The Benefis of Using Air Movers

AlorAir Team | July 4, 2023

An air mover, also known as an air blower or carpet dryer, is a portable air-moving equipment. It consists of a motor-driven blower housed in an enclosure with an air inlet and an air outlet. Air movers are specifically designed to produce large amounts of airflow at relatively low speeds. Air movers are commonly used …

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Why We Need Air Mover?

AlorAir Team | October 28, 2021

Many people confuse air movers with fans. Air movers are indeed similar to fans. For example, their function is to circulate air in the space they operate. Unlike fans, air movers work in a centralized area and can start and stop immediately. At present, commercial air movers are top-rated in the market because they can …

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Water Damage VS Flood Damage: What you need to know

AlorAir Team | August 3, 2020

It is not a surprise that only a handful of people can distinguish between water accrued damages and that of flooding. Contrary to a number of opinions, flood damage is not a type of water damage, we all just assume that are the same. Natural elements with the H2O, similar consistency, perilous in effect, but …

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Water Damage Restoration, Why the Technique is Important

AlorAir Team | July 27, 2020

When disaster strikes, which can be in various forms especially to the homeowner, such as water damage, fire damages, earthquakes. It is pertinent that these are well managed so that even if they then to cause an initial disrupt in the life of an individual, they do not alter the quality of life of the …

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Water Damage Restoration in Spring Valley California

AlorAir Team | July 20, 2020

Ever had the need to dispose of your personal effects because of water damage? Then you would agree that water damage can be bothersome. It not only reduces the beauty of your home but it causes structural damages that may prompt discarding of the property. More often than not, depending on the extent of water …

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Recovering from Water Damage

AlorAir Team | June 29, 2020

When you look around and see your apartment flooded and half of your property underwater, it is normal to despair. It gets increasingly frustrating as the enormous work piles up in front of you. Not aware of your next line of action, you wait, procrastinating, till your property value sinks, even the restorable ones would …

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How to Fix Water Damaged Mattress?

AlorAir Team | June 16, 2020

On getting back home after a long day from work, you discover that your bed, carpet, mattress, and pillow are all soaked because you left the house in a hurry, forgetting to close the windows and the rain which lasted all day got in. In this case, water damage was with clean water, not contaminated …

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How to Fix a Water Damaged Carpet

AlorAir Team | June 10, 2020

Water, they say has no enemy but that does not stop it from being a nuisance in some situations especially to homeowners. Property damage is one such occasion. How the damage comes about, be it from flooding, broken pipes, snow, rain, is important to know because it reveals whether it is a healthy choice to …

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Heavy Rains, Water Damage and Your Property

AlorAir Team | May 28, 2020

These are dreaded words in the homeowner’s circle, too much destruction from an unmodifiable element. Until humans are successful in controlling the weather, the problem of water damage to property which largely comes from heavy rainfalls is here to stay. Heavy rainfalls are common in the coastal region and spring season. Although not every part …

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Four Degrees of Water Damage

AlorAir Team | May 21, 2020

It is no longer news that our beloved water like other elements can turn around and affect our homes and not in the positive light. In excess, water intruding into your home has the potential to cause several destructive processes to structures in the home, like,  rotting of wooden floorboards, breakdown of other wooden materials …

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