Managing Air

Besides using a dehumidifier, AlorAir also has air scrubbers and air movers that aid in keeping a conducive atmosphere in your home/workspace. They assist in keeping the right level of humidity, as well as expedite the process of drying surfaces with deep moisture seepage. Let us tackle some benefits these products are able to help you with.

1. Air Purification

Recommended Product: AlorAir CleanShield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber

It is important in any enclosed area to control the risk of dusts. It is perplexing how they seem so harmless, yet can bring a number of unwanted risks in your home/workspace. It is not much of a common fact that dusts are highly considered as a fire hazard. Keeping them around increases the amount of damage an unwanted fire occurrence might do. They are also root for many health problems such as asthma, allergic reactions, respiratory and pulmonary problems, as well as immune-related diseases. Our air scrubbers will be your partner in avoiding all of these from happening and consequently saving you from extra costs brought by repairs or hospitalization. They are certain to capture all harmful particles, filter them out, and provide you with the cleanest air possible. You may even use them in tight spaces where most dusts are able to multiply. To clearly enumerate, using an air scrubber can help you:

Keep your indoor atmosphere clean
Reduce the risk of an increased fire damage brought by contaminated dusts
Prevent the occurrence of health problems
Avoid unnecessary clean-up of machineries and equipment in storage that are barely being used

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2. Proper Ventilation

Recommended Product: AlorAir Zeus 900 Air Mover

Proper ventilation positively contributes to maintaining a healthy level of humidity, especially in a sealed space where not enough air circulation is present. This undesirable setup is harmful to individuals residing in that area, especially children. If same is true in a workspace, workers would not be able to keep a positive work ethic and output.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the required level of relative humidity that should be maintained is between 35%-50%.

If the level is higher than this, both living individuals and belongings inside that area will be negatively affected.

With our air movers, you are certain to avoid such happenings. For instance, our Zeus 900 is equipped with a 2-speed rotor that is capable of delivering an airstream of about 950CFM. Its axial mover can provide a drying system in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction. All our air movers are proven to have high efficiency in air blowing and will help you:

1. Cool down machineries and equipment that are set to accumulate heat when being used

2. Provide a conducive air circulation that promotes a healthy respiratory system

3. Speed up evaporation and drying time that aids the purpose of a dehumidifier

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Carpets can be found in many different places such as homes, offices, and even mosques. Whether their purpose is to provide comfort, aesthetic appeal, or floor protection, they need to be regularly maintained. With the different types of fabric they use, you need to be certain to use cleaning tools that will not destroy any component of it. It could be a fairly easy job to clean a small carpet. But to handle several with a considerably large size and sensitive fabric, you will need to make sure to use a reliable cleaning equipment, and most especially a drying tool that will expedite the drying process. This is imRecommended Product: AlorAir Zeus 900 Air Moverportant to consider because carpets should not remain wet for a long time as they tend to absorb dust and other harmful particles. Our air movers can do the job as it produces high-velocity airflow that will certainly guarantee speed of drying.