Product Inquiries

Here are some common questions and their corresponding answers regarding our products:

1. Where can I buy AlorAir products?
· You may find our products in the following platforms:
2. Where will the shipping of my order come from?
· Our main warehouse is located in Ontario, California. But, we have several distribution hubs around the USA to provide ease in delivering your orders to you.
3. What is the average service life of an AlorAir dehumidifier?
· Our dehumidifiers are set to last for an average of 10 years, considering the right maintenance and support.
4. Should I choose a unit with or without a pump? What is the difference between the two?
· Depending on your desired set-up, you may choose a dehumidifier that is either gravity- drained or powered by a condensate pump.
    i. Gravity-Drained System:
This is most effective when your dehumidifier is elevated as it will allow adequate drainage downwards through the hose.
    ii. Condensate Pump:
This allows upward drainage of water that can be disposed of away from your enclosed space.

5. What are the Warranty Terms of an AlorAir dehumidifier?
· For a detailed information regarding the warranty of our dehumidifiers and other products, kindly visit this link:
6. How often should I change or clean my filter?
· Depending on how much dust is being collected, the suggested time for filter cleaning or replacement is between 3-6 months.
7. Where can I buy parts for my dehumidifier?
· To purchase parts for your dehumidifier, you may visit:
· You may also contact any of our customer service representatives for further assistance.
8. Where can I get support services for my AlorAir product?
· You may send us a detailed description of your support service request via email and send it to
· You may also contact any of our customer service representatives for further assistance.
· In both options, you may expect an immediate response from our team.
9. What should I do if the unit gets damaged during transportation?
· Once you realize that damage has been done to your order due to transportation issues, immediately email us pictures for proof and provide a detailed report with the description of the damaged item and your order number at Our representatives will reach out to you immediately to guide you through the replacement process once claim is deemed valid.
10. Why is my dehumidifier not turning on?
· In this case, you can do the following:
              o Check if the dehumidifier’s plug is properly connected
              o Check if the dehumidifier is working within its operating temperature range
              o Check the screen for any error code
              o Visit Click on the FAQ system where you can fill out a form to submit your concern. A response will then be given within 24 hours
              o You may also directly email us at

              o If purchased from a third-party seller, try contacting their support line

Here are some of our top picked products and their basic specifications:

1. Dehumidifier
a. Sentinel HD55 (55ppd) – gravity drained
b. Sentinel HD90 (90ppd) – gravity drained
c. Sentinel HDi90 (90ppd) – with condensate pump
d. Storm Pro (85ppd) – with condensate pump
e. Storm LGR Extreme (85ppd) – with condensate pump
f. Storm Ultra (90ppd) – with condensate pump
g. Storm Elite (125ppd) – with condensate pump
2. Air Mover
a. Zeus 900 (950CFM)
b. Zeus Extreme (3,000CFM)
3. Air Scrubber
a. CleanShield HEPA 550 (270CFM-550CFM) – with adjustable fan speed