AlorAir IP55 Grade High Flow Crawl Space Ventilator Fan, 8.7 Inch with Humidistat Dehumidistat and Isolation Mesh, Freeze Protection Thermostat for Attic, Garage, Basements 540 CFM

Model : Ventirpro 540

4.7 Average

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The VentirPro 540 uses an 8.7" aerofoil fan to produce 540CFM flow and cover spaces up to 5600 cubic feet to provide more efficient ventilation. It is a popular choice for basements, attics, garages and any space that needs air circulation.

Highlights: IP55/ Isolation Mesh/ Anti-freeze Thermostat/2 Years Warranty

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Product Overview

AlorAir 540CFM Crawl Space Ventilation Fan
The Ventirpro 540 fan is an innovative solution designed for maximum airflow, portability and efficiency. The fan is IP55 certified, dust and waterproof and can run stably in any weather. This powerful system is also equipped with a dehumidifier and anti-freeze thermostat to prevent low-temperature failures. Adjustable humidity range 5%-80% RH for basements, warehouses, and crawl spaces from 3600-5600 Cu.Ft.


· Knob control panel, easy to set humidity for running
· Built-in dehumidifier to assist in reducing humidity levels
· Works automatically based on the humidity level you set
· Equipped with an anti-freeze thermostat to detect the outdoor temperature, the dehumidifier will not operate when the temperature falls below 35°F/1.7°C.
· Suitable for reducing humidity in your space from 3600-5600CU.FT
· IP55-rated ventilation fan (dust and splashproof)
· Galvanized mounting bracket, sturdy and durable
· After installation, panels can be trimmed to match non-standard base openings
·Thoughtful addition of barrier mesh to prevent crawlers from entering and affecting the operation
· Adjustable humidity range of 5%-80% RH to meet different environmental needs
· 5ft long power cord


Control impurities – The air inside can be more polluted than the air outside. Our ventilation fan creates a powerful ventilation system that will help expel a build-up of pollutants, bacteria, moisture, and unpleasant odors.

Air regulation - You can't control the flow of air in a building unless you have a good ventilation system. Too much fresh air can mean expensive energy bills, which is why good ventilation in your home is needed to regulate the level of health and safety you need.

Reduce temperatures – When there are a few people in a confined space, the environment can soon become hot and stuffy. A well-ventilated room will instantly be more comfortable - creating a more relaxed environment, while also making for a more productive workplace.

Health benefits – Indoor air pollution coupled with bad ventilation can lead to a number of health problems including headaches, allergies, asthma, rashes, and sinusitis. However, this can be avoided with the installation of a crawlspace fan with a humidistat.

Power 45 W
Voltage 115 V/ 60 Hz
Current 0.51 A
Airflow 540 CFM
Size For 3600-5600 Cu.Ft
Noise Level <55 dBA
Weight 6.2 lbs
Shipping Weight 7.4 lbs
Cord 6 ft
Functioning Temperature Range 35-158 °F
Functioning Humidity Range 5~80%
Dimensions (L x W x H) 15 X 10.2 X 2.8 in

When there is steam and moisture in the air, it can breed mold and creepy crawlies. It can also cause furniture to warp or rot if it doesn't get proper ventilation afterwards. Ventilation fans work to remove unwanted odors, moisture, smoke and other contaminants from the air. When you utilize VentirPro 540 exhaust fans, the vapors are quickly released to the outside. Because it uses five 8.7-inch blades, it not only works efficiently, but also works with very low noise for home use.

Exhaust: Don't let unpleasant odors and pollutants flood your home! With the VentirPro 540 ventilator, you can safely and effectively remove all unpleasant odors from the air. This powerful fan is designed to remove air pollutants quickly, without any chemicals or complicated processes.

Dehumidification: It is perfect for keeping your room cool, dry and comfortable. Its built-in dehumidifier works non-stop with a maximum airflow of 540 cubic meters per minute and ventilates and dries up to 5,600 cubic feet.

Safety: This unit has a built-in thermostat that turns on a self-protection mechanism when it detects an outdoor temperature below 33°F/3°C, stopping the dehumidifier from operating and preventing fan failure.

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Humidity removal, CHECK!

From the Amazon

By 'Andy', Reviewed on February 26, 2023
We used to have a very damp basement. Not anymore. This quiet basement exhaust fan has done miracles to our basement. Literally went from 72% humidity to 13% in just a few days. It maintains the dry environment with the settings we have it set on. You just hook it up and forget about it. It will do it is job. Has an auto shut off when the temp in the area being treated reaches 35 degrees, so it will not suck out your heat. Has worked wonders.
Works well, but is a bit loud

From the Amazon

By 'BurtB', Reviewed on February 25, 2023
We found that we had excessive Radon levels in our home. Had a professional Radon expert install a Radon Mitigation system which really knocks the Radon down. Off the basement the original owner had added a small "lean to" workshop which has a separate isolated slab. The Radon company suggested just putting a small exhaust fan in the wall of the lean to and run it when using that work shop room rather than the expense of running another suction point. This fan meets the need to exhaust the Radon when needed. It is a bit loud, but when I use that workshop area I am typically running some loud equipment so that is not an issue for me as I am, wearing ear protection. But the noise might be an issue for some people so keep that in mind.
Super simple vent fan

From the Amazon

By 'meny', Reviewed on February 22, 2023
This vent fan is very simple to use, just turn the knob to turn it on and it spins pretty fast, and overall seems to work well and is made of good quality
Crawlspace ventilator fan

From the Amazon

By 'Edward Pritchard', Reviewed on February 17, 2023
Must have device for all crawlspaces. This powerful fan exhausts stagnant, moist air and draws in fresh. The fan has multiple speed settings and comes with an air moisture meter for automatic operation. Perfect way to eliminate an environment for mold or mildew.
Very quiet!

From the Amazon

By 'Joel and Paula B.', Reviewed on February 16, 2023
This fan is very well packaged and seems to be well made. I did take several photos of it to give a better idea so you can measure if it will fit inside your crawl space. It is a little big for my space but I will easily be able to adapt it over. This unit has an automatic shutdown mode when temps reach 35 degrees. This is an Exhaust Only fan, cannot be reversed if you were curious. When running at full speed, it is very quiet, should not interfere with sleep unless you are directly over the top of it.
Lots of Air Flow

From the Amazon

By 'Sovereign BE-ing', Reviewed on February 14, 2023
Excellent air movement Easy install
100% Customer Satisfaction!

From the Amazon

By 'Dylan Young', Reviewed on February 09, 2023
Awesome Product! Showed up sooner than expected and was safely packaged inside box. Fan started right up! Very satisfied! Will definitely buy more products from Alorair in the future!


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