How to salvage the painting from mold

An unexpected flood was damaging to the painter. It’s not just the homes that are damaged, but most importantly the hard work of the paintings. Even if there was no substantial damage,  mold will also cause inestimable damage to the painting, and the mold spreads fast. If you encounter this problem with your painting, please read on.

Mold can grow when painting on paper, canvas, or cardboard in a dark, damp environment for a long time. The reason is mold can grow on any organic surface, even without the impact of flooding. The safest way is to put the painting in a room where the temperature and humidity can be adjusted, and the painting will not come into direct contact with the water in case of a flood. Because when anything experiences a flood, it gets black mold after the flood.

Removing mold from a painting is not an easy task. The wrong salvage can cause more damage than mold, so you can’t just throw it in the tub and soak it in bleach. So you want to protect your painting from the mold, and you want to protect yourself from the mold. When you paint, choose a well-ventilated area and consider wearing a mask.

Different types of painting and surfaces are treated differently.

A painting may be in oil, acrylic, or watercolor. And it may be painted on canvas, paper, or cardboard. So, we need to understand the properties of these paintings.

Oil paintings are one of the most durable paints, but they can react badly with chemicals.

Acrylics are water-soluble, and while they may have a protective varnish, they damage easily when wet.

One of the most elaborate paintings is watercolor on paper, which is a water-based pigment.

You should remove and clean any non-artistic surfaces as soon as possible.

If your painting is wrapped in plastic or other coverings, throw away the packaging.

If your painting is framed, unframe it and take it down. Clean glass and frames with a 10% solution of bleach.

If your painting is stretched on canvas, examine and disinfect all parts of the stretcher frame with an alcohol solution, and be careful not to let the canvas get wet.

How to prevent or eliminate mold? Dry mold can be brushed off with a soft brush. If your painting gets wet, you can leave it in direct sunlight for two or three days until it is dry. In addition, If you’re outside, you can dry in the sun with a towel, blanket, or board. If you are indoors, you can lay the painting flat in front of a sunny window.

In addition, the dehumidifier can be used in all kinds of weather. An intelligent dehumidifier can not only remove the excess moisture in the air, and prevent the generation of mold. What’s more, it also can quickly dry damp items.

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