Private label services allow customers to manufacture a device that matches their requirements. This is usually dependent on our current product line – a private brand, as well as a different color. Even the look may differ.

AlorAir Solution can also provide customization services to a customer who is planning to manufacture various machines right from scratches, such as an air scrubber, air mover, and a dehumidifier.

The following is the customization procedure:

1. To start with, let us know the specifications according to your need. This will facilitate the confirmation of the basic construction design.

2. Our engineers will then embark on pro-type assembly, followed by system testing and optimization.

3. Next, the unit’s 3D Drawing will be prepared after the program has been developed,

4. The tooling and molding process will start after the model drawing matches your requirement.

5. It is at this stage that a production plan will be provided, indicating the expected timing for the rest of the steps.

6. The moment it is approved, small-lot production and optimization will commence on the custom units.

7. Once they land in our NC warehouse, every dehumidifier will be subjected to a thorough testing process.

8. At this stage, there will be two options: collecting the inventory as a whole, or storing it at our warehouse facility to be shipped when needed (but only in pallet quantities).