditions unsuitable for the growth of microorganisms and this prevents health-related risks.

Asides from the presence of noticeable molds which are major signs of damp issues, other signs could include stale odor as a result of mold growth, water stains, regular condensation, cracked wall paint, humid basement, and the presence of standing water in any area of the house.

For now, there are no stipulated or defined measures when it comes to the required safety levels for internal dampness or the presence of molds. However, certain measures can be taken to ensure that they are minimized or completely prevented. Heating your home properly would suffice, and in climates that are cold, it would be proper to insulate your home in order to step down the humidity levels and the rate of condensation.

Install proper ventilation equipment


Also, proper ventilation should be installed especially for areas that are wet or where the emission of water vapor takes place such as the kitchen, laundries, and the bathrooms. Using a blower is also a good solution. Alorair Zeus Extreme Axial air mover can control humidity through dry air, enhance air circulation, and adjust the temperature. In addition to this, it is proper to ensure that water leaks are totally avoided, this can be done by regulating and keeping a constant check on the surface water drainage. Holes in the roof should be properly sealed, the same applies to walls. Other structures such as pipes, doors, and windows should be properly fitted to ensure that they are watertight.

If molds are found in the home, they should be removed, and the reason for the excess moisture should be identified and immediately addressed. If the growth of mold occurs more than usual, the surfaces should be cleaned with soap and water, and in addition, using a bleach solution could suffice.

For materials that are heavily contaminated, it is best to discard them, and in cases where the damage caused by mold is almost beyond control, then external professional help should be sought.

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