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Carpet Cleaning


For your carpet to take a proper shape, there is a need for you to go through the seemingly rigorous process of cleaning your carpet. However, people are usually oblivious about one of the major aspects of carpet cleaning, which is the drying process.

Drying your carpets totally ensures that mold does not have a place to thrive. Two of the basic needs which mold requires to thrive is moisture and a dark location. Molds have the capacity to grow very fast when spores are attached to them, and they develop quickly in a matter of one or two days, thereby giving room for colonization between 1-12 days. At times, before discovering molds exist, you would be surprised that they have wreaked havoc already.

There are a good number of ways by which you can wash and dry out your carpet, without having to require the services of a professional. If your carpet is not properly dried, it could induce an offensive smell which would surely make you feel irritated and uncomfortable.

Cleaning a carpet effectively can be effected with these few steps:

1.Evaluation of the damage caused by water: This is one of the most essential steps which you should not forget to carry out. You would need to carry out an assessment of the quantity of water which has been absorbed by your carpet. In cases where it is not much, you can handle it yourself. When it is more serious than you can handle, then you would need to seek the services of a dehumidifier, which would effectively handle dehumidification and moisture control at the same time.

2.Removal of wet items: Once your carpet has absorbed a lot of moisture, there is a high tendency that other items would have been affected, and it could give room for the growth of mold and mildew. Hence, it is necessary that you remove all wet items and take them out to dry. Asides the fact that it could attract allergens, these items could undergo deterioration.

3.Application of liquid ammonia or any carpet detergent: This is another effective method which has been proven to work. What you just need to do is, prepare a solution, and give it time to soak for some minutes. After this, use a hose which has a firm spray outlet, and sprinkles the water on the carpet. Then, roll the carpet, spray the bottom as well, and rinse methodically.

4.Application of a wet-dry vacuum: Excess water which is in your carpet can be removed if you use a wet-dry vacuum. Use the vacuum all through the carpet for a couple of times, in slow and straight lines. Always make sure that the gadget is totally drained when it is filled up.

5.Using a dehumidifier: When you have completely eliminated the water from the carpet, you can use the dehumidifier to dry the carpet. There would be no need to leave the windows open in order to pave way for air to filter in, which would be the same process with installed fans.

For you to get the best use of a dehumidifier, it should be used in a closed room. Position the machine at the middle of the room alongside with the wet carpet. The space around the gadget would enable air to disseminate it, this would enable the device to perform optimally.

On a concluding note, dehumidifiers have made cleaning of carpets to be effortless. With the aforementioned steps, you can have a clean carpet in one day. Once you use the right dehumidifier, there would be any need to hire an expert.