You can monitor and control your device using your mobile phone wherever you go.

AlorAir-R app is smartly designed to help you control your device directly from your phone. It gives you easy access on monitoring your air humidity or water damage restoration anywhere you are. This innovative technology is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store where users can download and install it on their respective mobile phones. It will then provide them access to manage their specified AlorAir device and control it remotely. To learn more about it, click here >

Heavy Duty Condensate Pump

Our dehumidifiers are equipped with a robust condensate pump that eliminates common issues of other devices available in the market. They have a capability of around 14.7 lifting distance which allows our solid condensate pump to drain more efficiently, thus making it highly reliable and competitive in the market.

Heavy Pump

Breaking Performance Barriers as the Category Leader

We provide you the fastest access to cleaning and maintenance with our innovative clam shell cover.

  • High Capacity with Super COP
  • Quick Connect to Pump
  • Accurate Runtime Measurement (Storm Series)
  • Multifold Filters (HEPA, Carbon, G3, Pre-filter)
  • Ridged Handle for Easy Transport


AlorAir Dehumidifiers are Designed to Maximize Airflow for Effective Drying

Water damage restoration dehumidifiers are key tools in drying and restoring your premises after water damage is caused by leaky plumbing or a flood. Our dehumidifiers are also specifically designed to be heavy-duty to efficiently extract water, dry, and curb harmful mold growth.

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Humanization Design

Our dehumidifiers are made with the most advanced technology in the market, but are highly user friendly and comprehensible. They are equipped with an eminently efficient system that effectively removes water at 55 pints/day (80°F/60%RH) to 275 pints/day (86°F/80% RH) and a humidity sensor eliminates short cycling to provide long-lasting performance. They are also ergonomically designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with a telescopic handle and rubber wheels for easy transportation.

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Humanization Mobile Image


Plastic Shell

LLDPE Plastic Shell


Overheating Protection

Water Pump

4.5 M Powerful Water Pump

Removing Cream

Automatic Defrost


CO (Continuous Dehumidification)

Warning System

Duct Filtration

LGR Technology Supports Dehumidification in Low Temperature

With intelligent power-off memory protection, you can utilize our dehumidifiers at therir absolute best.

You may set your preferred humidity between 35%-90%. Once your desired setting is reached, the device will automatically turn off. Subsequently, when the humidity rises above your set percentage, the device will automatically turn on to revert to its original setting. Supposing your setting needs to be lower than 35%, you can use our CO (Continuous Operation) function can be used.

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Large Diameter Wheels
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Easy Access
to All Components
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Smart LCD Display Panel

One Button to Dehumidify

Our digital display shows the device’s inlet and outlet temperature and relative humidity for clear monitoring purposes, as well as the humidistat settings.

Smart Controls
On/Off Switch For manual drainage For more settings To select
Wifi Icon

Wi-Fi Intelligence

Silent Icon

Silent Operation

Berry Removal Icon

Eliminates Viruses and Mold

Timing Icon

Dehumidification Timing


Intelligent Humidity Control

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