Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining a carpet’s proper and original state is a rigorous and lengthy process. It is very vital to have a regular deep cleaning so as to prevent your carpet from housing unwanted and harmful microorganisms such as fungi and mold. They are tricky to deal with because of their considerably small size. It is unnoticeable how they come to take place and spread abruptly. For instance, mold spores from the air can easily attach to surfaces, especially where excess moisture is present. When they grow, they can bring many harmful effects to individuals that may come in contact with them, such as allergic reactions, skin irritation, and even immune-related health problems. That is why it is important to maintain a clean carpet in your home, especially when you have children or elderlies around who are more susceptible to such health risks.

In addition to that, the actual process of cleaning also opens room for letting harmful particles to dwell on it. When you start deep cleaning your carpet, the most oblivious part would be drying it. Remember that carpets should not remain wet for a long time as they tend to absorb dust and other harmful particles. With this, an air mover does the job of drying them quickly and avoiding such harmful absorption. This and the help of a dehumidifier would help you tremendously to both effectively clean and maintain the beauty of your carpet.


Here are some steps to help you in deep cleaning your carpet, even without the added expense of hiring a professional do the job:

1.Evaluate the water damage/spillage: It is important to initially assess the damage made. This will help you prepare for the right amount of cleaning products to be used, amount of time to spend, and the right tools to help you do the entire process. For cases where only mild cleaning is needed, it may be suitable to use a shampoo vacuum with a reliable suction. But, in most cases, it is far more dependable to use a heavy-duty air mover and dehumidifier.
2.Remove debris or other attached items: Before actually cleaning it with an equipment, make sure that your carpet is free of other items attached to it; For example, cap bottles, wet wipes, small toys, and other common items. For trash items, throw them out immediately. But, for important items accidentally involved in the water damage, carefully wipe and take them out to dry to avoid inhabiting harmful microorganisms.
3.Apply liquid ammonia or carpet detergent: Apply your desired cleaning product as instructed from their packaging. Make sure to wear protective gears such as gloves and face masks to avoid health risks. You may use a brush if stains are present; otherwise, you may just soak them as advised before rinsing them off thoroughly with a hose.
4.Use a wet/dry vacuum: To suck out all the liquid from cleaning, you may use a wet/dry vacuum of your choice. Make sure to use one with a reliable suction power.
5.Use an AlorAir air mover: As you continue with the drying process, using an air mover would very much expedite your work. You may choose from our vast selection of air movers and see which of them would best suit your needs.
6.Use an AlorAir dehumidifier: Depending on the scope of your cleaning work, a dehumidifier is another tool in aiding carpet cleaning. For optimal usage, you may position the dehumidifier at

the center of your carpet. This would be the most ideal way to get rid of all the remaining moisture from your carpet, as well as from the air surrounding it. You would no longer need to keep your windows open for this. Depending on the size of your carpet, you would definitely find the most suitable one from our array of dehumidifiers here at AlorAir.

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