Holiday Gift Giving Guide – Healthy Living Space

The concept of health has been deeply rooted in people’s minds, and the health-conscious gift has increasingly popular in recent years, such as gym memberships, juicers, and equipment that can improve the environment. Concerns about personal and environmental hygiene and health issues have risen to a new level, especially during the pandemic. If you’re entangled in what to give your loved ones this upcoming Christmas, here are some gift reference guides to help you out.

Creating a healthy and comfortable holiday home is the top choice. People get together during the Christmas holidays, and it’s a pretty heart-warming day. However, do you know that indoor air quality can worsen when people get together? So, when you enjoy family time with your beloved one, and the polluted air is silently harming your health. People who suffer from allergies, asthma, or respiratory problem can feel discomfort. And the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has listed indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. The air is overly polluted, stagnant, wet, dry, too hot, or too cold, leading to problems such as high energy bills, damage to your home and property, people feeling uncomfortable, and health issues.

Following this guide, it can send healthy living space to your loved ones and let families enjoy the holiday.


Air scrubbers can effectively destroy dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne irritants.

ALORAIR air scrubber has a 3-Stage Filtration system, and it has UV-C light technology that works with filters. If you install it in a home’s heating and cooling system, it can capture and destroy pollutants to ensure the whole room benefits from purified air.


Controlling humidity can protect your home for health, comfort, and energy efficiency. Alorair puts control of indoor humidity in your hands.

ALORAIR dehumidifiers can be used in commercial and residential facilities, maintaining optimal humidity in homes or workplaces. It also features a remote humidistat that allows it to be used in places that require remote sensing and control. In addition, the unit is ETL, Energy Star Listed. It means that it is energy efficient and can help you save a lot on power bills.


The HVAC filter can help catch the common contaminants found in homes, like smoke, dust, pet dander, mold, pollen, household cleaners, chemicals in the air. In addition, the filter needs to be replaced regularly. Otherwise, it will affect the regular operation of some equipment. Improper or blocked air filters can increase energy costs, cause problems, and increase maintenance costs.

ALORAIR’s filters are affordable and help filter pollutants from the air, effectively improving air quality.


Christmas dinner is undoubtedly an essential part of the holiday. Families get together, and different specials and creative dishes bring satisfaction to the taste buds. And cooking at home is healthy and economical. If you have a fire in your kitchen every day, your indoor air quality will decrease. Hot oils, fats, and other foods cooked at high temperatures release harmful volatile gases that are not easily removed. When you get out of a comfortable hot shower, there is condensation in the bathroom. Clogged filters can cause older exhaust fans or fans to wear out, making them less efficient.

ALORAIR ventilator fan has a multi-function control panel, and the intelligent programming can change the fan speed to adapt to evolving indoor temperature and humidity.

In addition to buying these devices, you can also buy some that are not harmful to air quality in your home.


Do a professional air quality check on your home to identify the source of pollution. It will put the family at ease.


Plants are natural air purifiers. Houseplants absorb carbon dioxide and create oxygen. They also balance chemicals in the air, humidity, and mold spores. So growing indoor plants is an excellent way to get rid of harmful chemicals in your home.


Candles are the finishing touches to add to the festive atmosphere. But did you know that scented candles can do great harm to indoor air quality? Because when it burns, it releases the harmful chemical benzene. Therefore, we recommend buying beeswax candles, which do not contain any chemicals and burn with little smoke and scent. Most importantly, it binds and removes toxins from the air by releasing negative ions.


Your poor posture can prevent you from breathing correctly, such as tight chest muscles, which can cause faster and shallower breathing. Office workers are prone to poor posture and stiff muscles due to sedentary. Therefore, give them posture correction tools to correct their posture.

All of us here at ALORAIR are sending holiday cheer to you and your family,and may you and your family have a very merry and healthy holiday season. Happy New Year!

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