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Air Purification

Controlling Dust

Recommended Air Scrubber: Clean Shield HEPA 550

Air scrubber can effectively be used to control dust contaminants that will be found in your home after fire or water damage. Dust can bring a lot of health issue when inhaled. It can cause an explosion, and so deploying to your home an air scrubber that can absorb the dust is recommended. Clean Shield HEPA 550 is the most ideal Air Scrubber. It draws all the airborne dust, cleans it and releases back. The unit is effective and works well even in diminutive spaces and in areas where it can ruin household gadgets and hardware.

The unit is effective and works well even in diminutive spaces and in areas where it can ruin household gadgets and hardware.


Controlling the dust comes with the following advantages:

Minimizes loss of materials Dust can slow down the performance of the equipment and lead to decreased productivity.

Makes the working conditions conducive: when your employees work in a place that is contaminated, it may affect their lungs affect their health and bring about many health issues.

Reduces chances of an explosion: Contaminated dust can explode and so when you use Clean Shield HEPA 550 to clean air in your home, it reduces chances of occurrence of dust.

Reduces unnecessary cleanup and maintenance: Machinery kept in dust-prone areas must be maintained and cleaned regularly. Failure to do this may make them to break down and cause unnecessary downtime.


For Ventilation


Recommended Air Mover: ZEUS 900

Controlling humidity and ventilation

Having proper ventilation is an important step towards controlling moisture. Buildings that are sealed and which do not have enough ventilation may be affected by pollutants. The moisture level is likely to accumulate and so it may be necessary to think how you may increase fresh air supply to the building. Notice that the Environmental Protection Agency require that the relative humidity should be maintained at 35 - 50%. If the humidity is high, it can lead to flow, furniture and equipment damage. It can also lead to respiratory diseases including skin diseases.

Efficiency Blowing

Air movers could be deployed in large workspaces where they can help to cool down motors and equipment. The gadgets could also be utilized like a conventional fan because of the fact that they can produce a powerful airflow which can speed up evaporation and shorten the drying time. Alorair Zeus extreme feature a 2-speed rotor capable of delivering an airstream of about 3000cfm. It means that the axial mover can execute the drying job in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. By rotating it through an angle of 90° it can help direct the objective for clockwise drying. The air mover has an immense horsepower meaning that it can ventilate a much bigger space.


Managing Dust During Carpet Cleaning


Recommended air mover Zeus Extreme

Carpets can be found in mosques, in offices and even in houses. In mosques, they serve as ornaments used in the process of praying. These carpets need to be clean and spotless. So choosing a procedure of cleaning and drying which is suitable depending on the quality of material used is important. Note that wrong drying can damage the carpet. Also, the cleaning and drying process should not take a lot of time so as not to damage the fiber. Thus, the procedure of cleaning and drying should not damage the fabric; which is why you should choose an efficient cleaning and drying appliance. This is where Zeus Extreme comes in. It is one of the drying machines from Aloir Air. It is an innovation from AlorAir that is designed to help you clean your carpets fast. It is flawless and utilizes AlorAir innovative technology meant to help you save on time and reduce the working expenses.

Efficiency Blowing

Zeus Extreme air Mover

It produces a high-velocity airflow that can effectively blow away moisture on your carpet quickly. It is a superior product that is powerful and guarantees you efficiency.