Benefits of Owning a Alorair Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a device that is designed to control indoor humidity by regulating the amount of moisture in the air. They come in different sizes, capacities, and different working mechanisms. It is also worth noting that while most are portable, some are fixed and are installed as part of heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

It is a must-have home appliance more so if you live in an area that has perennial high humidity.

Reasons Why You Must Consider Having a Dehumidifier in Your Home

Hinders Mold Growth

Indoor mold and mildew are known to thrive in a damp environment. In places where there is uncontrolled moisture, there is a high likelihood that mold with thrive. Mold spores exist airborne, and a wet environment usually triggers their growth.

Mold is a reason enough for every homeowner to panic. First, it can trigger allergic reactions and cause many respiratory illnesses. Asthmatic individuals are likely to have multiple attacks since the spores released by molds are allergens.

Another reason why mold growth in homes is a concern is the fact that they cause discoloration of walls and surfaces on which they grow. They form black, greyish, or brown patches which are unsightly.

Protection against Dust Mites

Dust mites are the other culprits known to trigger allergic reactions at home. They are tiny creatures that feed on flakes of skin. Often, they are found in moist areas especially carpets and mattresses.

However, since they are microscopic, it may be impossible to detect their presence by sheer observation, not even the cleanest homeowners are risk-free. Many studies have shown that at relative humidity levels above 50%, you can be sure that you are harboring dust mites.

The bodies of these organisms release chitin, an excrete which is known to trigger allergies such as rhinitis. Apart from that, it can cause illnesses with symptoms which include running nose, watery eyes, and persistent sneezing.

Reduces Condensation

Having to dry surfaces where condensation has occurred is usually very tedious. But since there are loads of moisture released to the atmosphere especially in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry rooms, there is a high probability that condensation will continue to occur on the surfaces, unless corrective measures are taken.

If you imagine that condensation is harmless, then you need to think again, more so for the sake of your electronics. Moisture can corrode the metallic surfaces of your electronics. Additionally, it is known to lower the insulation of electrical components, which means the risk of being electrocuted becomes substantial. In extreme cases, the water droplets can be permanent damage to the electronic components.

Improves Air Quality

Air quality is probably the most critical factor that determines the comfort levels in any home. In a damp environment, people are usually unsettled. It can be regrettable for your visitors to make faces because of a musty odor in your home.

Properly regulated moisture is the key to improving indoor quality. That can be done by installing a dehumidifier. Additionally, the device will also prevent mold growth, which is also known to produce a musty odor, especially in crawlspaces.AlorAir® Sentinel HD55 Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidifier is very suitable for installation in this environment.

Speed Up Cloth Drying Process

Drying clothes with a dehumidifier is a life-hack that many people are still unfamiliar with. For those who do not own a tumble drier, or if the weather is unfavorable for outdoor air drying, you can utilize the dehumidifier.AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier can dry any immersed items indoors.

Is this even possible?

Yes! As a matter of fact, it is backed up by scientific principles. Since a dehumidifier works by removing air moisture, it will lower the moisture in the air surrounding the clothes. As a result, the clothes will more easily lose their moisture to the atmosphere, hence dry faster. Try this the next time it rains, and your clothes are not yet dry, and you will be glad you ever tried.

Protect Furniture

Moisture is the number one reason why most furniture and other upholstery cannot get through their service life without repairs. Wooden surfaces are known to absorb moisture which can cause them to rot and weaken in the process and consequently lose their antiques.

Another benefit of installing a dehumidifier is to protect home finishes such as paints. The device can also be beneficial in maintaining the structural integrity of your house especially during major repairs in areas with high moisture content.

Final Word

One last thing to note though is that there are many companies that manufacture dehumidifiers. It may be advantageous to consider acquiring one from a reputable company after consultation with experts in the field. You can check for more information, consultation, and recommendation on the best dehumidifier that can suit your needs.

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