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At Alorair, we have an ever-expanding dealer’s network. We are committed to manufacturing high dehumidification performance, durable and reliable products.


Why Join Us

The Alorair dehumidifier brand is one of the most recognizable brands in the market today. Over the past decade, we have built dehumidifier that most buyers have attributed to be energy efficient, effective and durable.


Revolutionary product designs and functionalities

At Alorair, we have a diverse team of world-class engineers, that work tirelessly to develop industry pioneering ideas. Working in Alorair’s state of the art manufacturing plant, our engineers are able to incorporate and implement new design and features into our products.

This has ensured Alorair products remain superior in terms of technology- advancement, performance,and energy efficient compared to other products in the market.

Our products are built to provide superior performance while maintaining indoor comfort levels.

New Features on Products


Smart Wifi App


LCD/LED Display


Remote Control Humidistat


Newly designed coils


Easy access to the internal components


Bypass air design to prevent short cycling


Air purifiers

Excellent customer service

Our support team is available 24/7 via email or call. We ensure that all our members are able to get immediate help incase they encounter any product errors.


Warehouse based in the U.S.A.

At Alorair we have a number of warehouses spread out across the U.S.A. This makes our products easily available to new members. We also work with several dealers all across the country and the world to ensure our members are able to access not only the products but also the product parts.

Over a decade of experience in the dehumidifier manufacture

Alorair has over the past decade been manufacturing dehumidifiers. While our dehumidifiers have evolved over the years we have stayed true to our core mission to provide better quality and value for money.

What to expect from us as a distributor?

Detailed product training

image- In the over 10 years we have been in business, we realized that our most successful dealers had an in-depth understanding of our products and their features.

image- Alorair will provide you with all the information on all our products on :

  • Key features.
  • Product durability questions
  • Dehumidifier capacity
  • Dehumidifier energy consumption
  • Available customization features
  • Additional product cost(if any)

image- We provide you with a guide on how to answer so of the most frequently asked questions by potential buyers. This guarantees that you are able to win over the customer and make sales.


Warranty and repairs

All our products are thoroughly tested to ensure they are 100% fully functional.

As an Alorairdealer, we will educate you with all the terms of our warranty. This makes it easier for you to easily understand what repairs and parts and covered by the warranty easily. Alorair caters for any repairs or replacements on our products covered under the warranty policy.

Product marketing content

As an Alorair dealer, you will have access to all our new marketing content including videos, brochures, pictures e.t.c.

We do all the heavy lift to make your journey with us as easy and seamless as possible.


Promotional offers

At Alorair we are determined to help all dealers make sales, we frequently offer attractive promotional offers for all our products including commercial dehumidifiers, air movers and air scrubbers, basement and crawlspace dehumidifiers.


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