How To Relieve Spring Allergies

AlorAir Team | April 18, 2024

Spring is a period of heightened biological activity. While the environment flourishes with blooming flora, and melodious bird songs, many people experience a dysregulation in their immune response—seasonal allergies. These allergies arise due to an overactive immune response to airborne allergens, primarily pollen. When these allergens infiltrate the body’s first-line defences, they are recognized as …

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The Perfect Health-Conscious Gift: Ideas for the Holidays

AlorAir Team | December 8, 2021

The holidays are a time for giving, and what could be more thoughtful than a gift that supports someone’s health and wellness goals? If you’re looking for the perfect health-conscious gift, look no further. Alorair shares some of our favorite ideas that promote a healthy lifestyle. So read on to discover the best health-conscious gifts …

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Why Are Air Scrubbers And Air Conditioners a Winning Combination?

AlorAir Team | November 9, 2021

Almost all modern buildings today are equipped with non-stop air conditioning systems. From office spaces to residential areas, air conditioning is considered a compulsory element. However, despite the numerous benefits, air conditions can worsen indoor air quality substantially. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reported that indoor levels of some pollutants can be two to …

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How a Dehumidifier Can Help Your Basement in the Winter?

AlorAir Team | November 4, 2021

Winter is the time when humidity becomes a highly critical issue. Unlike the summer times, windows and all the sources of natural air circulation in the house remain closed. It traps the moisture and humidity levels start to increase. Things get even worse when there are more people in the house, the humidity can exceed …

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5 Situations When You Should Buy an Air Scrubber

AlorAir Team | November 3, 2021

Do you own an air scrubber? If not, should you? For that, let’s go over what an air scrubber is first.    Most of us go on our whole lives living a way where we don’t even think things like air scrubbers are necessary. That’s usually because we aren’t really aware of all of the …

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The Benefits of Using an Air Scrubber During Winter Months

AlorAir Team | October 26, 2021

Cold winter weather forces people to spend most of the day indoors, making an air scrubber an important addition to every home.   Unlike during the summer, opening windows and doors allows cool breezes to blow toxic air out and let fresh air into the home.   However, during harsh winter months, windows and doors …

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The great role of dehumidifiers in the family

AlorAir Team | September 9, 2021

Whenever the rainy season comes, slippery floors, damp air, and clothes that can’t be dried for a week are a big problem, and the continuous rain is even more torture to them. And if you choose a dehumidifier at home, the above problems will be solved very well. A humid environment not only affects our …

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How to tell the difference between winter allergies and colds?

AlorAir Team | August 10, 2021

Weather in winter increases people’s exposure to indoor allergens by spending more time indoors. Common indoor allergies are as follows: air dust particles, dust mites, pet dander (protein-containing dander), mold, and cockroach droppings. Taking precautions is the key to avoiding allergies, and be aware of the following allergens: Dust mites Bedding, furniture, and carpets are …

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Several reasons for waking up with a stuffy nose

AlorAir Team | August 3, 2021

Many people may not be sick and wake up with a stuffy nose in the morning. This condition is often called rhinitis. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), about 74% of people are exposed to between three and six allergens in the bedroom each night. When you kick your pet out …

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Security measures for the reopening of the school

AlorAir Team | August 2, 2021

With COVID-19 infection rates rising across the country, school officials across the United States are scrambling to find ways to reopen schools. Some schools have said they will offer a mix of face-to-face and virtual learning in the fall, while some school districts have announced they will not offer face-to-face learning when school starts. In …

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