Where to Use our Sentinel Series of Dehumidifiers?

Though applicable in many places, they are well suitable for crawl spaces and basements.

A dehumidifier’s job is to correct and maintain the proper level of humidity in an area. When the relative humidity goes above your set point, the dehumidification starts. Its fan will collect the humid air from the surrounding pulling it into the unit’s cooled coils. Condensation will then occur extracting the excess moisture from the air. The collected moisture will remain in the coils to be dripped down to the unit’s tank. The remaining air will then be reheated to the right level of temperature before being exhausted back to the room. The air output is now considered at a safe level of humidity.

This prevents the threat of various dust mites and allergens, as well as, mold and fungus growth. Though, it should be noted that it is necessary to have your space sealed with vapor barriers for an optimal result.

Remote Control
Time-saving & Convenient

Make efficient use of our dehumidifiers with our ergonomically designed CAT 5 linked remote control.

Remote Control
M Word Mode: For selecting area of humidity reading
T Word Temperature
P Word Purge: For manual compulsive drainage
CONT Word Continuous Operation
Up Down Arrow Humidity Setting
Off Icon On/Off Switch
Machine Drop Icon showing environmental humidity of crawlspace
Home Icon Icons for sensing environmental humidity of remote control area
RT Word Relative Temperature
SET Word Humidity set point indicator
  • Control and monitor your dehumidifier remotely
  • With a CAT 5 cable length of 26FT/8M
  • Equipped with LCD monitor and user friendly icons
  • Has multiple functions: On/Off switch, humidity setting, a mode for selecting area of humidity reading, purge, and continuous operation
  • Readily compatible with the following AlorAir dehumidifiers: Sentinel HD55, Sentinel HD90, Sentinel HDi90, Sentinel HDi100, Sentinel HDi120 and Sentinel SLGR 1400X


Dehumidifiers for Crawl Space & Basement

AlorAir offers a variety of dehumidifiers that would be ideal for different types of crawl space and basements. Our Sentinel Series allows you to pick the right dehumidifier for your own unique space at home.

*Only Sentinel HDi90 Built in Pump.

Space Basement Basement Effect

Why Should You Choose our Sentinel Series of Dehumidifiers?

The following are the top reasons why our esteemed customers have been continuously enjoying our array of dehumidifiers:

  • Our dehumidifiers are equipped with state of the art remote control that lets your monitor your device in any chosen place you opt to.
  • Highly effective in accommodating large spaces as they can reach up to a capacity of 1,300 ft2- 3,300 ft2.
  • Protected and assured by our 5 year warranty.
  • Spare parts are readily available to be purchased when needed.
  • All our units are energy efficient and are Energy Star certified.
  • Their compact design allows them to be a perfect fit in any crawl space or basement.
  • There are a variety of installation options to choose from that would best fit your needs.

Key Technologies, Innovation, and Creativity

Specialized Specialized Effect

State of the Art Compressor

30% Enhanced Efficiency

20% Improved Energy Saving

5-10DB Noise Level

Powerful and Stable Precision Motor
Compressor motor made with high-quality raw materials and meticulous artistry. Has a tight winding coil and improved motor operating efficiency.

Minimal Noise Level
New and improved compressor that yields the lowest noise level.

Built-in Environment-Friendly R-410A Refrigerant
Equipped with a 450g refrigerant for a longer lifespan.

Turbine Blower Turbine Effect Blower Arrow 1 Blower Arrow 2

Turbine Centrifugal Fan

Our wind wheel is proved to rotate smoothly with very minimal noise. It is also particularly easy to clean. Just use a cotton cloth and gently wipe the surface. It would not take more than 5 minutes to do so because of its easy dismantling.

Fully Enclosed Motor

Smartly designed to fully cover the motor and protect it from dust and any electrical damage.

U-shaped Turbine Centrifugal Blower

It is built with an external rotor motor, a plastic or metal forward-curved impeller, and a plastic or metal volute. It is easy to install and use, and has a compact structure that is small and lightweight. Noise and vibration are held to a minimum to maintain CFM at higher static pressures and quickly dehumidify the surrounding.

40% Improved Wind Power

20% Strengthen the Air Volume

5-10DB Noise Level

Heat Changer Heat Arrow
Hydrophilic Film Film Effect

Rare Earth Alloy Tube Evaporator

To avoid Freon leakage, a fatal flaw for a dehumidifier, AlorAir has introduced a rare earth alloy tube evaporator coil. This innovative feature extends the life of the coils by providing protection against corrosion; maintaining the coil’s heat transferability.

Internal Internal Effect Trapezoidal Arrow


Trapezoidal Internal Thread Copper Pipe

Red copper pipe with upgraded trapezoidal internal thread increases 50% refrigerant contact surface and 50% heat transfer rate. This increases the dehumidification rate by more than 30%.

Important Tips on Using our Sentinel Dehumidifiers

Illustrated is an explanation of how to use the Sentinel Dehumidifier to optimize its working capacity and efficient results:

  1. It is necessary to place your dehumidifier on a leveled surface and not directly on a vapor barrier.
  2. When draining, make sure to follow the instructions given in the unit’s manual to reach its full capacity.
  3. Use the remote to power on the unit.
  4. Use the up and down arrow in the remote to set your desired set point.
  5. Make sure not to unplug your unit before turning it off using the remote control. Also note that the fan continues to run for about a minute after the unit has been turned off.
  6. Our Sentinel HD55 and HD90 are gravity drained. When storing, it is important to defrost for about 10 minutes before tilting the device for complete drainage.

Equipped with duct

Centralized Dehumidification

12” Diameter Air Outlet

5.9”x11.4” Outtake Duct (for heat exhaustion) Corner Arrow 1 12”x13” Intake Duct Corner Arrow 2 Cornder


AlorAir offer the industry’s most complete line of indoor air quality solutions.