How to effectively improve the production efficiency of baking industry

It’s a popular trend that uses sugar icing in the bakery. However, the humidity is a nightmare for the bakers because the sugar has extreme hygroscopic. It means that the moisture will attack the bakery goods and reduce the speed of the production. What’s more, it can turn the baked items into scrap in a short period. And even for the experienced baker is also a vast challenge.

Flour and sugar are two main ingredients of bakery, and both of them are prone to absorb the moisture from the air and become sticky. And after then, the goods will become mold and inedible. In addition, the other problem may be caused by humidity is the slippery floor which may fall people and cause the safety problem.

Store the part-baked food in the refrigerator is the standard way for the majority of bakers will do. But, there is high humidity in the freezer because of the condensation procession and the high moisture storage goods. It is the main reason that causes the production delay. What’s more, when the air passes through the inlet and outlet door, enter the freezer and is in touch with the cold surface, resulting in water condensation. And in case of too much condensation, the production has to be stopped for cleaning and defrosting. The temperature needs to be readjusted before the production restart. It has a significant impact on the business due to a long time for the cleaning and unclogging, the waste of the material, and the damaged products. Moreover, it also will damage the reputation of the manufacturers.

Temperature and humidity have played an essential role in the quality and shelf life of bakery items. And high humidity can lose the crisp crust and crunch texture of the cookies. In addition, the control of the temperature and humidity is also a big challenge for mold development. However, the over-dry environment also has a disadvantage to the bakery goods, like cakes and sweet rolls should be moisture and soft are not suitable for a store in the over-dry environment.

Dough proofing is a vital part of baking. And control of the fermentation process can reach the best result. Yeast is sensitive to the environment and is the main element of fermentation. In addition, the fermentation of the yeast is influenced by humidity and temperature. As dough proofs, the yeast gives the dough a distinctive aroma and modification of gluten within it. The ideal humidity is 75%-80% of the dough fermentation, so the bakers use dough proofing cabinets to control the fermentation process better. As we all know, the more dry air, the more hard bread. Therefore, to gain optimal production, the critical point is to control the humidity and temperature.

Alorair can offer customized solutions to the baking industry. Using our dehumidifier can ensure the high-quality of the product thoroughly irrespective of the season. Because it can significantly reduce downtime and waste production, and the production management team can spend less time on humidity control. It also helps to gain hygienic storage and transportation of the product. Moreover, our dehumidifier is highly energy-efficient, and it can reduce the overall consumption of factory energy.


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