The bathroom renovation

Houses built today (and renovated) are more airtight and insulated than in the past. Because of the concept of “compact construction and efficient insulation”, nowadays houses achieve a higher level of internal comfort (especially in extreme temperatures). In addition, the implementation of the concept has achieved energy savings, fuel reduction, and lower carbon emissions. However, compact building structures increase indoor air pollution.
Mold is caused by too much moisture in the room and is one of the most dangerous indoor air pollutants. It can cause a variety of respiratory diseases and allergic reactions. In addition, mold can damage common building materials, such as wood and drywall. A bathroom is can easily breeding mold. A leaking pipe may be causing much moisture, and you can see spots on wall or ceiling surfaces due to insufficient ventilation. Have you ever noticed that many bathroom ventilators don’t deliver much air? A typical shower fan is rated to move 50 cubic feet of air per minute while in operation, but most fans can only move about half of the rated airflow. In addition, the moist air can lead to mold forming on the wood or insulation in the loft space above the bathroom. When you smell a bad smell, it’s a sign of mold breeding, even if you can’t see it with naked eyes.

The solution

1.  Fixing bathroom ventilation problems
Buy the right fan. The size of bath fans measured in cubic feet per minute, or cfm, according to the amount of air they can move. We recommended that your bathroom needs a fan capable of moving 1 cfm of air per square foot. In addition, here are three tips for fan problems:
a. Install a recirculating fan that allows bathroom air to pass through a filtered medium to remove odors.
b. Install fans high on the wall to better capture warm, humid air.
c. Use hard metal or PVC material to manufacture pipes. And install a more powerful fan to overcome natural convection and exhaust air.
2. Install a dehumidifier
A dehumidifier is used to absorb excess moisture in the air, and the main function is to keep the humidity constant. What’s more, dehumidifiers can reduce humidity and make your home less susceptible to allergens like dust mites, mold, and molds. In addition, the intelligent dehumidifier running quietly and efficiently in the background without interfering with your daily routine. Therefore, equipped with a dehumidifier will create a more comfortable home for you.

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