How to Buy Quality Air Mover?

Air movers, also known as industrial air blowers, commercial blowers, and inflatable blowers are a great tool for restoring a water damaged area. They are similar to fans that are primarily used to increase air circulation to speed up the process of evaporation and to dries up the dampened areas.

Although they work similarly to fan but unlike fans they have the ability to start and stop immediately and also they blow over a more concentrated area rather than a wide space.

Using air movers for the restoration of water damage or other disaster damage is advantageous as it helps in:

  • Drawing low power
  • Cooling area
  • Providing better ventilation due to its high velocity
  • Reducing water damage dry out time
  • Drying concrete and paints
  • Removing fumes and gases from the workspace

If you need a commercial air mover to meet any of the above purposes then it is essential for you to understand the basic parameters like horsepower and CFM that determine the working of the apparatus.

Here are the tips that help you in getting the right and the best air mover for commercial purposes.

Check the motor strength and the fan speed

Power is the rate of doing work. Higher the rate more powerful will be the machine or the device. In the case of air movers, it is better to pick the device with the motor of power equal to more than 1 Horse Power or HP. The product with high horsepower produces more wind stream, thus producing better quality results.

The speed of fan also plays an important role and therefore picks the device that has fan speed settings with at least 3 grades. Choosing the fan with low speed is convenient for small room application as it produces effective results without producing much noise.

Inspect the driven airflow

While choosing the air movers, the proficiency and direction of airflow should be considered. The device should have a satisfying strong wind stream.

The standard unit of measuring airflow in commercial spaces is measured in CFM, Cubic Feet per Minute. It is defined as the amount of air that a machine moves in 60 seconds.

Higher the horsepower of the machine more will be the CFM and hence the sufficient wind stream is created. Generally, the axial air movers should have a CFM rating of 3000 or more while for a centrifugal air mover the airflow ranges between 2400-2700 CFM.

So the horsepower and CFM are the two important factors whose value assists you in choosing the right and perfect air movers.

Choose the device with the lowest amp draw

If you are planning to use several units of air movers at a time, then do not forget to consider amp power. Usually, the lower amp draw unit works the best. Axial air movers have a lower amp draw of 2.5 as compared to snail or centrifugal air movers.

Choose the portable device

It is best to choose the device with the lightweight so that it can be easily transported. The axial air movers are generally large and tend to be heavier. Some of the air movers have wheels that make it possible to carry from one place to another. Also, while choosing it, check for space it will occupy. Again the axial air movers are large and thus occupy more space in the room.

Select the machine with the strong body and construction

The air mover should have a tough, polyethylene body to make it withstand with the collision and hostile environment.

Make sure that the device is electrically safe

The machine you chose for the required purpose should be electrically safe for use. It should be earthed and must be professionally tested and labeled. Along with this, check the machine regularly to ensure your safety for use.

Choose the device with the floor covering clamp

Choosing an air mover with the carpet clamp makes the task easier. You can easily grasp the body of the device on the surface that you want to dry.

Considering these above tips will help you in choosing the perfect and quality air movers among the plenty of options. Along with the above features, also compare the price of the product and choose the best at an affordable price.

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